HOME WAXING KIT: 20 Best At Home Healthy Waxing Kits You Must Have For Easy Hair Removal

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I love my skin; it’s smooth and free of hair. I also love going to the beach during the summer, and you already know what that means, right? That’s right, hot bikini beach wear. Fortunately for me, I do not have to visit the spa or salon often, except for facials. Thanks to the different Brazilian, leg, and underarm waxing kits available in the United States, I can wax in the comfort of my own home. Some of these come with wipes and pre and post-waxing soaps, in addition to lotions made with chamomile oil to keep your skin moisturized after your waxing session. Well, if you are someone who loves DIY, check out these top 20 best at-home waxing kit, strips, and the best wax for hair removal that is ideal for you.

Best At Home Waxing Kit

At-home waxing kits are ready-made tools that anyone can use for hair removal in the comfort of their home. We have assessed several products and the following are some of the best at-home waxing kits for anyone;

#1. Parissa Cane Sugar Organic Wax

Cost| $19.99

People with sensitive skin exercise extreme caution when selecting a wax for hair removal. Parissa Cane Sugar Organic Wax is a great choice. This is the ideal option if you care more about using healthy foods than about cost.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Parissa Cane Sugar Organic Wax

The following are some of the pros and cons of Parissa Cane Sugar Organic Wax;


  • It comes in form of a roll-on and this makes the application easy.
  • Made with natural ingredients and no chemicals


  • Without proper care, a formula can easily become a sticky mess.

#2.  Wakse Mini Cosmic Candy Hard Wax Beans

Cost| $15

To get the best out of Wakse Mini Cosmic Candy Hard Wax Beans, melt the pink and blue iridescent beads in the microwave and your wax will be ready. It smells like cotton candy, a good distraction to the subtle pain you’ll get your home wax kit or hair removal time.

#3. Nair Ultimate Roll-On Wax

Cost| $7.95

With the convenient screw-on roll-on applicator, even hard-to-reach areas can be covered with ease. Every time you use the applicator, simply wash it in soap and water. Nair Ultimate Roll-On Wax contains  Moroccan argan oil, which moisturizes the skin.

#4.  Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

Cost| $22.99 

If you love spa treatment when it comes to waxing, trust Bliss to give you the same treatment at home. All you have to do is melt the wax in your microwave and it’s ready for use.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

The following are the pros and cons of using this strip healthy home waxing kit;

  • Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit comes in a beautiful blue shade
  • It comes with a pre and post-waxing kit

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Kit For Brazilian

Most of the time, we rush to the salon for Brazilian hair removal, but the truth is that you can do it at home with an excellent home waxing kit. The following are some of the best healthy Brazilian kits you can use for your next home waxing; 

#1. VidaSleek Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit

Cost| $24.99

VidaSleek Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit is one of the best healthy home Brazilian waxing kits you’ll come across. Whether it’s fine thin hair or coarse thick hair, the VidaSleek Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit will do the job. Every kit comes with cleansing wipes that contain jojoba and chamomile oils. This leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. 

Advantages and Disadvantages Of VidaSleek Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit

The following are some of the pros and cons of using the VidaSleek Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit at home


  • VidaSleek Extra Strength Hair Removal Waxing Kit contains natural ingredients
  • Each pack comes with cleansing wipes


  • Extremely sticky; scraping off the accumulated wax may need additional time and effort.

#2. GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit

GiGi Mini Pro is another great Brazilian healthy home waxing kit. It’s also a complete home waxing kit that has everything you need to set up a makeshift waxing salon in the comfort of your own home. Each packet comes with a warmer, spatulas, lotions, specialties, creme wax, and even cloths.

#3. Nair Hair Remover Wax Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini

Cost| $6.49

Nair products are awesome, and Nair Hair Remover Wax Ready-Strips for Face & Bikini are awesome. I mean, would you love a home Brazilian hair removal kit? There is nothing to it beyond separating, applying, and removing. And it gives you exactly what you want. 

#4. Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax

Cost |$12.99

Nad’s is one of my favorites when it comes to having a home Brazilian, and Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax kit is perfect for hair removal. First, it uses your body heat to warm up, and this greatly reduces the danger of burns. The result is smooth, moisturized skin after each use.  Each pack comes with Nad’s natural sugar wax, washable strips, wooden waxing implements, and argan-wax oil soap. They are all included in the set.

Pros and cons of Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax

The following are some of the benefits and disbenefits of using this home healthy waxing kit;

  • Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax comes with a pre-waxing soap 
  • It uses your body temperature to warm up

#6. Nad’s Nose Wax Kit for Men & Women

Cost |$19.95

Nad’s Nose Wax Kit for Men & Women is a convenient way to wax your nasal passages.

It has an applicator that is designed to reach only a limited distance into the nose, limiting hair removal to the area just outside the nostrils.

#7. Easy Wax Club Hard Wax Beans Kit

Cost| $20

Easy Wax Club Hard Wax Beans Kit is perfect for waxing but then, but you will have to melt wax before use. It contains floral-scented hard wax is included in the stripless Hard Wax Beans Kit, which may be appealing to those who appreciate hard wax. 

