How to Apply Brown Eyeliner for Natural Look

brown eyeliner

Brown eyeliner highlights your beautiful eyes and makes you appear more awake. While going full glam is fun, sometimes you just want a natural, subtle makeup look. Fortunately, softening your eyeliner is a simple process. With the practice we are going to be discussing in this article, you’ll be able to enhance your eyes with soft brown liners for a natural look quickly and easily.

Eyeliner is not only a great way to experiment with color and make a statement; it’s also an excellent tool for reshaping your eyes. If you know how to use an eyeliner brush for your eye shape, you won’t need to go under the knife to get bigger-looking eyes.

In this article, you are going to learn how to use your preferred brown liquid, gel, pencil, or marker eyeliner.

What is an Eyeliner?

Eyeliners are products that add color to the area around the eyes to enhance and highlight their appearance. 

Eyeliners are used to draw attention to the eyelids and/or to alter the appearance of the eyes. They contain special ingredients that apply color precisely and controllably where it is needed. 

The products have been specially formulated to prevent potentially harmful microorganisms from growing and multiplying. 

The safety of eyeliners is established through the use of safe and appropriate ingredients. 

Furthermore, eyeliners are evaluated for their potential to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.  So if you have been contemplating whether to go for eyeliner or eyeshadow first, you will get to make the perfect judgment at the end of this article.

Types of brown eyeliner

Understanding how each type of brown eyeliner differs is the first step in determining which one is right for you. Gel, cream, pencil, liquid, and felt tip are the most common types of eyeliner.

Brown gel eyeliner

Gel eyeliners, as the name suggests, have a semi-solid, gel-like consistency. They are available in both pot and pencil form and are more pliable than traditional pencil liners. Gel liners are long-lasting, smudge-proof formulas that can be used to achieve a variety of looks, such as smoky eyes, smudged wings, and graphic shapes. For even longer wear, use a waterproof option.

Gel eyeliner in pencil form can be drawn directly onto your lash line or waterline. When applying gel eyeliner in a pot, use an angled eyeliner brush.

Brown cream eyeliner

Cream eyeliners have creamy, blendable formulas that are ideal for creating a natural, soft, and subtle look. That isn’t to say they can’t be used for more dramatic looks. If you want a more dramatic effect, apply several layers or use a thicker brush tip.

Cream liners are usually available in the form of a pencil or a tube that can be applied directly to your eyelid. They also come in pots that require the use of an eyeliner brush to apply. The latter can assist you in achieving more precise lines.

Brown pencil eyeliner

A traditional pencil eyeliner, also known as kajal or kohl liner, is a thin pencil. The material is soft, dry, and silky, allowing you to create brown bold—but not harsh—eye makeup looks that are ideal for mature eyes. Traditionally, pencil eyeliners come in black and grey shades, but you can now find them in a variety of colors.

Pencil eyeliners are ideal for beginners because they can be applied directly to the lash or waterline. Some have a small, built-in sponge for smudging as well. Keep in mind that this type of eyeliner isn’t always long-lasting, but an eye primer can help.

Liquid Eyeliner

As you might expect, liquid eyeliner is a type of eyeliner with a liquid formula. It’s typically packaged in a tube (similar to mascara) and comes with a dipping applicator. Applicator tip sizes range from fine to thick, and some are made of metal or plastic.

Liquid eyeliners are ideal for creating a variety of wings, such as tiny flicks, precise lines, and dramatic cat eyes. They are applied directly to your eyelids and require a steady hand. Allow the liquid liner to dry completely after application to avoid smudging. Furthermore, you can still get to learn about liquid eyeshadow so you can have a perfect understanding of eye makeup.

Best Brown Eyeliner Style

Depending on the type of eyeliner you use and how you apply it, you can achieve a variety of looks.

Here are the numerous styles of eyeliners that you can use with brown eyeliner:

  • Natural
  • Smoky Eye
  • Winged
  • Cat Eye
  • Artistic


A natural bobbi brown gel eyeliner appearance strengthens your natural eye shape by making your lashes appear longer and your eyes appear more defined. Draw a light line along your upper lash line with a pencil or cream eyeliner.

Smoky Eye

If you want to add a little drama to your makeup look, go with a smoky brown liquid eyeliner eye. Apply a thick line along your upper lash line with a cream, pencil, or gel eyeliner, and wing it out slightly. Smudge both the upper and lower lash lines to create a smoky effect.


Use a liquid or felt-tip eyeliner to create the perfect brown eyeliner looks. And don’t worry if you don’t get it right away. For this universally flattering style, practice makes perfect.

Cat Eye

While a winged look is usually applied from the inner corner of your eye all the way to the outer edge and beyond, a cat eye is typically applied from the inner corner all the way to the outer edge and beyond. It usually entails lining the waterline to better mimic feline eyes. To achieve this look, apply a liquid or felt-tip eyeliner to the upper lash line and a gel, cream, or pencil liner to the bottom lash line.


