Lunch Box Waxing: Overview, Cost, And Detailed Honest Review

wax near me
wax near me

Looking for a safe and affordable wax service near me? Look no further than lunch box waxing! This service is perfect for anyone looking for a quick, affordable, and easy way to get waxing done.

They are a full-service, speed-waxing salon that serves men and women who have high standards for personal care. providing a variety of treatments to meet the demand for hair removal. Because waxing is all they do, their carefully selected and expertly trained “waxologists” are masters of their craft.

This blog post will be helpful for anyone looking for a safe and affordable way to get waxed. Continue reading as everything you need to know about Lunchbox Wax will be covered in this post.

Lunch Box Waxing

A rapidly growing waxing business, Lunchbox Wax Boise is based on the Wax Salon, which takes great pride in its top-notch client service. The company only offers waxing services,

According to Entrepreneur magazine, Lunchbox Wax is one of the Top 50 New Franchises, but at the end of the day, it is in the business of tearing people’s hair out. They didn’t consider franchising when they opened their first salon in 2010.

The service is perfect for anyone looking for a quick, affordable, and easy way to get waxing done. The lunchbox was created so that customers could come in during their lunch break, get their speed wax, and still have time for lunch.

Everything else is subject to personal perception. Although Brazilians and bikini waxes account for 80% of its business, that is what makes it so beautiful.

its waxologists are able to offer a service that is unmatched and is dedicated to making sure that their clients feel loved, respected, and cared for.

How many locations does Lunchbox Wax have?

As of October 2018, there are approximately 103 different locations for lunchbox waxing services. Here are a few Lunchbox Wax locations near me in the us.

The most popular location for lunchbox waxing is in Boise, Idaho. Lunchbox Wax has several locations throughout Boise, Idaho. and the United States. Some of those locations include California, Texas, Georgia, Washington, Virginia, New York, Florida, and Idaho. Wax locations near me can be found by visiting their website

Other locations include Idaho Falls, Nampa, Pocatello, Post Falls, Idaho Falls, Steel Industrial Park, Dallas, Fort Worth, New York, New York, Texas, Bellevue, Olympia, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Idaho Falls: Steel Industrial Park 

Lunchbox wax prices

The Lunchbox wax prices for the lunch box waxing service vary depending on the type of waxing service you are receiving. Here is the estimated lunchbox wax price list

  • Brazilian: $30
  • Hollywood: $30
  • Brow/Lip: $15
  • Underarm: $12
  • Bikini: $15
  • Back: $25
  • Chest: $25
  • Ears: $7
  • Facial: $35
  • Feet: $15
  • French: $25
  • Full Leg: $45
  • Half Leg: $25
  • Intimate Areas: $35
  • Lower Leg: $25
  • Upper Leg: $25

Why did Lunchbox Wax change its name?

Lunchbox Wax changes its name to Radiant Waxing because clients leave the salons feeling immaculate and radiating beauty. There is nothing more radiant than a person in love with their skin, therefore the new name inspires a feeling of empowerment and self-assurance.

Lunchbox waxing services saw a need for more modern, high-end branding. Thus in 2020, the name was changed from lunchbox waxing to radiant wax. The name change was to reflect the modern branding of their services.

This also comes with a change in the pricing of their services as well as new technology used in their salons. This is a great service for anyone looking for a safe and affordable way to get waxing done.

 Who bought Lunchbox Wax?

Lunchbox wax was bought by Radiant Health and Beauty, a company that provides different beauty and health-related services. The company is a privately owned company based out of New York.

LunchBox Wax is now a well-known new owner with about 50 outlets nationwide. The LunchBox brand was purchased by WellBiz Brands in Englewood, Colorado, which will also serve as the franchisor for upcoming locations.

How long does a Brazilian wax last?

Brazilian wax is one of the most popular types of waxing. It involves removing hair from the upper, lower, and side areas of the body. Brazilian wax is a popular choice for those who want to remove all their hair. The hair grows in these three different directions so the most difficult part of the process is getting the wax to the right place.

