Eyeliner Looks: All You Need to Know

Eyeliner looks

Eyeliner looks can be used to add definition to your eye makeup. It can be used to draw attention to your eyes as well as define and enhance their shape.

Your eyes have the potential to be one of your most attractive features. As a result, rather than diminishing your eyes’ inherent strength, makeup should be used to accentuate them, giving them definition and impact.

When used correctly, eyeliner, in particular, has the ability to enliven your eyes. However, if used incorrectly, it has the potential to completely ruin your cosmetic appearance. Before reaching for your eye pencil or liquid liner, go over the following list of what you should and should not do.

In order to help you achieve cool eyeliner looks you’ll love, we’ve covered everything you need to know about eyeliner looks in this article.

What are eyeliners look like?

Eyeliners are products that add color to the area around the eyes to enhance and highlight their appearance. Eyeliners are used to draw attention to the eyelids and/or to alter the appearance of the eyes.

They contain special ingredients that apply color precisely and controllably where it is needed. These products have been specially formulated to prevent potentially harmful microorganisms from growing and multiplying.

The safety of cool eyeliner looks is established through the use of safe and appropriate ingredients. Furthermore, eyeliners are evaluated for their potential to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. If you are a liquid eyeliner enthusiast, check out the best liquid eyeliner for you.

How can I look cute with eyeliner?

If you are looking for the best way to coloured eyeliner looks that are appealing to the eyes, we hope you will choose one of the following.

Neon flick eyeliner looks

neon flick eyeliner styles

This cool eyeliner looks might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but after seeing this coloured eyeliner looks, we’re sure it’ll spark your creativity from now on. To achieve this look, use a slanted brush with a liquid or gel eyeliner to get the perfect flick at the end. Take note of how the eyeliner begins at the inner lash line and then picks up again at the outer lash line for a very cool abstract look.

Multi-colored muse

Multi-Colored Muse

Wear coloured eyeliner looks on the top and bottom of your eyes to show off your favorite liner colors. This allows you to experiment with different color combinations and can make the eyes pop. Set the liner with a bright shadow color on top if you want a more vibrant color payoff.

Red Strike eyeliner

Red Strike eyeliner

This is an unusual color, but it looks great on the eyes and can instantly elevate any makeup look. For a more comfortable application tip, draw the wing first on the outer corners with a pencil or cream formula.

Brighten the Waterline

Brighten the Waterline

Using a white or flesh-toned eyeliner on the inner waterline can rapidly brighten the eyes and help to reduce the appearance of redness. Applying coloured eyeliner looks here is a great trick for anyone who has overslept or stayed up late and needs to look awake as soon as possible.

Baby wings eyeliner

Baby wings eyeliner

Linking your top and bottom coloured eyeliner looks with the smallest flick on the outer corners gives a different spin on the classic winged liner look but can be just as dramatic. Wear a long-lasting eyeliner pencil with a creamy consistency that you can easily apply to the top and bottom lash line for this look.

Stiletto wing eyeliner

Stiletto wing eyeliner

This wing, like a thin stiletto heel, isn’t as thick as the usual shapes we see, but it still adds sufficient drama to the eyes without requiring much else. A thin, angular eyeliner brush or liquid liner—Ilia Beauty’s Clean Line Liquid Liner has a precise tip that can help with this—is the best way to get a thin line like this on the outer corners. Applying the liner in an outward motion toward the end of the eye will assist in creating the desired width.

Just the Top eyeliner

Just the Top eyeliner

Applying eyeliner only to the top lash line helps to define the eye and is also useful if the eyeliner on the bottom is too much for you or smudges. This liner is just thick enough to enhance Curry’s eye shape while also complementing the eyeshadow colors.

Royal Blue eyeliner

Royal Blue eyeliner

Waterline eyeliner looks can come in a variety of colors, including this royal blue version. Blue is a great color to use as a liner because many people avoid wearing full-on eyeshadow when they first start experimenting with color. The line can be as thin or as thick as you like.

Thick and Thin eyeliner

Thick and Thin eyeliner

Change the thickness of your eyeliner between thick and thin by drawing a packed line above the eyes and leaving the bottom line light. This method adds definition all around while allowing you to experiment with different widths.

Graphic Wings

Graphic Wings eyeliner

This blue eyeliner catches the light perfectly when applied and can transform any ordinary makeup look into something spectacular. For a dimensional look that truly stands out, add a precise line along your crease with a black liner where you’d put a regular wing.

Eyeliner looks colors to ty

If you are still contemplating the color of eyeliners to apply, we believe that applying any of the following will give you the desired look that you envision:

  • White eyeliner looks
  • Blue eyeliner looks
  • Coloured eyeliner looks

White eyeliner looks

white eyeliner looks

White eyeliner looks enlarged and brightens the eyes. Applying it to your lower waterline or creating a cat eye with white eyeliner can make your eyes stand out. It also lends a ’60s vibe to makeup looks.

