Nail Polish Thinners

Nothing is more annoying than reaching for your favorite nail polish bottle only to find that it has changed into a sticky, slimy, or flaky mess that you can’t use. You will need a nail polish thinner at this time as it will easily fix your nail polish. Your old nail polish bottle can be restored to its original consistency and made easier to apply by just adding a few drops of thinner. However, some nail polish thinners contain acetone, while some don’t. This article will give you more insight into the best 5 nail polish thinners that can easily fix your polish in 2022.

What is a nail polish thinner?

Nail polish thinner is a chemical substance that restores the thickened nail polish to its original consistency. You actually need your nail polish to be the ideal consistency while painting your nails, as it helps the polish last longer. Also, polish has a tendency to thicken and harden with time, making it quite difficult to coat. So look for thinners made especially for use with ordinary nail polish.

Because of its thickened nature, you don’t have to throw away a bottle of nail polish. Use nail polish thinner to help the polish regain its normal consistency so you can use it once more.

How Do Nail Polish Thinners Work?

Once you open a bottle of nail polish, it typically becomes thicker and clumpier over time. This is because the solvents used to make them quickly evaporate into the air when exposed to the air, allowing part of the liquids in the polish to evaporate and causing it to thicken. 

Nail polish thinners function by substituting the chemicals that are evaporating from the nail polish, allowing it to regain a more preferred texture. Nail polish thinners are able to do this because they contain the same solvents as nail polish.

Do Nail Polish Thinners Contain Acetone?

Acetone is a chemical-based substance used in making products like nail remover and paint. As a solvent, acetone can disintegrate or break down materials like paint and nail polish.

Most nail polish thinners also contain a little bit of acetone, which is the main component of nail polish remover. Nail polish thinners also contain other ingredients such as butyl acetate, toluene, methylethylketone, hexane, isopropyl alcohol, or heptane. These additions to the nail polish thinner serve as solvents and also take the place of any components that might have evaporated over time. 

Nail polish thinners that contain acetone weaken the nail polish. While your polish will be smoother and more even, it will also be more prone to peeling, cracking, and fading in color.

Hence, when using nail polish thinners that contain acetone, safety measures must be implemented.


Here are the best 5 nail polish thinners that can easily fix your nail polish:

#1. Beauty Secrets Nail Thinner

Beauty Secret nail polish thinner has a fairly straightforward formula that works with the majority of nail polishes. It comprises three basic solvents: butyl acetate, ethyl acetate, and heptane, which are also found in the majority of your regular nail polishes. It functions immediately after being added to your nail polish.

Additionally, they won’t call for you to shake your nail polish forcefully to blend it, which will stop air bubbles from forming and save you time and energy. These thinners work so well that you will only need a few drops to see how they work. 

#2. Super Nail Polish Thinner

This nail polish thinner can be ranked among the 5 best nail polish thinners that can easily fix your polish because it is good at maintaining the appropriate texture of nail polish. You need a nail polish thinner like this one if you want your nail polish to have a good texture so that it applies to your nails smoothly. Any clumpy regular nail polish can easily restore to its original form with a few drops of this thinner. 

This nail polish thinner thins out nail polish properly, but there is a catch: it also includes little amounts of acetone, which is the major ingredient of nail polish remover. As a result of this, it significantly weakens nail polish. However, it is advised that you only use it when absolutely necessary.

#3. Nail Tek Extend Professional Polish Thinner 

 Nail polish often thickens at the bottom of the bottle. due to solvent evaporation. A few drops of this thinner will replace the necessary solvents, restore the nail polish’s original texture, and also extend its shelf life.  

If desired, you can use it to thin nail polish before application. There are no longer any issues about adding too many or wasting a drop because it comes with a dropper that allows you to add the precise number of drops.  

Nail Tek Extend Polish Thinner makes nails dry rapidly, leaving the nail polish with a glossy shine.

#4. Lechat Gel Polish Thinner

These nail thinners work perfectly for gel and shellac polish. This nail polish is made without solvents; rather, it is manufactured from monomers and photoinitiators.

Hence, with these two ingredients, you can easily blend clunky gels to make them nice and smooth once more. These nail polish thinners come with their own droppers, making them simple to add to your nail polish.

