LANDING STRIP WAXING: Styles, Types, Shapes, Pictures

brazilian wax after 2 weeks
brazilian wax after 2 weeks

There are so many different kinds of landing strip waxing that it’s easy to get confused when it comes to landing strip pubic hair.

If you’ve never waxed your bikini line before and are curious what the landing striping wax looks like, or if you want to change up your usual bikini line session but are unsure where to begin, Fear not, we are here to assist you.

We’ve outlined all the various styles, types, and shapes to streamline the process and enable clear communication with your waxer.

What is the meaning of landing strip waxing?

During a landing strip waxing procedure, the labia, perineum, and anus, or your undercarriage, are all waxed; however, a hair landing strip is left on the pubic area.

Although this is frequently a strip of hair, most people prefer a triangle (i.e., a rectangular shape). Landing strips can be adjusted for width before the surrounding area is shaved; their width is measured in finger widths.

What is Another Name For a Landing Strip?

A landing strip is also referred to as a “French bikini.” French bikini waxing is a type of bikini waxing that involves shaving the sides of your labia.

How Much Hair Do You Need For a Landing Strip?

Your pubic hair should be approximately 1/4 inch long for the wax to work effectively. Make sure your hair has grown out sufficiently if you are getting waxed after shaving.

Before leaving, you can clip your pubic hair, if it is already longer, to 1/4″. On the other hand, it’s preferable to leave it a little too long rather than too short. 

What’s the purpose of a landing strip wax?

The landing strip pubic hair performs a variety of critical functions. According to Rowen, the purpose of a landing strip wax is that the labial tissue is extremely delicate and dense in nerve endings,

Consider the thickness and durability of the skin on your hands, which enables you to maintain contact with the outside world all day. Women wax their intimate areas for reasons other than just being fashionable.

  • It safeguards your genitalia.
  • It warms the area around your nether regions
  • It spreads pheromones
  • It reduces friction

#1. It safeguards your genitalia.

Your vaginal skin is more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body. Furthermore, the pubic hair on the landing strip protects the vagina from direct contact with foreign objects and protects against bacterial and fungal diseases.

#2. It warms the area around your nether regions.

Without landing strip pubic hair, your skin would dry up and begin to chafe from a lack of sweat and moisture in the genital area. However, pubic hair is believed to keep the genital area warm and moist.

#3. It spreads pheromones.

Pheromones are bodily odors that draw in potential sexual partners. While some people have overpowering odors, others have less overpowering odors. The pubic hair’s density makes it able to trap odors

landing strip pubic hair has a part to play in sexual attraction as it captures and emits pheromones

#4. It reduces friction

Furthermore, landing strip pubic hair protects the skin from skin irritations caused by contact between bodily parts during sexual activity. It also lessens friction between your vulva and your clothing. When there is pubic hair, the skin beneath the pubis is less likely to chafe or develop rashes.

Types Of Landing Strip Waxing

After deciding to have your landing strip waxed, the next step is to know the various types of landing strip waxing. Bikini waxes are frequently classified based on the amount of hair removed (or left) from your intimate area.

Bikini Wax Styles
  • Touch-up
  • Brazilian
  • French
Wax Bikini Shapes
  • The Landing Strip
  • The Bermuda Triangle
  • The Desert Island
  • The Heart

#1. Touch-up

Hair on the top of the thigh and below the belly button are the only areas of the body where this waxing technique can eliminate hair that might show through a bikini. The remaining hair has been neatly cut.

Furthermore, the type of bikini you intend to wear will determine how much hair must be removed. This style is ideal for women who want to keep things neat and trim without having all of their intimate hair removed.

This method is less painful, which is a huge benefit. This procedure should be used by women who are particularly sensitive or whose doctors advise against waxing this area.

#2. Brazilian

If this is your first time getting an intimate wax, avoid this technique! Those who have never waxed before might find it challenging to put up with the discomfort. The client determines the shape of the remaining hair, much like with French waxing. Some ladies choose to completely remove their hair.

