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We already know you won’t let just anyone work on your brows because they serve as the framework for your face, and a single tiny alteration can drastically alter your appearance. It’s not always as easy to decide on the best eyebrow waxing service center to visit. This article reveals the best centers that offer the best eyebrow waxing services near Nampa ID, Boise ID, Los Angeles, Chicago and Florida.

Best Eyebrow Waxing Near Nampa ID

The following eyebrow waxing centers offer the best eyebrow waxing services in Nampa, ID. They include:

#1. Radiant Waxing Nampa ID

Radiant Waxing is known as one of the eyebrow waxing centers that offers the best eyebrow waxing services near Nampa, ID. You can enter Radiant Waxing Nampa with your unwanted hair and feel smooth and confident in just a few minutes. It is a full-service, speed-waxing salon to provide a truly premium guest experience.

In other words, professionals employ speed-waxing procedures that are both quick and effective, giving you the smooth, glowing skin you’ve always wanted.

To make an appointment for your next wax at our renowned Nampa salon, call or book online right away.

#2.Elevate a Wax and Facial Boutique

This is one of the best waxing centers you can choose for your eyebrow in Nampa ID. This center specializes in skin care, waxing, and spray tanning. Currently, they have 61 reviews they are also located at 609E State St, Eagle, Nampa ID 83616. 

You will never regret choosing this center as your waxing will be performed by experts.

#3. Eagle Day Spa 42

This waxing center specializes in nail salons, day spas, and massage therapy. It is a family-run business. This is one of the best places to get your brows waxed. Here, your maximum satisfaction is guaranteed. They have about 42 reviews and they are located at 619E State St, Eagle ID 83616

Best Eyebrow Waxing Near Boise ID

This European waxing center is the best eyebrow waxing center that offers the best eyebrow waxing services in Boise ID.

European Wax Center Boise

Are you ready to experience smooth, touchable skin with more than just an external glow? The European Wax Center is known to provide the best eyebrow waxing services near Boise, ID, so that you can achieve a perfect brow and extremely smooth skin.

The waxing center offers a variety of the best waxing services, including leg, arm, bikini, Brazilian, and eyebrow waxing, to keep you feeling incredibly smooth all year. The waxing studio recognizes that shaving is as inconvenient for men as it is for women. As a result, she offers male waxing procedures. Thus, you can get a trim chest and stop fighting the mustache every day. 

This best eyebrow waxing center near Boise, ID can be located at the Westpark Towne Plaza Shopping Center, near Target, in Boise, Idaho. Also, their waxing service is easily accessible from Boise, Garden City, Cloverdale, Maple Grove, Boise Junction, Boise State University, Boise Town Square Shopping Center, Franklin Towne Plaza Shopping Center, Boise Zoo, and other nearby cities.

Hair removal and waxing services are available to both men and women at this European waxing center near Boise, Idaho. They can pamper you with their hair removal wax services, which include Brazilian waxing, brow waxing, bikini waxing, and more.

Finally, the convenience of online booking and the renowned line of skin and beauty products from the European Wax Center are additional options for customers looking to elevate their waxing experiences.

Best Eyebrow Waxing Near Chicago

The best European eyebrow waxing center near Chicago is located at 949 W. Madison St., Chicago, IL 60607 is open today until 9 p.m. CT.

It’s important to keep your brows waxed and your self-esteem high, and this waxing center is dedicated to rendering the best eyebrow waxing services at the European Wax Center near Chicago-West Loop. They offer the best waxing services for the eyebrow near Chicago, so you can look your best (and smoothest) on your cheek, chin, ear, lip, neck, nose, sideburns, and brow.

You can get rid of those last few hairs and enjoy smoother, more beautiful skin than ever before with the help of their professional face waxing services.

Other locations for the best eyebrow waxing services near Chicago include:

  • Chicago South Loop: They are located at Illinois 60605 CT, 1103 South State Street, Chicago and they are Open until 9 p.m.
  • Chicago Street Ville: They are located at CT 326 E Ohio St in Chicago, and they are also open until 9 p.m.
  • Chicago Old Town: This European waxing center can be located at CT 403 West North Avenue in Chicago and are open until 9 p.m.

Is Waxing or Threading Eyebrow Better?

Waxing is better. A row of hair can be removed via threading, but many people feel that each pull causes greater pain and anguish. Additionally, waxing usually produces results that last longer and give you the precise shape you want, whether you want natural-looking brows or brows with sharper arches.

Is Waxing Your Eyebrow Worth It?

Yes, waxing tends to make the hair in your brows come back a little softer and thinner. If you continue to wax your eyebrows regularly, eventually your thick, coarse brows will disappear.

