How to Repair Eyelashes After Extensions 

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Maintaining healthy eyelashes after extensions can seem like a nightmare, especially when you are not patient enough during the process. Eyelash extensions are one of those beauty tools that make one look beautiful. They are designed to add extra length to your natural eyelashes as they can last for as long as three to four weeks. However, if the eyelash extensions are not carefully fixed, they can pose a threat to your natural lashes. But the good news is that you can always get to repair your eyelashes after extensions without the need to rob a bank. In this overview, we will provide more details on how to repair eyelashes after extensions are removed .

Eyelashes After Extensions

Eyelash extensions are cosmetic tools that can help you save money and time while adding more volume and length to your eyelashes. I love eyelash extensions due to how natural they make me look. However, all these beauty products do come with a price to pay for them. Constant use of eyelash extensions can reduce your natural lashes to little or no hair. Regardless of beautifying they are, I recommend you do not get too attached to using them. 

When you have eyelash extensions on, and the glue is still active, your lashes will still look good. But when the extensions are not fixed in the proper way, you will notice the shortage of eyelashes after the extensions. While this is no cause for alarm, find out why natural eyelashes are short after extensions.

Why Are My Eyelashes So Short After Eyelash Extensions?

It is not normal for eyelashes to become shorter after eyelash extensions. Your lashes are supposed to be healthy looking after removing the extension. Although it is common for lashes to become shorter after an extension this can be due to reasons like:

#1. Poor Application

Poor application is one of the major causes of short lashes. Your natural lashes will be affected if the specialist does things in the wrong way. In most cases, when extensions are not carefully fixed on the natural lashes, it can weaken your lashes and cause them to become shorter. Also, do not allow any lash specialist to glue an extension to the skin of your eyelids.

#2. Adhesion Problem

Wrong adhesion is one of the causes of weaker natural lashes. Cheaper may be better but are they ideal for your lashes? 

Do not go for the wrong adhesive because of the price. Instead, go for products that will help you in the long run.

#3.Application on Weak Lashes

Your lashes consist of strong, curled, and baby lashes. When extensions are fixed on the baby lashes instead of strong ones, this can cause your lashes to go shorter or bald. Because the extension will be too heavy for the weak lashes.

#4. Inexperienced Lash Specialist

The main thing to avoid when using eyelash extensions is employing an inexperienced lash specialist. Yes, not everyone can be an expert but testing new water with an inexperienced lash specialist will cost you your natural lashes.

Do Lash Extensions Ruin Your Lashes?

The common misconception about lash extensions is that they will ruin your natural lashes. But this is not true. Lash extensions will not ruin your lashes. But the poor application by an inexperienced lash tech will. Most people get scared of getting an extension, probably because you might have heard how others lost their natural lashes. However, rest assured that if your eyelash extensions are properly fixed, there will not be any damage to your natural lashes.

Bald Eyelashes After Extensions

It can be difficult and depressing to remove eyelash extensions because you won’t know how your face will look without them. Alopecia Areata (baldness of the eyelashes) can result from preventing the natural shedding of eyelashes. It’s counterproductive to remove eyelashes before they’re weak. Although waiting for them to naturally fall out can be exhausting, it is in your best interest to do so because it will improve your natural lashes as well.

Bald eyelashes after extensions are caused by removing them too early. While you remove them, some of your lashes get pulled off with them, and this will create small or full bald spots. You should also note that removing eyelashes abruptly will slow the growing process of your natural lashes.

Another cause of bald eyelash extensions occurs when a lash specialist applies too much glue when fixing the lashes. When the glue is too much for lashes, it will affect your lashes as they can become weak and too isolated to grow.

Many things can cause bald eyelashes after extensions, but what can help grow your lashes back? Continue reading to gain more insight.

Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are unique makeup products that can make your ordinary-looking face light up without going overboard with makeup. They last longer than using fake lashes and are also easy to maintain. However, the main reason why I stopped eyelash extensions is :

#1. The Side Effects Last Longer Than the Lashes

The side effects of using eyelash extensions last longer than the life cycle of the eyelash itself. It will take a long time for eyelashes to grow properly after extension. The worst-case scenario is if there is lots of lash fallout after extension. This usually makes one look too plain and bald.

#2. They Cause Major Damage to Natural Eyelashes

If you constantly fix eyelash extensions, you will realize that they can cause damage to natural eyelashes. Even when they are properly fixed by a good specialist, more eyelashes are bound to fall off.

#3. Natural Lashes Fallout

One of the reasons why most people avoid eyelash extensions is the natural lashes that come up next in eyelashes after extensions. Although getting an extension fixed by a professional will reduce lash fallout.

