What you should know about European waxing
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Ever heard of European waxing? Well, you should know that European waxing entails using heated wax resins to rapidly and effectively remove undesirable body hair from the root up. There are a lot of European waxing center in Chicago, but in general, they all use natural ingredients and are typically lightly heated. They hardly employ strips for wax adherence. Cosmetologists or home users apply the melted substance straight to the skin and scrape or peel it off. European Wax is the best option if you’re looking for a painless technique. Stay with me as the subsequent part of this article reveals all you need to know about European waxing, European waxing vs. Brazilian waxing, and the European waxing center coupon.

European Waxing Techniques

Traditionally, a wax is considered “European” if it only contains natural elements, meaning no chemicals or alcohol. It just utilizes a small amount of heat

Before we talk about how European waxing is done, let’s get to know what’s in the ingredients.

What Is European Waxing Made Up Of?

Most of the time, European wax is made with only naturally occurring beeswax. Occasionally, it is enhanced with additional pure natural essences or odors. Using natural substances reduces the risk of unwanted effects like red pimples or ingrown hairs.

The majority of salons have a clearer understanding of what their own European option truly includes. It’s frequently one of many waxing options, and the distinctions might fluctuate significantly from place to place.

The word “European” is also sometimes in use by mishap in home wax kits, and in these cases, it doesn’t always have a clear meaning.

Setting the Heat

We typically associate lower heat with this choice. Many at-home and salon waxing kits demand that the wax be heated at extremely high temperatures. When applying hot wax to the skin, cooling isn’t always possible because it hardens quickly. This procedure may cause burns, sometimes severe ones, and may even leave skin scarred.

For years, we frequently lauded European preparations for their efficiency in removing hair while melting at relatively low temperatures.

The temperature is similar to that of a warm bath, so there is less risk of irritation or rash and no burning.

What Kind of Wax Does European Wax Center Use?

Comfort Wax is a proprietary brand that is only available at the center. No other facility or spa carries this substance, which is renowned for being less painful than others. Beeswax and other natural, alcohol-free substances are used in this strip-less, firm wax that doesn’t stick to the skin. It is precisely created to calm your skin. This substance is distinct from a soft wax and less abrasive on your body because the removal doesn’t require the use of a strip.

Comfort Wax is a firm wax, which causes it to cool more quickly and not stick to the skin. This contributes to a general reduction in waxing discomfort. The comfort wax is also mild on all hair and skin types, applies at a warm temperature, removes quickly (without strips!) and is.

With its ability to ease irritation while waxing, Comfort wax is perfect for skin that is sensitive.

European Waxing vs Brazilian Waxing

Have you ever wondered what European waxing vs Brazilian waxing entails? Hence, you should know that European waxing is quite different from Brazilian waxing in that there can be a lot of variation in the titles that they go by.

According to some researchers, body waxing first gained popularity in the royal courts of Europe centuries ago. The modern method frequently aims to replicate those early procedures.

Your entire bikini area—top, sides, and front—as well as those difficult-to-reach areas in the rear are hair-free after a Brazilian wax. Everything is okay, to put it simply. Depending on your preference, you may choose to leave a triangle or a “landing strip.”

You should also know that European wax is less painful and doesn’t use strips, while Brazilian wax is painful and does use strips.

Do you feel pain after a Brazilian wax?

Any operation involving the extraction of hair from follicles will be uncomfortable. The good news is that once you start waxing regularly, the hairs will fall out at the same time, so they may grow in at the same time..

How Long Does Waxing Last?

The hair grows in three stages: anagen is the active phase, which is when new hair is made; catagen is the transitional phase, which is when the hair is fully grown, and telogen is the resting phase (when the hair is ready to shed). Your hair will regrow at various speeds since the stages of the development cycle are not all experienced by your hair at the same time.

You will notice hair regeneration in a matter of weeks, albeit it won’t be as thick as before because the hairs that were in the resting phase will start growing back after a wax. You should expect a wax to last you three to four weeks on average.