#5. OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner

 This nail polish thinner gives life to over-thickened nail polish. You just need to add a few drops of this thinner to the nail polish when it has hardened so much that it is no longer usable. Then, wait for the magic to happen. This nail polish thinner extends the lifespan of your nail polish and restores the nail polish to its ideal consistency for best results. They consist of two ingredients, which are butyl acetate and ethyl acetate.

Its simple formulation makes it a very risk-free and safe polish thinner. 

Unfortunately, its disadvantage is that it’s a little weaker and takes a little longer to work because it doesn’t employ harsher chemicals.

The 5 Best Nail Polish Thinners 2022

Below are the top 5 rankings for best nail polish thinners in 2022: 

#1. Seche Restore Nail Polish Thinner

Seche restore has a thin, liquid texture that blends seamlessly with all nail polish. This high-quality nail polish thinner works perfectly, even for top coats. It does not diminish brightness or dim color; rather, it replaces only those ingredients that have evaporated from the bottle.

You just have to add a few drops at a time, rolling the bottle in your palms after each addition. Increase it if necessary. Clean any dried polish around the bottle using a cotton-free wipe. Hence, you can also pop out the top and clean both the top and the brush. Your nail polish will be like brand-new polish! 

#2. Orly Nail Polish Thinner

This is a multipurpose thinner that can be used to clean brushes as well as thin nail polish. Its efficient formula can extend the life of thickened nail polish. Rest assured, it won’t clog or degrade the quality of your nail polish. Apart from thinning the polish, it retains the polish’s smooth application qualities. The bottle is strong and unbreakable, which protects the thinner and makes it easy to use with a brush. Be sure to only dip clean brushes. This thinner has adequate quantities in it to quickly thin several polishes. 

#3. Mavala Nail Polish Thinner

This thinner can be ranked among the 5 best nail polish thinners in 2022 because it restores your nail polish, giving it a brand new appearance. You only need a few drops of this thinner to restore your thickened or clumpy nail polish to its ideal texture while keeping the polish’s original shine. Instead of heavy coatings that tend to crack or peel after a few days, liquifying the nail polish ensures the smooth application of thin coats that last longer. It comes with an inbuilt dropper that makes it simple to add drops to the polish.

#4. Glam and Glits Gel Polish Thinner

If you use gel polish, this nail polish thinner is for you. Hence, with the help of this great nail polish thinner, you can acquire the optimum gel nail polish consistency regardless of how old the nail polish is. It also works well with UV nail polishes and gel nail colors. However, if the gel nail polish has dried out or thickened with time, this thinner works well to restore its consistency.

 Simply apply a few drops of this thinner in order to achieve the ideal and smooth application on your nails with long-lasting shine and flawless polish effects. 

Nevertheless, bear in mind that there is a maximum number of drops you can use before the polish stops drying. The bottle contains a pipette dropper.

#5. Dazzle dry nail polish thinner

This nail polish thinner is among the best 5 thinners that can easily fix your nail polish in 2022 because it guarantees to restore the smoothness of the nail polish and its user-friendly consistency so that you can apply it without smudges and thicker coats that hinder the shine and general appearance of the nails.

It restores thick nail polish that has thickened due to evaporation to its original texture.

This nail polish thinner is non-toxic as it does not contain harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde and camphor, which are dangerous substances that are frequently used in nail care products.


Depending on your demands, you can choose from a number of nail polish thinners. The nail polish thinner simplifies our lives without requiring us to dip the brush very deeply. Additionally, consistent usage of these products aids in the quick drying of nail polish after the addition of just a few drops. We have also analyzed the best nail polish thinners in this article. Therefore, set yourself up with any thinner you prefer and achieve that sheen look as desired. 

Disclaimer Disclosure 

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Nail polish Thinners FAQs

What do I do if my nail polish is too thick?

If your nail polish is overly thick, simply mix it well with 2 to 3 drops of nail polish thinner.

Is nail polish thinner safe to use?

Yes, nail polish thinners are quite safe for the nails since they are made of the same harmless solvents that are used to make nail polish.

Is nail polish thinner the same as nail polish remover?

No. A nail polish remover is used to get old nail polish off of your nails. In contrast, a nail thinner is used to extend the life of nail polish.

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