How to Get a Teal Hair Color

How to Get a Teal Hair Color
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This winter, are you missing the beach? We’re the same way! While you may not want to go to the beach during the colder months, you may channel your inner mermaid with a sea-inspired teal hair color. There are a lot of rainbow hair colors that are popular right now, including a lot of blue tints (we’re looking at you, denim hair!).

But one of our current faves is this stunning turquoise hair color, which reminds us so much of the sea. Teal hair, like any bright hair color, will take some effort to achieve.

Do you want to check out this new trend? Learn how to color your hair an ocean-like color using teal hair dye and how to care for your new color-treated ‘do in the video below.

What You Need to Know About Getting a Teal Hair Color

There are a few things you should know before dying your hair teal. To begin, you’ll need to bleach your hair if you’re starting with a dark base color. And the darker your base, the more sessions you’ll need to achieve your ideal teal level.

A visit to a professional colorist is usually a good idea when making a major hair color change, as they can help guide you through the procedure with their skilled abilities.

Keep in mind that root regrowth will be evident, so touch-ups will be required on a regular basis if you want to keep your teal color. However, you can achieve a teal hair color at home, and we’ve got instructions for you right here!

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How to Use Teal Hair Dye

Want to dye your hair a lovely teal color in the privacy of your own home? Try the Teal L’Oréal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Color, which is meant for dark to light brown hair and doesn’t require any prior bleaching.

If you don’t want a full-on teal appearance, apply it only to your ends for a mermaid-approved ombré effect.

How to Care For Teal or Turquoise Hair

Color-treated hair requires special care. That means that once you have teal hair color, you’ll want to switch up your regular hair care routine. Follow our tips below for showing your teal hair some love.

#1. Use a Hair Care System for Color-Treated Hair

It’s crucial to cleanse and condition your hair with color-treated hair products after going teal. Try the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Protecting Shampoo, Conditioner, and Balm, as well as the L’Oréal Paris Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm.

Once or twice a week, replace the conditioner with a hair mask.

#2. Embrace Your Hair’s Natural Texture

By wearing your hair wavy, you may imitate the ocean’s waves. Spritz a wave spray onto towel-dried hair for beach-inspired waves.

For gorgeous-looking, beachy waves, braid your hair and then unweave it once it’s dry.

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#3. Show Off Your Ombré in a Braid

Wear a braid to show off your teal hair-dyed ends if you’ve chosen to color only your ends. There are a variety of braiding techniques to select from, but we prefer the fishtail.

Simply divide your hair into two pieces, then alternate crossing tiny bits of hair over your major sections until you reach your ends, at which point you may tie everything off with a mini clear elastic.

#4. Stock up on Heat Protectant

If you want to go for a smooth style with your teal hair, make sure to use a heat protectant first. Before flat ironing, use the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray or the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Quick Dry Primer Spray.

How to Make a Teal Hair Color

The brand of hair dye you use has a big impact on the final teal hair color you get. Some brands are simply better than others, just like any other product on the market. And I’ve tried almost all of them. When it comes to hair dye, the same is true.

Punky Color is my go-to color. I’ve tried a lot of different brands (pretty much everyone on the market) and I can tell you that Punky Colour is the best and lasts the longest.

Turquoise is the color of the blue, while Bright Yellow is the color of yellow. You’ll need to combine those hues with Aussie Three Minute Miracle, a deep conditioning treatment that’s completely white.

If you don’t use the conditioner, you’ll get a really dark version that will fade to teal after a few washes, but the conditioner functions as a “pastel,” giving you flawless teal hair right away.

You should avoid using a conditioner that contains color because this can cause your hair to become damaged.


#1. Bleaching

I used a combination of Jerome Russell Bblonde High Life Powder Bleach and Jerome Russell Bblonde Cream Peroxide 12 percent 40 vol.

I recommend reading my prior post on bleaching HERE if you want to learn how to do it. I didn’t take any pictures of it because I threw the packet away right after using it!

I stated in that post how I bleached my hair to achieve the ombre effect; however, in this case, you apply it all over. I must tell you that you must exercise extreme caution near the root area. Also, avoid rubbing the bleach into your scalp; chemical burns are the last thing you want!

Applying Vaseline around your ears and hairline to preserve sensitive regions is a terrific idea.

If you want a much bluer turquoise, you’ll need bleach to bleach your hair to a Platinum Blonde color (no yellow at all!). Consider what you learned in elementary school: Yellow + Blue = GREEN!

If your hair is still yellow after 90 minutes of bleaching, rinse it out, sleep on it, then bleach it again the next day.

My hair was a soft yellowey blonde color in my case. After rinsing the bleach out after the 90 minutes, I used a Protein Treatment to strengthen my hair before bleaching it again the next day.

I’ll write a post on it later because my hair would have snapped off all over the place if it hadn’t been for it!

#2. Bleaching Round 2!

I used L’Oreal’s Paris Feria by Preference in Extreme Platinum Power because my hair wasn’t exactly the right tone for my blue-dominated turquoise. It includes a bleaching powder sachet, a Platinum Blonde color, some oil, and peroxide.

