How to Get Oil-Slick Hair and Maintain It


When you think you have seen it all when it comes to hairstyles, another one just pops up. Talk about oil slick hair, a literal representation of having rainbow hair.

This hairstyle is ideal for those with brunette or black hair that want to switch things up and make them a lot more colorful.

Oil slick hair is simply a combination of different hues of purple, magenta, green, and cobalt. Although it sounds complex, because it really is, it’s still something you can do at home.

So, if you want to know how you can switch things up with your hair without destroying your natural hair color, then this article is for you.

Here, you’d get to know everything about this multicolored hair trend and how you can jump on it without causing damage to your hair.

Let’s get started!

What is Oil Slick Hair?

Oil slick hair is the result of the inspiration of oil floating on top of water. They are hair dye hues of purple, magenta, green, and cobalt.

These intense colors need a dark base to fully stand out, hence they are perfect for people with dark strands.

The best part about this hair is that it is customizable, so you can have your ends dyed to the color you want, or your entire mane.

Oil slick hair requires less maintenance than other colorful hair trends since each color is a strong, bold hue that lasts longer than other usual shades.

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How to Choose Oil Slick Hair Dyes?

Depending on your choice of colors, you may want to consider asking a professional for help. But if you are a fan of DIY, then there’s no problem, as you can totally get this look at home.

Before you color your strands, you will have to use hair bleach to lighten any strands you want to color. Then decide how long you want to carry this hair type.

Knowing this will help you determine if temporary, semi-permanent hair color or permanent hair dye is the best option for your oil-slick hair.

If you want temporary oil slick hair, then it’s best you use a washout hair color. One that easily goes off with just one shampoo and you can mix multiple shades to customize your oil slick look.

If you want semi-permanent oil slick hair, then go for a hair dye that is in between temporary and permanent. This means one that doesn’t easily wash out in one shampoo but will wash off in about four shampoos. This is ideal if you want your oil-slick hair to last for more than one day and not permanently change your hair color.

If you want permanent oil slick hair, then go for permanent hair yes in blue, purple, green, and pink. This is especially ideal if you want to rock the oil-slick hair for a long period of time.

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How to Get Oil Slick Hair at Home

Follow these tips if you’d like to get the oil slick hair at home. Bear in mind that you must have gotten your oil-slick hair dye kit in place. You can check Amazon for great products.

  • First, lighten your hair using bleach. Use a wide, flat colouring brush to do so. Then take 2 inch sections and saturate the first section from mid-length to the ends at the roots, feather the colour. Use light brush strokes to apply the colour evenly.
  • If you already have bleach in your hair, then you need to focus on spreading the colour properly over the area. With each layer, cover with cling film so you build up a covering of film that holds the colour in.
  • Leave you hair to process at room temperature for an hour
  • If the ends look too dark, apply a bleach solution to the ends for approximately ten minutes after processing. Use developer with bleach powder, warm water and shampoo. Lather it up from mid-length downwards and rinse thoroughly.
  • Then if you want to, tone the hair with a neutral base and leave it in for five minutes to neutralise the hair so the colours aren’t too vibrant.
  • Wash and condition your hair, rinse and blow dry afterward.
  • Now divide your hair into four sections and clip each section. Using your favorite oil slick hair dye collection, apply several colours to each section with a brush from mid-length down and feather at the root, it’s good to try and keep it symmetrical if you can but if you aren’t exact it doesn’t matter. Wrap hair in tin foil or cover with a layer of cling-film.
  • Sit for 40 minutes at room temperature to allow your hair process
  • Finally rinse your hair in cool water and wash hair as normal, using lots of conditioner
  • Blow dry as normal

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Is Oil Slick Hair Hard to Maintain?

Ideally, fantasy hairs are very difficult to maintain, and oil slick hair is no different. You’ll need a customized hair care routine and regular salon appointments to keep your hair shiny. Somewhere between four to six weeks is enough time to book a salon appointment for your hair.

One of the regular hair routines you should switch up now you have oil slick hair is your regular shampoo. Swap it with a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. This helps to prolong your hair color while still adding shine and protection against harsh weather conditions.

Also, oil slick hair may not require lots of bleach, but your hair may still feel a bit dry after your salon appointment. So, we recommend that you use a hair mask to nourish and repair your hair weekly.

That’s not all. Heat styling and salon color do not go together, so you’d have to use a salon-quality heat protectant to protect your hue.


How Much Does Oil Slick Hair Cost?

Depending on the location of your salon and their price list, getting an oil slick hair can cost anywhere from $100 to $350. We suggest you book an appointment earlier to avoid a late hour price increase.


Try these procedures at home, and send us a picture of your oil slick hair! If you can’t do it yourself, then visit a professional salon to get it done. Don’t forget to send us a picture too!

All the best!

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