OC Waxing: Reviews, The good and Bad


We’ve all heard a variety of waxing stories over the years: the good, the bad, and the ugly… but the truth is, you shouldn’t be afraid of waxing! Read on to learn more about OC waxing as we provide a detailed review that includes its benefits and drawbacks.

Waxing has been shown to be an extremely effective hair removal method. Although it can be painful at times, waxing hairs results in a much smoother shave and a clean patch of skin that lasts longer.

It is also a cost-effective method of hair removal that can be performed at home.

Are you considering getting a wax? OC Waxing is one of the top hair removal waxing service providers that you can rely on.

OC waxing reviews

Carolyn S., Founder, and Licensed Aesthetician founded OC Waxing in 2008 after noticing a lack of sanitary, upscale, and comfortable waxing salons in Orange County. Her dream was to open a waxing salon that also taught people about hair growth and removal. Over the years, OC Waxing has worked hard to be a sanitary and comfortable waxing establishment.

The salon is dedicated to providing you with the best waxing possible because they understand how difficult it can be to find an excellent Waxer in Orange County.

With 5 locations, this salon does things differently; they are a premier waxing specialty salon, but not a chain salon with “chain vibes.” They value their time with you highly, pay close attention to detail, and have impeccable sanitary practices.

OC Waxing’s goal is simple: they exist solely to provide you with the best waxing service you’ve ever had. No rushed services, no inexperienced Waxers, just quality. OC Waxing guarantees that you will receive a warm, sanitary, and comfortable service from a Waxer you can get to know and trust from the moment you walk through the salon doors.

OC waxing menu

Click on the link to see all of the services that OC Waxing has to offer its wonderful customers. Are you unsure about which bikini wax to get or do you want to gain access to the OC waxing menu? To find detailed descriptions check out the Protocols Page for information on the salon’s “date-discount bikini waxing deals.”

OC waxing cancellation

OC waxing cancellation requires 24 hours notice. They ask this so that they can give another waxing client your time slot. OC waxing cancellation made with less than 24 hours notice may result in a 50% charge of the scheduled appointment.

Appointments that are missed will be charged 50% of the total services booked. Your scheduled appointment is reserved exclusively for you! OC Waxing requires a credit card number when scheduling your first appointment to hold your appointment. They do not charge it or keep it on file; it is only used for the above-mentioned no-show/last-minute cancellation policies.

What is B line wax?

Bikini waxing is the removal of pubic hair with hot or cold wax. People usually have it done for aesthetic reasons, fashion, or some other reason. If you’re tired of razor burns but still want your hair tamed down there, you should get a bikini wax.

The bikini line, which is the area between the inner thigh and the upper leg, is usually not covered by bikini bottoms, so it can be embarrassing if this hair is visible at times.

Waxing the bikini line is a great way to achieve that perfect summer swimsuit look and even a boost in self-esteem! If you’re thinking about getting your bikini waxed, OC Waxing is the salon that can offer you the perfect waxing.

Which hair removal wax is best?

If you’re thinking about getting a wax, here are the top five waxes for hair removal:

  • Soft Warm Wax 
  • Warm Hard wax
  • Pre-Made Wax Strips
  • Sugar Wax
  • Cold Soft wax 

Soft Warm Wax 

This cream or resin-based wax is typically used for strip waxing. Warm the wax gently and apply it in a thin layer to your skin before pressing it with a cloth strip. Soft, warm wax is also effective at removing fine hairs, but because it is sticky, you should only use it once per area.

Soft, warm wax is typically used on larger areas such as the legs and arms, and it is also very gentle on the skin.

Warm Hard wax

Warm hard wax hardens as it cools and is best suited for skin areas with thicker and more delicate hair. This wax, also known as strip-free wax, is applied in much thicker layers in the direction of hair growth.

In addition, after cleaning your skin, apply a pre-epilation oil to protect it from the wax. Once spread, it hardens to a flexible material that you can pull off with the lip.

While warm hard wax is ideal for people with sensitive skin, it may not remove every strand of hair from the root, and you may need to go over the area several times.

Pre-Made Wax Strips

Pre-made max stripes are a great choice for at-home waxes because they are designed with the right amount of cold soft wax attached and do not require heating before use. These pre-made wax strips are a mess-free option that everyone, including beginners, can enjoy.

You can use a wax strip more than once per area depending on the amount of hair being removed. All you have to do to slightly heat it is rub it between your palms to allow it to stick to more hair.

This is an excellent option for traveling because it eliminates the risk of burns from using warm wax.

Sugar Wax

Sugar wax is a more natural wax and one of the oldest methods of waxing. This sugar wax, made with sugar, lemon, and hot water, is just as effective as other types of waxes.

Sugar wax is a gentle wax that is ideal for sensitive and reactive skin. It works similarly to hard wax in that it grabs the hairs without sticking to the skin. It could be applied as a sticky ball with the fingers or as a soft wax with strips.

Because of its water-soluble nature, cleaning up after using this wax is also simplified. This reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs because fewer products clog hair follicles and inhibit hair regrowth.

Cold Soft wax 

Cold soft wax, when applied directly to the skin from the pot, reduces the risk of burns. It may be difficult to adhere firmly to the skin while using an even thin layer.

However, it may not be as effective as warm wax, and some hairs may be left behind, so we recommend softening the formula by slightly heating it before spreading.