#3. French

In comparison to a touch-up bikini wax, a French bikini wax will remove more hair. This means that, except a very thin vertical hair strip, all hair will be removed from the front of your intimate area, the sides of your labia, and your upper thighs.

It is common to refer to this area as a landing strip. If you’d like, you can get alternative shapes. However, throughout this process, your esthetician won’t remove hair from the middle of the rear (between your buttocks)

Wax Bikini Shapes

When we talk about shapes, we mean natural hair that has been left behind. Based on your preferences, your esthetician can create both simple and well-known shapes as well as more unusual ones. A talented esthetician can be more daring and “decorate” your intimate area with these odd shapes.

#1. The Landing Strip

This is typical of the French style. In the front, there is a brief, rectangular strip of hair.

#2. Bermuda Triangle

The front of the mons pubis is covered by a broad triangle like this.

#3. Island of the Desert

This is a small hairy triangle on the pubic bone. It appears to float and has a smaller surface area than the Bermuda triangle.

#4. The Heart

This requires competence on the part of the esthetician as well as attitude on the part of the woman who will be wearing it. Some estheticians may advise against having fancy forms if you are prone to ingrown hairs. To create a contour, the esthetician may have to wax against the direction of your hair growth, which may result in ingrown hairs.

What To Do Before Getting A Landing Strip Wax

To achieve an effective result, there are a few essential things you should do before getting waxed.

  • Check that you have enough hair to remove
  • Exfoliate.
  • Avoid Retinol creams
  • Wash before your appointment
  • Put on appropriate underwear

#1. Check that you have enough hair to remove.

The most common mistake people make when booking a landing strip waxing is not waiting long enough. If your hair isn’t long enough, you won’t get the smooth results you want, Hair should be a quarter of an inch long for waxing (or roughly what you can pinch with the tips of your fingers).

#2. Exfoliate

While you’re growing out your pubes before a waxing appointment, exfoliate the bikini area in the shower two or three times a week, ideally. Also, after showering, make sure to moisturize thoroughly. Softer skin will make waxing easier!

#3. Avoid Retinol creams

Retinoids, which are frequently prescribed for body acne, should be avoided before waxing. Avoid retinol creams and products two to five days before waxing because they thin your skin, make it more sensitive, and make it more prone to injury.

#4. Wash before your appointment.

Before waxing, cleanliness is essential, especially because of the risk of infection. It is also important not to use lotion after bathing. If your skin is less oily, the results will be better.

#5. Put on appropriate underwear

Before leaving for your appointment, make sure you’re wearing breathable loose cotton underwear.  Some waxing salons will provide disposable cotton panties before your waxing appointment, but don’t count on it.

Do Men Prefer Brazilian Wax?

A bikini wax is something that most people have seen. It was once debatable as to whether women would want one just because they believed men preferred them. According to a survey, most men prefer natural hair, so they may not pay as much attention to a woman’s bikini line as many women might believe.

What are the different types of intimate waxing?

Soft waxes are gentler on the skin and less difficult to handle while trying to reach odd spots, which is likely to happen during intimate waxing. However, one would think that solid wax is more practical.

furthermore, The upper thigh area is where this mostly applies to touch-up waxing. Your bikini waxing procedure will go smoothly if your esthetician uses high-quality soft body wax. You can read additional articles here to get the full scoop on hard and soft body waxes for bikini waxing.


Once you’ve decided on a style and design, you can schedule a bikini wax appointment. Shaving should be a personal choice that each person makes.

However, there are numerous women with various bikini wax styles and shapes, as well as those without, who have high self-esteem and do not feel inferior as a result of their decision to not have hair. At the end of the day, one should do what feels comfortable.

FAQs on Landing Strip Waxing

Do you guys like landing strip wax?

yes, Men preferred the “Bermuda triangle,” “landing strip,” and heart shapes, 

Does a Brazilian wax include bum crack?

Brazilian waxing removes all hair from and around the pubic area, front to back. Both the butt crack and the inside of the bum will be covered.

Do you wear anything during a Brazilian wax?

No, you’ll need to take off your clothes before getting waxed.


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