Best At Home Waxing Strips

If you’ve ever seen the burnt or after-effects of home waxing gone wrong, you’ll never opt to wax at home, even with the best healthy hair removal kit. Luckily, you can opt to use healthy hair removal strips. Strips are much better than traditional waxing. Additionally, using wax strips eliminates the need for estimating waxing temperatures and measuring out waxed areas because they come in standard sizes. You can avoid the hassle and risk of burns associated with microwaving a vat of goo and waxing unevenly or in the wrong direction with strips. The following are some of the best home waxing strips you’ll find in the United States. 

#1. Nad’s Body Wax Strips Hair 

Cost| $9

Your list of home waxing strips will be incomplete without Nad’s Body Wax Strips. Nad is famous for its natural ingredients, and it’s also a great choice for sensitive skin. If you want to get the best results with this home waxing Nad’s home waxing strips, kindly rub them on your palms right before applying. Doing this generally softens it and gives you a professional salon finish. It also comes with post-wax oil wipes. 

#2. Flamingo Body Wax Kit

Cost| $20

The Flamingo body wax kit is next on our list of home waxing strips. Every pack of Flamingo body wax kits comes with 24 stips and post-wax clothes. The key feature of these home waxing strips is the fact that they can remove every type of hair. I bet you’re wondering if the hair has categories. Well, let’s just say, coarse, visible, fine, and even elusive hair. You know that slimy hair that’s almost invisible, right? Thanks to the soft gel that’s spread across every strip. That reminds me, the flamingo body wax kit contains 24 strips, and you can comfortably use these for waxing at home without fear of getting burned.

#3. Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit

Cost| $5

Whether it’s unwanted facial hair, bikini, arm, or leg hair, the Sally Hansen Hair Remover home waxing strip kit has you covered. There are three different-sized packages, each containing 34 pre-cut strips, and the company claims that using them will permanently remove all traces of hair for up to two months. I have used this myself and it works, especially if you do not have time to waste on long waxing appointments.

#4.  No Mo Stache 

Cost| $20

One of the best home waxing No Mo Stache. Seriously, read that again. No mustache, but this time, there’s no hair left. If you’ve ever used this product, you’ll know the name isn’t for fun. It delivers what it promised, and that’s no hair left. To get the most from this product, kindly remember to massage it before use. Every pack comes with an aloe cream that moisturizes your body after waxing. 

#5. Nair Wax Ready-Strip

Cost| $5

If you have sensitive skin, then Sally Hansen Hair Removal Home Waxing Strips are perfect for you. It contains chamomile-infused oil and doesn’t require warming up before applying any of the 40 strips to the body, so you’ll be wondering.

Is it difficult to wax at home?

No, not really. It is not. Removing unwanted hair at home is a quick and easy (though occasionally painful) option. DIY waxing is possible, but you have to be careful and do the prep work to avoid making mistakes, getting hurt, or getting an infection.

Best Wax For Hair Removal

#1. Glee Wax Strips

Cost| $7

I love the smell of this home waxing hair removal strip. Maybe it’s because I love raspberries and it smells like one. If you’re in search of home waxing hair removal strips that get the job done without residue, go for Glee Wax Strips. Even with little to no effort on your part, it gives you the result you seek. There is no need to reapply any of the 32 strips to the same spot multiple times, as they all perform flawlessly on the initial application.

#2. Veet 3-in-1 Ready-to-Use Wax Strip Kit

Cost| $11

Also, the recipe deposits a lot more than just a hint of hydration, and the natural exfoliation that occurs when you remove the strip from your skin ensures that your skin is at its smoothest. This makes it a great home waxing hair removal strip, but then, it’s not the perfect bikini strip. 

#3. Glee Wax Strips

Cost| $7

Do we need wax strips to smell like raspberries? No, but we’re not complaining. It’s just a bonus on top of the easy, no-rub vanish act that is Glee Wax Strips for the body. You won’t waste any of the 32 strips going over the same area more than once because they work exactly as they should the very first time. And with the six finishing wipes, you’ll feel ready to show off your results as soon as you exit the bathroom. 

#4. Joy Glee Body Wax Kit

Cost |$6.27

The 32 wax strips in the Joy Glee Body Wax Kit can be cut to the right size for every area of the body. If you have this on hand, you may skip melting wax and get right to work. A professional-looking wax may be yours for much less money if you use these with care.

#5. Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face, & Lip Stripless Face Wax Kit

Cost |$6.99

The Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face, and Lip Stripless Face Wax Kit provides everything you need for a smooth, hairless canvas with less effort. A lack of clear instructions is a deterrent for some people when considering home waxing. The post-treatment lotion included in the Sally Hansen Eyebrow, Face, & Lip Stripless Face Wax Kit is great for calming redness and irritation. The kit also includes a brow guide to help you get the ideal arch. Nonetheless, you’ll get the most out of this set if you already know how to apply wax. Heating the wax for two minutes in the microwave will render it usable.

Home Waxing Kit FAQs

Why Do My Pores Bleed When I Wax?

Bleeding from the pores (also known as “point bleeding”) is a typical side effect of waxing, but it’s a good sign that the hair was plucked out by the root. When we want our hair to grow, it needs blood, which is carried to each hair follicle by a blood vessel.

Why do you test the wax before you apply it?

Testing allows you to get your exact body temperature and it also avoids mess.

How long do waxing kits last?

Waxing your bikini line typically lasts between three and four weeks. Waxing regularly will help you maintain a lovely and smooth finish for several weeks at a time, but this is only a rule of thumb because everyone is different.


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