Before getting waxed, keep in mind that your hair should be at least 1/4 inch long, and applying some powder before your wax helps hair stick on even better.

What is the best wax for Brazilian?

While many people still go to spas and salons for their waxing needs, others do it themselves in the comfort of their own homes. They do, however, have concerns. “Is hard wax or soft wax better for a Brazilian?” is one of the most frequently asked questions.

Brazilian waxing, as you are probably aware, is a procedure that removes almost all of your pubic hair. It gives many bathing suits, including thong bikinis, a clean appearance. You’re probably also aware of your body’s sensitivity in that area. The type of wax you use for your Brazilian can make a significant difference.

When applied to the skin, it hardens quickly but remains pliable. Because it melts at a low temperature, you don’t need to use strips to remove it; it’s usually comfortable during the application process.

The melting point of soft wax, on the other hand, is low. It has a “looser” consistency, and strips are required for removal.

Most people agree that hard wax is the best option for Brazilian wax. Multiple applications will be required if your hair is coarse, and hard wax allows for this. Furthermore, because this area of your body is so sensitive, hard wax removal is less painful.

Is waxing better than shaving?

When deciding whether OC Waxing is better than shaving, consider how long it will last. Most people prefer not to shave or wax unless absolutely necessary, so knowing how long you can expect to have smooth skin and a hair-free bikini line is always useful.


Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you might be able to go a few days without shaving your legs or pubic hair but not much longer. Because shaving only removes hair from the skin’s surface, hair growth is accelerated.


Wax will not need to be redone for at least a few weeks, ideally six. Waxing lasts much longer than other hair removal methods, including hair removal creams and shaving, because it pulls hairs from the root.

Finally, waxing is the most preferred here—absolutely choose to wax if you despise shaving every few days. Your skin cells will look and feel better for a much longer period of time.

What are the 3 types of wax?

The following are the top three types of wax:

  • Soft wax
  • Hard wax
  • Fruit wax

Soft wax

Soft wax, also known as strip waxing, is applied to the skin by spreading a thin layer of warm body wax on top of it. This is typically applied to larger areas of the body, such as the arms and legs. It is applied to the skin directly with a wooden stick or a roller.

The hair is then removed by placing a strip of cloth over it and pulling it off. Soft waxes reach the tiny, fine hair strands that you can’t see, resulting in smooth skin.

However, this body wax should only be used once in a session on a specific area (never multiple times), as it will begin to pull the skin cells, causing bleeding and damage.

Hard wax

Hard body wax is commonly used on smaller, more sensitive areas such as the upper lip, underarms, and bikini area. This type of body wax is applied directly to the skin while still warm. It is allowed to cool and harden before being pulled off in the opposite direction of hair growth. Hard waxes have the advantage of only binding to the hair and never the skin. The procedure is less painful than soft body wax and can be repeated without causing skin damage.

 Fruit wax

Fruit body wax works similarly to hard body wax and is suitable for sensitive skin. It contains fruit extracts such as berries and plum, which means it is antioxidant-rich and contains vitamins that nourish the skin.

Furthermore, they are much gentler on the skin than standard soft body wax and, as a result, can be more expensive. However, using this will not leave any marks, and they also function as skincare, which is a plus.

What should be avoided before waxing?

When waxing, avoid doing the following:

  • Don’t Shave
  • Ensure you are not on your period
  • Avoid Sex
  • Don’t Get Drunk Before Your Wax
  • Avoid Exfoliating Your Body Before Waxing

Don’t Shave

Although it may be tempting to shave in between waxes, especially if your hair is longer than usual, it will make the waxing process much easier if the hair is a little longer — the wax will have something to grab onto other than your bare skin. Don’t shave two to three weeks before your next wax, allowing your hair to grow to about 1/4 inch in length.

Ensure you are not on your period

Schedule waxes away from your period. Your skin is extra sensitive during that time, according to Total Beauty, and extra sensitivity is not ideal for a waxing situation.

Avoid Sex

Even if this is one of the reasons you’re getting a bikini wax, your skin will be more susceptible to infection after a wax, so experts recommend waiting 48 hours before applying it.

Don’t Get Drunk Before Your Wax

It’s perfectly acceptable to get drunk after your wax, but don’t do it beforehand. Alcohol thins the blood, so if you drink more than one drink before waxing, you will be more sensitive. However, drinking a margarita afterward is a fantastic idea.

Avoid Exfoliating Your Body Before Waxing

If your skin is already irritated, don’t aggravate it by sloughing away dead skin cells right after. Allow some time for your skin to heal before using an exfoliator.


Waxing is one of the more low-maintenance methods of hair removal. Sure, it’s a little more expensive than shaving, but the results last for four to six weeks. So, once you’ve done it, you won’t have to worry about stubble for quite some time.

However, that peace of mind may come with some minor annoyances because there are some things you should not do when waxing. Of course, these are not life-changing decisions, but in order to achieve the best results and have the most enjoyable experience, you may have to temporarily forego a few indulgences.

FAQs About OC Waxing

Should I wax or exfoliate first?

If you’re wondering whether to exfoliate before or after your wax, you can do both, but exfoliating after waxing is essential. Two or three times per week will suffice to keep ingrown hairs and bumps at bay during regrowth.

What is waxing?

Waxing is a method of hair removal in which we use strip wax to effectively remove hair from the root.

When is waxing most painful?

Waxing is painful because the hair is pulled from the root, which obviously hurts more than shaving it off.

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