WHAT TO USE BEFORE WAXING: The Ultimate waxing rule book

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Body hair is a downy reality of life. But you might want to remove it for some reason best known to you. You may feel that your happy path is more of a dream field. Or maybe your peachy fluff doesn’t feel as pink. You can razor, but if you would love for the results to last weeks without stubble, waxing is your best bet. If you’re the type who likes to save money and minutes, you can skip the salon visit to wax at home. But all hair removal efforts require safety precautions to avoid injury or getting an infection. So, in this article, we would be checking out what you should use before waxing the face, legs, and bikini area. What are you waiting for? Dive right in!

What to Use Before Waxing

Waxing removes hair one follicle at a time, which means that body hair is pulled out at the root, inviting germs to enter the hair follicle. In many cases, waxing also removes the top layer of hair, which in turn removes dry, dead skin cells. This makes your skin softer and safer, but also more prone to irritation. And heated wax can burn. Here are what to do before waxing.

#1. Exfoliate 

Gently exfoliate your skin a day or two before waxing, but skip the harsh exfoliation on the day of your appointment. Exfoliation helps the wax grab the hair and not the skin, but it can also make the skin more sensitive to pain, so it’s better to go lighter. A rough washcloth is perfect for a gentle exfoliation, but don’t rub too hard. 

#2. Moisturize  

You must ensure you moisturize up to the day of your appointment. Drink up the days before your appointment. Wax releases more easily on healthy, well-moisturized skin. Too much moisturizer could wet the hair and affect the wax’s hold, so avoid moisturizing on the day of your wax treatment. 

#3. Take a break from Retin 

Certain prescriptions can sensitize the skin to hair removal or waxing. Retin-A creams do incredible things for wrinkles, acne, and uneven pigmentation/blemishes, but they also make skin more prone to injury as it ages. You must suspend retinol prescriptions for 14 days before waxing.

If you use Accutane products , you must stop takin the  medication for a month before going in for your  waxing. Talk to your dermatologist before making any changes to your prescription medications. 

#4. Spoil Your Skin With Baby Powder  

Most areas that require waxing have oil or sweat glands just under the skin. Therefore, fluids are constantly leaking from our body. This will make the skin oily and greasy, washing away the wax. Therefore, before applying the wax, sprinkle some baby powder on the skin so that it absorbs all the oil and makes the wax easier to remove from the skin. 

What to Do Before Waxing Bikini

Let’s face it, waxing your groin (bikini area) might not be the most fun adventure for most people. That means it’s a longer-lasting method of removing pubic hair than shaving, with the smoothness of bikini wax that lasts two to four weeks instead of days, making it a tremendous option for summer, giving you those summer body vibes. You don’t want to keep looking for that razor or epilator for hair removal. Check out some of the things you need to do before getting waxing your bikini.  

#1. Allow You Hair Grow Out ( Let Em Spread Out Those Wings)

Allow your hair to grow. A big mistake many women make before their first hair removal: is shaving! Wax can’t absorb your hair if it’s too short; it should be at least half an inch long for your waxing session.  For this reason, avoid shaving between wax treatments. 

#2. You Must Not Book a Waxing Appointment Around That Time 

Don’t schedule around this time of the month. Don’t schedule waxing within three days of your period. Your skin tends to be more sensitive during this time. 

#3. You Must Shower and Exfoliate Ahead of Time 

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth bearing in mind. You’ll feel less insecure if you soap up at least 24 hours before your bikini waxing session. Even better, taking a warm shower (or bath!) in advance will soften your pores and make the process less painful. In the days leading up to your appointment, give your body a good exfoliation with a gentle scrub. 

#4. Be Prepared for the Potential Pain Factor  

Now it’s time to get that wax. You are probably wondering if bikini waxing is painful right? Numerous treatments claim to be “practically painless” or “completely painless. And some people who have been waxing for years and are therefore insensitive to pain have insisted that waxing “doesn’t hurt at all. Fair warning:  It hurts at least a little. 

#5. Note That Any Remaining Hair Can Be Blotted Out With Tweezers

Often bikini hair is left behind by the wax and is removed with precise tweezers. Your epilator/ waxer may ask you if you want to tug, or it may even just start tugging without telling you first. It’s a good idea to ask ahead of time so you’re prepared. 

#6. Plan For Post-wax Pain Control

 The quickest way to relieve irritation after waxing is to apply an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream, which is available at pharmacies or online Amazon. 