When it comes to applying white eyeliner looks to your waterline, you must exercise caution. After all, if your cornea is scratched, your eyes will not appear brighter. To apply white eyeliner looks, simply hold your eye gently down, separating your waterline from your eye, and apply with a light hand.

Blue eyeliner looks

blue eyeliner looks

Nothing beats a flash of blue eyeliner looks to make your eyes pop! According to color theory, the warm tones that make eyes so endearing are perfectly contrasted by the cool tones found in blue eyeliner looks. The twinkling brown shades in your eyes will sparkle if you add a pop of blue to your eye look on the inner corner, along the waterline, or as an electric blue winged liner!

Should I wear eyeliner under my eyes?

The answer varies depending on the type of eyeliner. Liquid? Never! Pencil? Maybe. If you smudge it and make its line blur. Yes, if it’s not darker than the shadows you’re wearing on your lids or the liner you’re wearing on your upper lash line. If you don’t use liner on your upper lash line, don’t use it on your lower lash line.

You can use eyeshadow to line your lower lash line if the color(s) you use on your eyelids match. It is more subtle and flattering than a pronounced line under your eye. It also does not make your eyes appear smaller, as eyeliner does. Especially if it’s purple eyeshadow looks.

Remember that the pencil liner has the propensity to smudge, so it should be set with a matching eyeshadow.

Does eyeliner look better on the top or bottom?

There is no definitive answer to this question because it depends on the look you want to achieve regardless of whether you apply eyeliner to the top, bottom, or both. The shape of your eye, whether you’re applying eyeliner to the top or bottom portion of your eye, and your eye shape all influence where you start your eyeliner. It may also be determined by the look you want to achieve.

Should I wear eyeliner with mascara?

Apply your eyeliner first; mascara will make getting a clean line with your eyeliner difficult because the falsies will be in the way.

Here is the best order to apply eyeliner with mascara:

  • Eyeshadow, eyeliner
  • Primer
  • Foundation, concealer
  • Contour
  • Blush
  • Highlight
  • Eyebrows
  • False lashes
  • Mascara
  • Lips

The possible explanation mascara is applied so late is to prevent other products, such as powder, from falling onto it. The product falling on mascara makes it look less black, resulting in less defined eyes.

What should you not do with eyeliner?

Here are the things that you should not do with eyeliner:

Avoid Using Thick Lines

If you want a more natural, subtle cool eyeliner looks, avoid lining the entire eye or drawing a thick line across it. Instead, use a narrower line and only apply it to the outermost part of the upper lash line, avoiding the bottom line entirely.

Tread Lightly On the Lower Lid

Line the lower eyelid sparingly. This can make your eyes appear smaller and leave stray liner streaks.

Avoid Using a Too-Dry Eye Pencil

A dry pencil will irritate the eye and leave skid marks. Choose an eye pencil that is creamy at first and dries to a long-lasting finish instead.

Get to the Point Quickly

As in, a razor-sharp point. Always use a pencil point that has been sharpened. Begin with the upper lash line and work your way down to the outer corner of your eye (towards your hairline). Smudge the line gently so that there is no separation between the lashes and the lid. To blend, use the opposite end of the pencil with a smudge tip or a cotton swab. After that, apply shadow and mascara.

Ensure that the liner should complement your shadow and eye color

To avoid pulling the skin on your eyelids, choose a product that goes on creamy and smooth. Gel eyeliners in a stick are simple to apply. Fine soft pencils are popular with people of all ages. The thinner the liner, the greater the precision.

Don’t Be Too Aggressive

Thick jet-black retro liners can make you stand out, and not always in a good way unless you’re doing a photo shoot. They must be applied perfectly, with no jagged edges or smudged areas.


Hopefully, our article has given you a thorough understanding of cool eyeliner looks and where to begin applying eyeliner depending on the look you want to achieve. However, don’t be afraid to try different starting points. If you don’t like the look, you can always wipe it away. Who knows, you might find a look that makes your eyes go ‘WOW!’

FAQs About Eyeliner looks

How to know if eyeliner looks good on you?

When it comes to eyeliner, as with most cosmetics, there are numerous options to choose from. What works on one person may not work on another, so finding the perfect look isn’t as simple as simply following someone else’s lead.

Why does it look like I have eyeliner on when I don’t?

Your eyes might be a reason for that, your eye shape can also have an impact on how your eyeliner looks. If you have hooded eyes, for example, your eyeliner is likely to smudge.

Can I wear eyeliner every day?

Using eyeliner on a daily basis will give you a defined, clean look.

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