Cat Eye Nails: How To Keep Them Looking Good And Long Lasting


Cat eye nails are inspired by a variety of sources, including movies, natural elements, candies, graphic art, and even emojis. You can pretty much translate any shape or pattern onto your nails if you have the right skill set.

It is one of the most fashionable and enjoyable ways to add a little sparkle to your manicure.
The technique is accomplished by applying an iron fragment powder polish to your nails to give them a brilliant shimmer. How can you keep your cat eye nails looking good and long-lasting?

We all want our cat eye nails to last as long as possible. However, the duration of cat eye nails varies greatly depending on a variety of factors. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make your cat’s eye nails last longer and home care tips to get the most out of it.

What Are Cat Eye Nails?

One type of nail art is cat-eye nails. Metallic pigments are present in cat eye nail polish. The metal in the nail polish will change direction as you direct it with a small magnet. This will transform your nails into glittering cat-eye beauties.

10 Cat Eye Nails You Can Give A Try

The cat eye stone represents wealth and good fortune. There are numerous ways to experiment with the trend, including varying the size and shape of the line as well as different color combinations.

Here are the top cat eyes nails you can give a try.

  • silver nails Cat eye
  • Nails in Black, Blue, and Purple Cat Eye
  • Nails in Brown Cat Eye
  • Pink & Gold Nails
  • Colors of emerald
  • Nails with Abstract cat eyes
  • Magnificent Cat Eye Nails
  • Cat Eye Butterfly Nails
  • Pink Cat Eye Nail
  • Nails with Stars

#1. Silver nails Cat eye

To begin, silver cat-eye nails are a super fun way to wear the trend without having to worry about the details too much. Because the shimmer placement will almost certainly blend with the rest of the color,

#2. Nails in Black, Blue, and Purple Cat Eye

The cat eye nail trend is stunning. It is made with a thin line of shiny polish that resembles a cat’s eye or a cat eye gemstone and can be done in any color combination you want. Black, blue, and purple will combine to create a dreamy look reminiscent of the night sky.

#3. Nails in Brown Cat Eye

Brown is a fantastic color because it is so adaptable, with a shade to suit every complexion and preference. You can choose between dark, moody hues and soft, light browns. This is also a good option for a more subdued version of the cat eye nail trend.

#4. Pink & Gold Nails

These are some of the most beautiful nails available. Look at how the beautiful gold adds exquisite detail. It perfectly frames the pink reflective gel polish. A truly inspirational look that is one-of-a-kind and gets you in the mood for everything cat’s eye!

#5. Colors of Emerald

Another stunning color will be one with shimmery emerald tones that add beautiful depth to the glitter particles in the polish. To recreate this manicure, first, apply the shimmering nail lacquer all over your nails and then use a magnet to direct the glitter particles in the center. Create the diagonal shapes so that they complement each other and follow the same angle on all of the fingers.

#6. Nails with Abstract cat eyes

If you like abstract designs, there is a way to customize nails to your liking!
Make swirling, crescent-shaped, or edged patterns with your shimmery nail lacquer that only covers a portion of your nail. To add some extra to the design, use stick-on diamante or beading; keep the base creamy and matte to ensure the embellishments stick for longer.

#7. Magnificent Cat Eye Nails

When you look at this stunning manicure, the blue gel shimmer appears to have so many layers of color that it appears to go on forever!

#8. Cat Eye Butterfly Nails

A sweet little butterfly design will add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look.
The light blue multichromatic gel polish has a whimsical and fun sparkle and shine.

#9. Pink Cat Eye Nail

Show your love for your nails with a pretty pink nail design. In three thin coats, this nail artist created a glowing cat eye effect. The highlights came out beautifully and remind us of romantic walks along the beach.

#10. Nails with Stars white

Stars represent guidance and hope, and they can represent your dreams and ambitions.
For a cute and meaningful manicure, add star designs to your fingernails.
You should also embrace the sparkle with the shimmery cat eye trend, which goes well with this design.

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How Do You Make Cat Eye Nails?

To get your nails done in the nail style, go to an experienced nail salon and you can as well do it at home

For the cat-eye effect, you’ll need a polish that contains iron powder fragments that are attracted to magnets. Because the iron particles are dense, they usually sink to the polish’s base layer as it is applied.

When a magnet is placed over the nail, the iron particles rise to the surface and remain there as the polish dries due to the thickness of the polish. Here are the steps to make a cat eye nails

  • First, apply the polish to all of your nails and allow them to dry.
  • Apply a second coat of polish to one nail at a time and immediately hold the magnet over your nail for about 10-15 seconds. The most difficult part is to keep the magnet close to your nail without touching it.
  • You’ll notice a cool wavy, textured effect that you should let dry completely before finishing with a top coat for a glossy look and to protect the pattern.
  • if the appearance is uneven and unappealing. You can start over by applying another coat of polish.

Must-Know Cat Eye Nails Techniques To Keep Them Looking Good And Long Lasting

To get the best nail care for a long time, keep the following tips in mind


  • Maintain clean and dry fingernails:
  • Maintain good nail hygiene
  • Use a moisturizer
  • Apply a protective layer

#1. Maintain clean and dry fingernails:

This helps to keep bacteria from growing under your fingernails.
Constant contact with water can cause splitting in the nails.
When doing the dishes or cleaning, put on waterproof gloves.

#2. Maintain good nail hygiene:

Trim your nails straight across, then round the tips in a gentle curve with nail clippers.

#3. Use a moisturizer

Apply hand lotion to your fingernails and cuticles as well.

#4. Apply a protective layer

Using a nail hardener can help strengthen your nails.


  • Pick at your cuticles or bite your fingernails:
  • Remove hangnails:
  • Make use of harsh nail care products:

#1. Pick at your cuticles or bite your fingernails

These practices can harm the nail bed by allowing bacteria or fungi to enter and cause an infection.

#2. Remove hangnails:

When you do this, you risk ripping live tissue as well as the hangnail. Cut them off carefully with a clipper.

#3. Make use of harsh nail care products:

Use nail polish remover sparingly. When removing nail polish, choose an acetone-free formula.


The cat eye nail trend has been gaining popularity for good reason: it is one of the most stylish and fun ways to add a little sparkle to your manicure. The tips provided above will ensure your cat’s eye nails will last long.

FAQs on Cat Eye Nails: How To Keep Them Looking Good And Long Lasting

How long should you leave your nail polish on?

Traditional nail polish can last for a few days before chipping. However, if you choose long-wear formulas such as no-chip or gel polish, your manicure could last up to two weeks before chipping.

How does Cat Eye Gel Polish function?

Magnetized particles in the gel polish create the Cat Eye effect.
When you place your magnet over the Cat Eye polish, it will attract these particles, creating amazing patterns on your

How do you remove magnetic nail polish?

When your magnetic nail polish becomes chipped, damaged, or simply unappealing, remove it with nail polish remover. Use the same nail polish remover and cotton balls, cotton pads, or other materials you would for regular polish removal. The thicker magnetic nail polish may require more material and time to remove.


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