Eyeshadow for Redheads

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Eyeshadow shades for redheads can vary from soft neutral browns to tints of green. Thick browns with hints of red, like a brick red brown for the crease, work well for redheads. A neutral tan can be placed on the lids or under the brow as a highlighter. If you want a little shimmer, use metallic gold sparingly. Also, avoid black under the eyes and on the eyelids and opt for a brown or rust tone. In this article, we will be looking at the best eyeshadow for redheads with green and blue eyes and lots more. Hence without wasting time let’s get right into it.


As a redhead, you can freely explore sharp colors like blue, green, and purple. “A lot of natural redheads have blue or green eyes. Those are the colors that redheads normally have in their eyes. They look very flattering with red hair. If you look at Lucille Ball or Rita Hayworth, the great redheads of the fifties and sixties, they always had nice lashes or eyeliner and bright eyes. Shadow. However, the key is to keep it very subtle: apply just a touch of color to the eyelids and go from the crease to the brow bone with a more natural color.

Best Eyeshadows for Redheads

#1. Eyeshadow Universe

This remarkable credit card sized portable pack contains 10 shades designed just for you. Mix and combine your favorite colors. – Strait Pro eye brush bonus! It’s  Ideal for on-the-go. 

#2. Sedona “Mineral Eye Singles”(Just for Redheads)

This is a mineral-based color in beautifully natural earth tones, specially formulated to enhance the beauty of your redhead. Each shade is also in its gold tin.

Key Features

  • INTENSIVE COLOR AND WEARING CAPACITY: JFR Sedona Mineral Eye Singles deliver intense color that compliments any redhead’s coloring and enhances their natural beauty.
  • VEGAN & PET-FREE: This product is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, and safe for contact lens wearers.
  • BLENDABLE AND PRETTY: Our unique eye formula blends easily to achieve the look you want with no makeup.
  • HIGHLY PIGMENTED FINISH: This Sedona Eye Single collection is available in matte and frosty shades; all are highly pigmented and long-wearing. More so, each shade blends and glides like a dream.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Experiment with different shades and finishes, matte and/or slightly frosty.
  •  PRO TIP: Use your fingertips to apply for maximum coverage. Then blend with an eyeshadow brush.

#3. Naked3(Urban Decay)

Urban Decay’s Naked3 palette is exceptionally beautiful. Hence, with 12 rosy shades all housed in a bold pink palette, it’s no wonder she’s a makeup legend.

Key Features 

  • You Look Best Naked: Urban Decay’s Naked3 Eyeshadow Palette features 12 rosy neutral shades in ultra-soft mattes, gorgeous pearls, and shimmering metallics that work with all eye colors and skin tones. 
  • High Pigment Shades: Naked3 palette shades include cruelty-free Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside, and Darkheart. 
  • Performance: Transform your eyes into a work of art with this versatile eyeshadow palette. Use matte dusty pink and rose gold shimmer to create a soft glow, or go from day to night for a dramatic smokey eye look with darker bronze and burgundy tones.

#4. Original (ColorStay by Revlon)

Show  who you are with these eyeshadow palettes, full of personality and long-lasting color  that lasts up to 24 hours

Key features

  • HIGHLY PIGMENTED EYESHADOW: A highly pigmented eyeshadow palette with a range of finishes (shimmer, matte, satin, and metallic) to suit your mood.
  • SILKY SMOOTH TEXTURE: Colorful, blendable eyeshadow—makeup that glides on smoothly all day and lasts. Also, your eye makeup looks vibrant for up to 24 hours.
  • FIVE COLOR PALETTES FOR AN EASY EYE -LOOK: Each eye makeup palette has eight shades that look flawlessly unique; a nude eyeshadow palette; Insider, a matte nude and purple eyeshadow palette; players, rich blues and greens; Maverick, dark sunset colors; and Enigma, a pink and gold palette.
  • LIVE STRONG WITH REVLON MAKEUP: Revlon has the premium, highly pigmented, bold-colored makeup you need to be yourself. Create any look day or night, Monday through Friday, with these long-wearing colored eyeshadows, eyeliners, matte or shimmering lipsticks, and more.

#5. NYX Professional Eyeshadow Palette

Next on our list of Eyeshadow for redheads, is this amazing product from NYX professional. 

