How Long Does Waxing Really Last [Complete Guide By An Esthetician]

How long does waxing last
How long does waxing last

One of the most frequently asked questions people ask when they get their first wax is “How long does waxing last compared to shaving?

Waxing is an excellent way to remove unwanted body hair, and it’s a beauty routine that many women have incorporated into their lives. On the other hand, you might not be sure what the best type of waxing to get, is or whether you should even consider getting it done at all

It can be challenging to figure out how long your wax will last for you. This article contains a guide from estheticians breaking down the answer for you.

Hair Growth Cycles

Unwanted hair can appear to regrow overnight, and while it may appear that way at times, hair grows in cycles. Here is a list of hair growth cycles that you must understand to enjoy the benefits of wax hair removal.

  • Anagen Period
  • Catagen Period
  • Telogen Stage
  • Exogen Phase

#1. Anagen Period

This is the time when your hair grows the fastest. The cells in the follicle divide quickly, resulting in longer hair that extends past your epidermis and is visible to the naked eye.

#2. Catagen Period

The catagen phase lasts between two and three weeks, during which time hair growth slows until it eventually stops. At this point, the follicle goes dormant.

#3. Telogen Stage

During the telogen phase, a new hair begins to form deep within the follicle beneath the old one.

#4. Exogen Phase

During the exogen phase, your body sheds older hair. The new hair that begins to form during the telogen phase will continue to grow until it reaches the anagen phase, at which point the cycle will begin again.

How Long Does Waxing Last The First Time?

If you’ve never waxed before, you might be wondering how long the results will last. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It all depends on your hair growth cycle.

Generally speaking, you can expect your wax to last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. However, if you have very fine hair, it may only last a couple of weeks. On the other hand, if you have very coarse hair, it could last up to 8 weeks.

The best way to prolong the results of your wax is to schedule regular appointments. This way, you can keep your hair growth cycle in check and avoid those pesky regrowth bumps!

How Long Does Waxing Last Compare To Shaving?

When it comes to hair removal, there are a lot of options out there. Waxing is the best option, though, if you want something that will last a long time. How long does waxing last vs shaving?

You may expect your waxing results to last for weeks rather than shaving, which may last only a few days and just offer momentary relief, waxing also aids in exfoliating your skin, leaving it looking smooth and healthy as a bonus.

So give waxing a try if you’re tired of shaving every few days. you will happy that you did!

How Long Does Hair Have To Be To Wax?

Hair development is not uniformly distributed across the body. Instead, because nature is clever, the body controls each hair’s development cycle in one of the three stages it goes through. Compared to head hair,  your body hair can grow up too slowly.

The hair growth cycle also explains why some hairs grow longer than others once it has begun to grow. The good news is that regular waxing will assist in balancing hair growth. 

Your hair must be at least 1/4 inches long. This makes it easier to make sure that all of the hair is cut off at the root. Try to let the hair from your most recent hair removal grow out for around two weeks if this is your first time waxing.

How Long Does Waxing Last On Face (waxing vs shaving)

The length of your sessions will be determined by the area to be waxed. Your hair should also be about a quarter-inch long so that the wax can properly adhere to each hair. However, if your hair is too long, the wax may have a more difficult time attaching to each hair.

Another factor to consider when deciding how frequently to schedule wax sessions is the rate at which your hair grows. Several factors influence the rate at which your hair grows, including your diet, overall health, and genetics. As a result, not every one’s hair grows at the same rate, and it’s critical to understand your hair growth cycle.

Facial hair grows faster than other body hair, waxing on the face lasts for two to three weeks. The chin, upper lip, brows, and cheeks are some of the most commonly waxed areas of the face, but it is possible to have it done anywhere that unwanted hair appears.

Other parts of the body include

  • Armpits
  • Bikini Zone
  • Legs


During the warmer months, the hair on your underarms is more visible and should be treated every two weeks or so.

Bikini Zone

Wax the hair on and around your bikini line every two weeks.


The length of time it takes depends on the leg area and how quickly your hair grows. Leg waxing can last for up to six weeks. 

How To Slow Hair Growth After Waxing

If you’re looking to slow down hair growth after waxing, there are a few things you can do.

  • Let your hair grow out
  • Make sure to exfoliate the area regularly
  • Don’t shave after waxing
  • Allow The Professionals To Handle it.

Let your air grow out

It is best to let your hair grow out to at least one-eighth of an inch before getting your first wax. ” Depending on where you get waxed, this is because the wax requires something to grab onto in order to pull out the entire hair.

If the hair is not long enough, the wax will not have enough grip and the hair will break. A broken hair can become ingrown, and the wax will be unable to reach it, leaving it untreated.

Make Sure To Exfoliate The Area Regularly

The way you care for your skin before and after waxing has a big impact on the outcome. Exfoliating and moisturizing are both essential. “Keeping your skin moisturized will ensure healthy, hydrated skin.” Dry, rough skin can cause hair to break more easily during waxing.

This will help to remove any dead skin cells that can clog up the hair follicles and prevent them from growing. You can also try using a depilatory cream or lotion, which will help to break down the hair shaft and prevent it from growing back as quickly.

Don’t shave After Waxing

It may be tempting to shave those hairs back down after a wax,  When you shave, your hair may grow back in unexpected directions or become ingrown, making it difficult or impossible for the wax to adhere.

Shaving also only removes hair above the skin, encouraging hair below the skin to grow faster. Instead of shaving, use a small pair of scissors to carefully trim any excess hairs.

Use Quality Wax

Waxing is a great option for hair removal, but it’s not permanent. Depending on the person, it can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The key how to slowing hair growth after waxing is to use good quality wax.

Allow The Professionals To Handle It.

Finally, Allowing professionals to do your waxing is one of the best ways to get the most out of it. Although you can buy waxing strips and sugaring kits to use at home, professional estheticians use professional-grade products in conjunction with their years of experience to ensure you get the best waxing possible.

Your esthetician can send you home hair-free and with tips on how to keep your skin looking great.

FAQs on How Long Does Waxing Last?

Is it better to use cold or hot wax?

it is important to know that hot wax adheres to hair more strongly and firmly than cold wax, as it is more effective at removing shorter or finer hairs from the root. If you don’t want to wait as long between waxing sessions, hot wax may be the best option.

Is it better to shave or wax your legs to make them last longer? 

 Waxing lasts longer because the hair is removed from the follicle, whereas shaving only cuts it at the surface.

Will waxing eventually cause hair growth to stop?

The Truth: Waxing, like the thinner hair myth, can reduce the volume of hair present, but it has no effect on its thickness or growth rate.


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