The Brazilian wax lasts about 4-8 weeks depending on your hair growth cycle. Brazilian wax is recommended for those with regular hair growth cycles. If you have slower hair growth cycles, you may want to consider a wax that lasts longer, such as a Full Leg Wax. This is a great service for anyone looking for a safe and affordable way to get waxing done. 

Is Lunchbox Wax now radiant wax?

Yes, Lunchbox Wax, the top, full-service speed-waxing salon, is known as Radiant Waxing as its new name and corporate identity. Extensive customer research led to the makeover, which revealed that 40% more consumers would be drawn to new, more premium branding. To match the luxury waxing concept with a more approachable and aspirational brand identity that appeals to a wider audience.

Beyond The brand

As the brand, the Lunchbox Wax community is committed to helping others. One of the ways we do this is through our annual Bare Your Heart campaign, which donates $1 for each brow wax in October to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Our work is centered on giving back, beginning with how we treat our internal staff.

Lunchbox waxologists can make up to $60,000 a year and even more while honing their business abilities, such as marketing and customer service, making them more marketable as employees or potential business owners.

Waxologists intentionally work 32-hour weeks to allow them to combine work and home responsibilities while still making a fantastic wage and receiving full-time health benefits. This is very much “on brand” for our company.

At Lunchbox Wax, clients are treated in a private setting to foster intimacy. When they are able to bring our real selves to work and by allowing everyone we come in contact with to also be their authentic selves, they best serve our ideals, workers, and guests. This is important to the brand’s purpose and something we hold dear in the face of franchise growth.

Tips And Benefit Of Waxing

There’s a reason waxing has been a popular hair removal procedure for so long: it’s a terrific, long-lasting technique that produces the best hair removal results. So, what are the benefits of waxing? Let’s go right into its benefits.

  • Long-lasting smooth skin
  • Hair grows back finer and softer.
  • reduces hair growth.

Long-lasting smooth skin

Waxing removes hair from the root, thus it takes longer for hair to regrow- anywhere from 2-4 weeks, depending on your particular hair growth cycle speed.

This means your hair-free, smooth skin will stay much longer, and you can go on that beach vacation and revel in the glory of your enviably flawless and radiant skin without worrying about body hair appearing in the meanwhile.

Hair grows back finer and softer.

Hair that grows back after waxing is finer and gentler, rather than hard and scratchy like hair that grows back after shaving. And the best part is that waxing does not leave an unsightly stubble as shaving does.

Reduces hair growth

You will see considerably sparser hair growth after several waxing sessions. Because there is far less hair than the first time, waxing is much easier.

No skin irritation

Waxing, unlike other hair removal treatments such as depilatory lotions, shaving, or laser, does not cause wounds, pigmentation, scarring, or foul-smelling skin. Because wax contains no harsh chemicals,

it protects the skin from their harmful effects. Furthermore, because of the firm wax I use and my experience, your skin will not fall off and you will not be left sticky.


As a top waxing salon, Lunchbox Wax offers both men and women a speed-waxing experience in a welcoming setting with private waxing rooms and skilled waxing procedures performed by certified waxologists. Lunchbox

Lunch box Wax Boise expanded from a single salon to dozens across the country. It now has a well-known new owner. The business now has nearly 50 sites around the US. Whether you are looking for a Brazilian, Hollywood, or black wax, lunchbox waxing has the perfect service for you.

FAQs on Lunch Box Waxing: Overview, Cost, and Detailed Honest Review

Is Lunchbox Wax a chain of stores?

A leading franchise brand management company in the beauty and wellness industry, WellBiz Brands, Inc., is responsible for managing the brand Radiant Waxing formerly known as Lunchbox Wax

how long does a brazilian wax take at luchbox?

The actual waxing takes roughly 15 minutes on average, which means you can get in, get out, and even rebook and catch up with your waxologist in a 30-minute lunch break.

Do men wax at luchbox ?

Many guys wax their chests, backs, noses, and ears in addition to the Manzilian (the male counterpart of the Brazilian).

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