#4. They Need Special Maintenance

When using eyelash extensions, you need to take special care of them. They last for weeks, and during this period you should care for them by cleaning them often. 

Meanwhile, not maintaining the eyelashes can cause you an eye infection or excess dirt buildup in the eye. Good hygiene should be your top priority when you have an eyelash extension on. Because the extension will be closer to the eyelid, this could become an open gateway for infections and irritations.

How Long Does It Take for Lashes to Recover After Extensions?

Eyelashes after extensions can take a while to recover. Typically, eyelashes after extension can take 3 to 6 months to recover back to their original state. Although the time frame for recovery can vary from person to person. So, if your eyelashes become bald after attaching extensions, it can take longer than six months to grow back. But, some factors can help with the repair of your eyelashes after extensions. The lifespan of an eyelash has 3 phases. Which are:

#1. Anagen Phase

This is the growth phase for your natural lashes. Anagen is a growth phase that lasts between 4 and 10 weeks. During this cycle, your young lashes will tend to come out slowly. But there will be a clear difference from it being bald.

#2. Catagen Phase

This is also known as the degradation phase, where your eyelash will stop growing. This period for a Catagen usually lasts within 2 to 3 weeks.

#3. Telogen Phase

Telogen is also known as a Resting phase where your lashes will become shorter and scanty until new eyelashes will start growing. The Telogen phase usually lasts for three to four months.

Do Eyelash Extensions Thin Your Natural Lashes?

Yes. Eyelash extensions can thin your natural lashes. Now you may be wondering how. If an eyelash extension is fixed on multiple natural lashes, you can expect your natural lashes to become thin.

How to Repair Eyelashes After Extensions Removed

Repairing your natural eyelashes after extensions is crucial to your beautiful feature. No one enjoys looking plain and bald after the removal of an extension, and that is why we compiled a guide on how to repair eyelashes after extensions are removed. 

#1. Be Patient

At times the best thing to do in a serious situation is to do nothing. Obverse if there are changes to your eyelashes and that will help you decide on the steps to take next. 

#2. Take a Break From Using Eyelash Extension

In a situation where you have a massive lashes fallout, the best thing to do at the moment is to take a break from extensions. The effect of continuous use of eyelashes extension can range from small to severe fallout. 

Your best bet is to take a short or long break from using eyelash extensions. Taking a break will help strengthen your lashes. You can always fix eyelash extensions after your lashes become fuller.

#3. Make Use of Lash Growth Serum

While you wait it out, you can use lashes growth serum to help with fast growth. Lash growth serums are inexpensive and they often work like a magic. Your lashes will become full and healthy when you use lash growth serum. Ensure you get the best products. 

#4. Avoid Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara can slow the process of repairing your eyelashes. Avoid waterproof mascara. Instead, opt for a natural ingredient like coconut oil or other lashes growth serum that contains vitamins essential for lashes.

#5. Use Natural Oils

One of the best ways to repair eyelashes after extensions are by using natural oils. Using oils will help your lashes grow faster and also help keep them healthy. You can try getting natural oils like coconut oil, Castrol oil, olive oil, aloe vera, argan oil, vitamin E, or any other natural.

#6. Use Lash Cleanser

Eyelash cleanser is one of the best ways to care for, and repair eyelashes after extensions. An eyelash cleanser will help protect your eyelid from infections and irritations. 

Lash cleanser can be used with extensions. This will help you cleanse dirt, buildup, and other bacteria. 

#7. Use Mild Lash Shampoos

If you cannot find lash cleansers, consider using mild lash shampoos to help wash your eyes. Be careful you don’t use products you are allergic to, as this can cause more harm than good.

#8. Eat a Healthy Diet

To help your eyelashes grow uniquely, you must eat healthy meals. If you need a healthy diet for faster growth, consider adding iron and protein to your diet lists. You can also include healthy crabs, fish, potatoes, nuts, eggs, beans, and other healthy food.


Repairing eyelashes after extensions are not something as difficult as it may seem. Even when you choose not to use any product for lash growth, your eyelashes are bound to repair themselves. And for that to happen, you need to wait it out or use serums for lash growth. We hope this guide on how to repair lashes is helpful to your search.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelashes After Extensions

Do bald Eyelashes Grow Back After Lash Extensions?

Yes! Whether your eyelashes are bald or not, there are lash natural products and serums that will help grow them faster.

Are Lash Extensions Worth It?

Of course. Nothing beats looking good and the confidence that follows using eyelashes, so they are worth it.

How long should I wait before getting an eyelash extension after removing one?

You can get a new eyelash as soon as you feel you are ready for the next one.


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