Key Features 

  • EYESHADOW PALETTE: This competent makeup palette features 16 highly pigmented eyeshadows that glide across lids and illuminate eyes with color. For a longer-lasting, more intense color, use NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Primer. 
  • THE ULTIMATE EYESHADOW: Each premium eye shadow palette offers a highly pigmented mix of finishes, from matte to satin to shimmer and metallic, perfect for your skin tone; Apply foundation and create your look.
  • ALL EYES ON EYES EYESHADOW: Complete your look with our full line of eye makeup products, ranging from eyeshadow palettes to false eyelashes, Eyeliner Eyes, Concealers, Setting Sprays, Brow Makeup, Eyeshadow Primers & More.
  • CRUELTY-FREE COSMETICS: We believe animals should be in our arms, not in a lab; All our makeup is certified and recognized by PETA as a cruelty-free brand; We do not test any of our products on animals.
  •  UNCOVER NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP: Try all of our proficient makeup products from today, ranging from eye shadow, liner, and false eyelashes to liquid lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, Concealers, setting sprays and eyebrow make-up.

#6. Pacifica Beauty Pink Nudes

Pacifica Beauty, Pink Nudes Mineral Eyeshadow Palette, 10 neutral shades, for a realistic/natural or smoky eye look, long-lasting, blendable eye makeup, which contains coconut water, 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Key Features 

  • Excellent everyday eyeshadow palette
  • 10 beautiful, on-trend, easy-to-wear shades
  • Components we love: coconut water and color minerals
  •  Highly pigmented colors, velvety finish
  • Created without carmine, phthalates, petroleum and silicone 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

7. Vodisa Matte long lasting Eyeshadow.

This superb product has an amazingly soft and smooth texture. Supple and gentle formula that blends easily evenly and lasts all day!

Key Features 

  • PROFESSIONAL EYESHADOW PALETTE: 18 matte eyeshadow colors and 7 shimmering eyeshadows in one eyeshadow palette (size: 5.71 x 5.95 x 0.354 inch). The combination of warm and cool matte tones with a neutral shimmery eyeshadow palette is perfect for everyday or going out.
  • 25 COLOR MATTE EYESHADOW PALETTE: Long-wearing, easy-to-wear, waterproof, natural, golden. It also contains high-quality and safe ingredients. It gives you excellent color matching as you can create natural daytime makeup, party makeup, or any other casual style. A pretty eyeshadow set with 25 colors. Neutral and smoky drama can be easily applied to the eyeshadow makeup kit.
  • NATURAL AND REALISTIC EYESHADOW PALLETTE: Using natural and realistic materials, this eyeshadow palette is safe to use.  Suitable for ladies with neutral skin and oily skin
  • TRADITIONAL EYESHADOW PALETTE: Suitable for various occasions, such as casual, salon, party, wedding, etc. 

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What Colors Should Redheads Avoid?

Avoid pastel colors, as these colors tend to fade redheads. Also, avoid most oranges, yellows, and burgundies. Yellow is a wild color: it looks amazing on some, but it washes away on others!

What Color Eyeshadow Looks Best on Pale Skin Redheads?

Eye shadow must be softer or darker than the color of the eye’s iris. A glimmer of blush warms the pale cheeks of natural redheads. Hues and shades of pink are best for simulating a natural blush, so they won’t clash with your hair. Pale redheads should wear a light shade of pink, while darker skin tones can wear a medium shade. 

Eyeshadow for Redheads With Blue Eyes

Stick to eyeshadows with warm undertones like brown, bronze, periwinkle, and deep orange (yes that’s right, thick/hot orange can look tremendous with red hair). 

These shades of eyeshadow contrast beautifully with cool tones. -colored eyes. If applying a non-neutral color to the eyelid seems too much for you, you can always dab some on the lower lash line for a subtle pop of color.

Best Eyeshadow for Redheads with Green Eyes

Finding the best eyeshadow for redheads with green eyes and red hair means more than just spending money on the latest eye makeup. It’s no secret that cosmetics look best when matched to your characteristics, and women with this distinctive eye and hair color combination have many options for creating a stunning look. Let’s check out some brands of eyeshadow for redheads with green eyes.

#1. Pop Beauty Eye Cakes

This brand offers five eyeshadow hues in one can formulated for your eyes and the look you want. For green eyes, they offer a range of more neutral shades for natural eyes, a cake of greens and browns developed for most green eyes, and a can of aqua shades for light green eyes span.

#2. Aromaleigh V2 

This eyeshadow has several shades that are perfect for redheads with green eyes. Look for Shaula and Regulus in their Starry Night or Little Green Elves collections, and It’s My Party in their Holly Days collection.

#3. The Almay Intense I-Color Shimmer-I Kit

This brand offers a gorgeous trio of shades designed for green eyes to create the look you want.

#4. DuWop Eyes 

This remarkable brand has a green-based color palette specially designed for green eyes. Included are six shades from chartreuse to dark green, with a cream and gold liner to make your eyes pop and dazzle.


Thus, with red hair, you already stand out from the crowd. Choose the right eyeshadow colors to ensure you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons. Red hair comes in many different shades and colors, and the trick is to bring out the shade of your hair with your eyeshadow colors.


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