The precise length of time varies depending on genetics, hormones, specific medications, the location of the body, and, quite frankly, how much hair you can tolerate.

The frequency of your waxing will also affect this. If you’re experiencing it for the first time, it won’t last as long as, say, your hundredth (more on that little later).

European Waxing Center

A significant chain of hair removal facilities called European Wax Center provide waxing procedures as well as skincare, body, and brow products.

 The salons typically have 10 to 15 employees and 1,200 to 1,400 square feet (130 m2) of space.

European Wax Center is a franchise that was established in Aventura, Florida in 2004 and has its headquarters there. In the US, there are 878 locations for the chain.

We will quickly take a look at the European waxing centers in Chicago.

European Waxing Center Chicago

Below is the list of the European waxing center in Chicago: They are:

#1. Sugaring NYC Lincoln Park

This European waxing center is located at 1971 Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60614, which is conveniently situated near Wicker Park, Old Town, Goose Island, Park West, Bucktown, and Goose Island. 

Organic hair removal and cutting-edge procedures like Keratin Lash Lift and Brow Lamination are the focus of the Sugaring NYC Lincoln Park location. The licensed aestheticians can meet all of your hair removal needs on the Sugaring NYC Lincoln Park team.

You can be sure that once you experience sugaring, you’ll never go back to traditional waxing. In small batches, at the Florida-based factory, they produce our sugaring paste.

#2. Lulu Beauty Spa

This wax center specializes in skin care, laser hair removal, and eyelash extensions. This spa has about 46 reviews and can be located at 2549 West Fullerton Ave, IL 60647.

#3. Luliana Skin Care

 This is also one of the best European waxing center waxing in Chicago. It offers waxing services like waxing, skin care, and eyebrow services. It has about 54 reviews, and you can find this waxing center at 1614 W Belmont Ave, Chicago 606507.

#4. Pure Medical Spa.

This center is one of the best European waxing centers in Chicago because it offers free consultation to customers. The service it renders includes laser hair removal, medical spas, and skin care.

It has about 84 reviews and can be found at 875 N Dearborn Are Chicago, IL 60610.

European Waxing Center Coupon(EWC)

The European Waxing Center Coupon (EWC) reward program offers customers the opportunity to accumulate points for waxing services, retail purchases, and wax passes at participating European Wax Center coupon locations. Upon accepting the terms and conditions of the program on their profile, each visitor automatically accrues points as a form of reward.

Visitors can get a $10 reward for every 200 points they earn, which they can use to buy goods, services, or bundles. During their birthday month and for each new guest they refer, guests additionally get $10 in rewards. There will occasionally be more chances to collect bonus points.

In addition to the European Waxing Center Coupon( EWC) Rewards program, the European Wax Center has continued its dedication to providing outstanding customer service by releasing a new app for iOS and Android smartphones.

The new EWC app enables self-check-in, convenience features like QuickBook for regular services, increased visibility of guests’ reward points, the digitalization of important guest forms to lessen the need for paper, and a contactless environment.


Talking to your wax expert is important for beginners. To enable them to offer any required support, be sure to let them know of any European waxing worries or inquiries you may have. More so, tell them if you have any concerns about your pain threshold so they can keep an eye on it. During an appointment, don’t be hesitant to speak up, it is essential to let the experts know if the pain ever becomes unbearable so that they can offer you breaks as necessary.

Even while all waxing procedures may eventually cause some discomfort, Comfort Wax is an excellent place for beginners to start.

What You Should Know About European Waxing FAQs

How long does European waxing last?

The typical waxing duration is 3 to 4 weeks. However, as everyone’s rate of hair growth differs, individual outcomes may vary.

Is European wax painless?

Yes, European wax is painless, unlike other types of wax.

What kind of wax does European use?

The Europeans use comfort wax only. How do you shop? Comfort W

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