What to Do Before Waxing Legs

#1.You Have to Plan Before Waxing Your Legs

You can’t get that perfect leg waxing whenever you decide, there’s supposed to be the ideal time for it.” Anytime” is not the perfect time to wax your legs. Avoid these moments 

  • A special occasion: When a problem arises and your skin takes longer to recover from waxing, you cannot boast of impeccable results. At least four days before a big event to ensure you’re in tip-top shape.  
  • Sun Exposure: Do not wax if you are scheduled for an event that will involve prolonged sun exposure, even if you wear sunscreen. Exposing yourself to the sun before waxing increases the risk of skin irritation and cracking.  
  • Your period: Skin is more sensitive on the days of your period, so hair removal can be a lot more painful. Choose the days after your period. 
  • Busy Days: Anxiety and stress will make your reaction to pain even more acute, so try to be relaxed on the day of your waxing. 
  • Speak to a trusted esthetician before waxing.  
  • You can, better yet, leave yourself in the hands of a professional, especially if this is your first time waxing. Ideally, you should have your legs waxed by a professional, but if you decide to do it yourself, it’s okay to take their advice. 

#2. Make Sure Your Hair Is the Right Length

Your hair must be grown out if it is not done correctly, resulting in a suboptimal wax-up result. Wait 3-6 weeks for hair growth (depending on your hair growth cycle) for results to look their best and last longer 

#3.Take a Warm Shower

The need to take a shower before waxing cannot be overemphasized. If you’ve booked or scheduled an appointment or are planning to wax at home, a warm shower will open up your pores for easier waxing. Just make sure the water is warm, not hot, so your skin doesn’t get too dry. 

#4. Conceal Skin Imperfections 

You can accidentally pick at your birthmarks or skin spots during hair removal. It’s a good idea to cover them with a small plaster to protect the skin 

#5. Choose the Right Wax 

To wax your legs yourself, you can start with pre-waxed strips. They are very easy to use; simply warm them up between your palms, apply them in the direction of hair growth, and tear them in the opposite direction of hair growth. With a little more experience and the right accessories (e.g. wax heater, spatula, muslin strips) you will get either soft waxes or hard waxes. 

What to Do Before Waxing Face 

Here are what you need to do before waxing your face. They include:

#1. Ensure Skin Is Smooth  

It is almost impossible to guarantee that the skin’s surface is completely clean, but the cleaner the better. I’m not just talking dirt and grime; I’m also talking about blemishes, skin issues, and cuts. These types of skin problems are often difficult to fix, so be prepared for a lower quality facial hair wax if you have a lot of skin or cuts of any kind. Although it’s essential not to get sunburned or have too many flaws, one must not overdo it. Believe it or not, most specialists hope that clients not exfoliate first.

Also, women should consider their menstrual cycle when to wax their face due to blemishes and sensitive skin. 

#2. The Day of Waxing 

The D-day for waxing is extremely important when it comes to preparation for facial waxing. Do not use creams or lotions the day before hair removal, as it can make the whole procedure very tough. Honestly, do not tan before waxing, as it can make your skin incredibly sensitive. Preparing for wax can make the whole process much more efficient and less painful. 

How to Do a Painless Bikini Wax at Home 

#1. Make Sure You Have Enough Hair  

It’s important to make sure your hair is long. Its length should be about 1/4. Your wax professionals want it about as long as a grain of rice. You do not need to trim it if you think your hair is extremely long; your wax specialist will cut it if necessary. A lot of times, when people cut themselves, they end up messing up the whole procedure. 

#2. Exfoliating and Moisturizing Is a Must 

Dry hair and skin make it easy for the hair to break when it’s removed. For the best and most permanent outcomes, hair and skin should be robust and moisturized. You had better not shave but rather exfoliate and moisturize regularly. This way you achieve the best results. 

#3. Consider a Pain Reliever  

It’s good to take a pain reliever two hours before waxing. For those with a low pain threshold, it may be helpful for pain relief and soothing skin after the service.  

#3. Avoid Caffeine  

I know this would be the most tempting time to get that coffee from Starbucks. We know it’s hard, but try to avoid caffeine a few hours before waxing. Caffeine can trigger even more nerves and increase heart rate. 

#4. Apply Numbing Cream 

 Products containing lidocaine are helpful because they target the area temporarily numb and prevent pain, Consult your specialist for something heavier . 


Waxing is something of a mystery. It seems like there are a lot of secrets to getting a wax right, but no matter what you do, the process is still pretty awkward. But hey, the perks overshadow the pain. If this is your first time waxing, I’m sure this guide was helpful to you. 

What to Use Before Waxing FAQs 

What to put on skin before and after waxing? 

Before waxing, exfoliate gently with a gentle scrub, brush, glove, or loofah to remove dead skin cells around hair follicles. After that, use a soothing ointment like Aquaphor or aloe vera gel to calm or soothe the area and reduce irritation.

What to use to clean area before waxing? 

Just wash the area or region with a soothing soap and water. Then rinse well .

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