Best Eyebrow Waxing Near Florida

The following eyebrow waxing centers offer the best eyebrow waxing services near Florida. They include:

#1. The Neat Waxing Company

Customers in this recently remodeled salon use a particular herbal wax method called the European method. The method is great for sensitive skin and does not require paper or cloth ribbons to remove hair. It works well on both men and women. The system’s effects can persist for up to four weeks, and continued use will permanently weaken body hair. The Neat Waxing Co. also provides packages that save money for people who want to have many regions waxed in a single visit. They are located at 2344 Salzedo Street Coral Gables, Florida.

#2. Wax On Wax Off

This is one of the best eyebrow waxing centers near Florida because customers at Wax On Wax Off in Coconut Grove can purchase aqua blue green wax, which is perfect for delicate and sensitive areas. This unique mixture was created in Paris three years ago and is ideal for the face and bikini area. A complimentary glass of champagne follows any package service to complete your opulent experience.

Additionally, the salon offers its proprietary Peach Point Program, which allows customers to earn two points for every dollar spent. Put the points toward future services by converting them to waxing credit. This waxing center is located at 3215 Grand Avenue, Coconut Grove, Florida.

#3. Sayos Body Waxing Center

Sayos Body Waxing is a full-service, full-body waxing facility in Miami that specializes in Brazilian bikini waxes and gives all new clients a complimentary lip wax. Existing clients can also benefit from additional salon benefits, including a birthday waxing special. Prices for waxing combinations and packages range from $30 to $170 for men and women, and they’re perfect for people who want to get rid of hair in several locations.

This is well-known as one of the best eyebrow waxing centers near Florida because they use the best ingredients available and never recycle their wax.

Best Eyebrow Services in Los Angeles

The following eyebrow waxing centers offer the best eyebrow waxing services in Los Angeles. They include

#1. Ma Maíson de Beauté

Ma Mason de Beauté is a small oasis. The entire area is always spotless. They go out of their way to be accommodating, and everyone who works there is courteous. However, the actual reason why clients return is that Brazilians only take ten minutes. Seriously, you can enter and exit in less than 12 minutes without compromising quality. This waxing center is located at West Hollywood, California, 8755 Colgate Avenue

#2.The Beauty Strip

This waxing center may not appear to be much in this modest little spot in the middle of the NoHo Arts District, but they are experts in their field. The employees are polite and meticulous—sticklers for detail. If you ever feel like doing some post-wax shopping, the Beauty Strip also provides a great assortment of lingerie and beauty supplies. They are located in North Hollywood, 5217 Lankershim Boulevard

#3. Magic Touch Waxing Salon

We contemplated whether to include it on our list, but ultimately came to the conclusion that keeping it a secret would be self-indulgent. Even though a fast Google search would lead you to believe otherwise, Magic Touch Waxing Salon has been in business for more than 30 years. You can locate them at Beverly Hills, Suite P at 321 South Beverly Drive

#4. Uni K Wax Studio

People never looked back after discovering Wax Centers in Miami (also known as the Brazilian homeland—so you know it’s good). They employ a unique, all-natural hard wax that was created especially for their salons. It is applied at a normal temperature (rather than heated) and is green rather than blue.

(A word of advice: There are Uni K stores all around Florida, New York, and New Jersey).

#5. Stark Studio Wax

Stark Studio’s interior is attractive, minimalistic, and immaculate. The staff is made up of knowledgeable, competent, and kind employees. They are, in essence, the type of people you want in charge of hot wax. Amazingly, the use of hard wax (the blue version, which is suitable for delicate skin) does not appear to slow them down. They are located in Silver Lake, 3335 West Subset Boulevard.

How Much Does It Cost to Do Your Eyebrows?

It normally costs between $8 and $20 to get your eyebrows waxed professionally at a regular salon. However, you may have to fork over $30 to $50 if you visit a brows specialist salon.


Thus, we have analyzed the best eyebrow waxing services near Nampa, ID, Boise, Florida, Chicago, and Los Angeles. You should make a very wise choice while choosing where to wax your eyebrow. Locate a venue close to you today!

Disclaimer Disclosure

This website’s content is only for informational and educational reasons. The information and contents on this website are not meant to serve as an all-inclusive manual for services listed. The best eyebrow waxing centers listed here is a compilation of people’s reviews and opinions. Hence, before contacting any service, all readers are recommended to conduct their own research.

Best Eyebrow Waxing Services FAQs

What is the typical interval between waxing appointments?

Waxing works best when done every two to five weeks. Legs should be waxed every 3–5 weeks. Face, bikini line, and underarms need waxing every 2-3 weeks..

What should the cost of waxing be?

Eyebrow waxing in a salon normally costs between $15 to $30, though prices will vary by region.


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