Don’t be frightened to experiment with different eyeliner looks. Incorporate bright colors, add a dash of glitter, or draw geometric patterns or shapes. You can also make a series of dots or multiple wings, or experiment with negative space.

How to Apply Brown Eyeliner

To learn how to apply brown eyeliner, follow these steps:

  • Prepare your eyes
  • Apply the brown eyeliner to the upper lash line
  • Apply eyeliner to the lower lash line
  • Connect the lines
  • Make a wing eyeliner
  • Seal your eyeliner

Prepare your eyes

Applying brown eyeliner to your eyelids before applying pencil liner will prolong the life of the liner.

Apply the brown eyeliner to the upper lash line

Tighten your upper eyelid to the side. Draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner of your eye, keeping the tip of your eyeliner pencil as close to your lash line as possible. If you want a thick line, repeat this process several times.

Apply eyeliner to the lower lash line

Draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner of your eye, keeping the tip of your eyeliner pencil as close to the lash line as possible. To make your eyes appear larger, the straight line should extend only two-thirds of the way down your lower lids; completely lining your lower lids can make your eyes appear smaller.

Connect the lines

Connect the eyeliner lines at the outer corner of the eye.

Make a wing eyeliner

To create a cat eye, draw an upward-angled line from the outer corner of your eye, using your lower lash line as a guide. Fill in the line more heavily to form a triangle and a cat eye.

Seal your eyeliner

To make a longer-lasting eyeliner, apply eyeshadow in the same color as your eyeliner with an eyeliner brush or an eyeshadow brush.

How to do Brown Eyeliner with Eyeshadow

  • Add Some Water
  • Make use of Setting Spray
  • Grab Your Eye Drops
  • Use your eyeshadow exactly as it is

Add Some Water

Never doubt the capacity of a little water — this is probably the quickest and easiest way to turn eyeshadow into eyeliner. Simply dampen your angled brush with water before applying your favorite eyeshadow shade with it.

Make use of Setting Spray

If you have some makeup setting spray on hand, this is another great way to transform any powder eyeshadow into eyeliner. Simply spritz your brush with your favorite setting spray, swipe across your eyeshadow shade of preference, and you’re done.

Grab Your Eye Drops

Eye drops can also be used as a mixer. When you think about it, it makes sense: eye drops are already eye-safe, and are also simple (and precise) to dispense. Squeeze a few droplets onto your brush, then dip into a shadow and apply as you would any other liner.

Use your eyeshadow exactly as it is

Even if you only have a single shadow and a brush, you can make eyeliner out of almost nothing. While you won’t be able to achieve a super sharp liquid liner, you can achieve a smudged eyeliner effect that is just as effective.

We recommend using a creamy or gel-like eyeshadow, but any shadow will do — cream shadows are just easier to blend and smudge. Simply smudge your desired shadow color across your upper lid and beneath your lower lash line with an angled brush.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger with Brown Eyeliner

Brown eyeliners can assist you in mastering the art of making your small eyes appear larger. You can create different looks with different types of eyeliners to up your eye makeup game.

So here’s how to use eyeliner on small eyes:

  • Apply Brown Eyeliner on Your Waterline
  • Put the Brown Eyeliner from the Inner Corners
  • Define your upper lash line with the appropriate eyeliner shade
  • Maintain the correct position of the eyeliner wing
  • Begin with a thin line and gradually thicken it near the outer corner.


Brown eyeliner is a beauty essential for many people. The eyeliner comes in a variety of forms, from powders and liquids to gels and waxes, and is used to define the contours of the eyes. Is it, however, harmful to your eyes? Using eyeliner on the outside of your eyes is generally acceptable because it does not directly interfere with your vision.

However, many people use eyeliner on the ‘waterline,’ or inner part of the eye. Applying eyeliner directly to the waterlines of the eyes is a common technique. This is the area found above the lower eyelid lashes and below the upper eyelid lashes. This technique can make the eye appear more defined than other techniques.

FAQs About Brown Eyeliner

Does brown eyeliner look good?

Yes, brown eyeliner is fashionable. Brown eyeliner will give your eyes a soft dimension while still making them appear rich and intense. However, if you want a sharp and sleek appearance, black eyeliner is always a good choice.

How to apply brown eyeliner for a natural look?

Follow these steps whenever your want to make up your eyes with brown eyeliner:
Prepare your eyes, Apply the brown eyeliner to the upper lash line, Apply eyeliner to the lower lash line, Connect the lines, Make a wing eyeliner, Seal your eyeliner

Does brown eyeliner go with black eyes?

Use brown eyeliner if you want a softer look, especially during the day. Black eyeliner is ideal for a more dramatic look.

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