I’m not sure how much peroxide they provide, but given that it claims to lift eight levels of color, I’m guessing it’s around 12%.

I put Vaseline on my ears to protect them, just like I did with the initial bleaching. I then combined all of the aforesaid ‘ingredients’ in the given container and applied it to my hair, paying special attention to the scalp. I let the bleach on for 50 minutes this time because that’s how long my hair took to attain the desired Platinum Blonde color.

After that, I rinsed my hair well to ensure that all of the bleach mixtures was removed. Another creative little idea is to towel dry your hair properly before using the Violet-colored conditioner (this also comes in the box). Any lingering flashes of yellowy color will be neutralized by the violet conditioner.

My hair was looking pretty much how I wanted it to by this point; there were still a few little patches of pale yellow, but I wasn’t too concerned. Accept it or bleach again; to be honest, I don’t think my hair could have taken another battering!

Plus, tiny little patches will give the finished product some dimension.

#3. Tinting

When I was still working as a hairdresser, I tried Fudge’s ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ for the first time. It was especially effective on customers who had a severe case of canary yellow hair or brassiness. It’s simply a violet toner with conditioning properties.

My hair did appear to be platinum blonde, but I’m a perfectionist, and there were a few areas that I thought should be toned down. So I applied it straight to dry hair and let it sit for an hour. Then I went over it with Manic Panic’s ‘Atomic Turquoise,’ bunned my hair, and wore it for the rest of the day!

I gave my hair a good rinse at the end of the day, and voila: Blue Turquoise Hair!

I think it’s vital to point out that since dying my hair this color, I’ve only shampooed it 3-4 times a week to keep the fading at bay. Nothing is more frustrating than working so hard to achieve the right hue of hair only to have it washed away by shampoo in a matter of days.

Also, avoid using Head & Shoulders. It’s a hair version of nail polish remover!

On days when I don’t use shampoo, I tie my hair up in a top-knot or spray it with Fudge’s Sea Salt Spray to add texture and allow it to absorb some of the natural oils. I believe I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: use SLS-free shampoo to preserve your hair color for longer!

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Teal Hair Color Inspiration for an Instant Wow!

#1. Medium Teal Hair Color

We’ll start with a teal tone in the middle. This particular teal is ideal for females who desire a balanced experience with color. It is neither too brilliant nor too dark. It looks great on all skin tones and can be worn at any time of year.

#2. Light Teal

One of the most common teal hair colors is one that is lighter in tone. Before we get into the ultra-light teals, let’s start with a typical light teal shade. If you’re not usually drawn to pastels, give this method a try.

#3. Deep Teal Hair Color

The deep teal color is a stunning way to bring out any face features. It’s not quite dark, but it’s certainly rich and intense. Regardless, it’s a lovely alternative for women who don’t want to wear too many bright colors.

#4. Mermaid Hair

If you follow HairMotive on Instagram, you already know how much we adore mermaid’s hair. If this is your first time hearing about the concept, be prepared to be blown away.

Mermaid’s hair is a magical combination of sea-inspired colors, usually with a teal base.

#5. Dark Teal Hair Color

Dark teal hair color is perfect for someone with pale skin or who simply enjoys a goth lifestyle. Reduce the intensity of your teal colour till it is as close to black as feasible.

This method is also recommended for natural brunettes.

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#6. Teal Hair Ombre

Ombre hairstyles are by far the most popular method to wear teal hair. Starting with this natural gradient, you’ll discover that you have a plethora of ombre possibilities for teal.

Simply apply the teal to the second part of your hair if you’re a brunette.

#7. Metallic Teal

If you’re seeking for a mysterious and romantic style, metallic teal is the color for you. To achieve a stunning metallic look, talk to your colorist about adding charcoal or a similar tone to your teal hair color.

#8. Brown and Teal Ombre

Brown-haired women will be in for a wonderful treat. Teal complements this natural hair color beautifully, allowing you to include it without fear of unwanted shocks. Consider using a lighter hue of teal for a gentler look.

#9. Teal Hair Highlights on Brown Hair

Alternatively, you might choose to reduce the quantity of teal in your chocolate locks. Some women like highlights to enhance their natural hair color.

You may achieve the same effect by streaking your brown hair with your favorite turquoise color.

#10. Blonde and Teal Ombre

A blonde and teal ombre is stunning, even if it isn’t as eye-catching as the previous examples. Because your natural hair color is lighter, it’s recommended to use a brighter shade of teal for an enticing ombre.

#11. Teal Hair Color with Shadow Roots

Shadow roots coloring is a hair fad that has taken the world by storm this year. Basically, it entails dying an inch or two of your roots a dark color to give them a more natural appearance.

You’ll achieve a smooth transition if you combine shadow roots with teal hair color.


The ongoing trend of unnatural hair colors is tempting women of all ages to abandon their natural hair color. Colors like lavender and pink have been popular for a long time, but more unusual hues like teal are gradually gaining popularity.

Teal strands will help your appearance stand out among a sea of other brilliantly colored styles if you want to try a dramatic new hair color that’s dark and somber or mermaid inspired.




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