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Many people are like me who do not understand their hair length and what to relay to a hairstylist who asks for length. We go about gesticulating when there is a chart to save all those stress.

This article provides that and more. You’ll learn about the tricks to grow your hair long and the factors to consider before choosing a hair length. Let’s get started.

How do I Measure My Hair Length?

When it comes to measuring the hair length, there are a few ways to determine it.

First, take a look at the hair length chart and estimate the inches based on your hair texture and the length beyond your shoulders.

You may also use the chart when buying a hair extension or wig. With the chart, you’ll know exactly where wig will fall when worn. Place it t the top of the head not the nape of the neck.

Secondly, the other more precise way to determine the length of your hair is to remove a strand from the top of your head and use a regular measure tape or ruler to see how long it is.

However, it is not recommended to pluck your hair every other day. You may only do this if there is a particular reason.

What Should I Consider Before Choosing A Hair Length?

Hair Type

Your hair type plays a major role in how long or short your hair appears. If you have naturally straight hair, your strands will look their actual length.

If you have waves or curls, your hair may appear a bit shorter than it actually is. This is because the kinks and bends in your hair can cause it to look slightly shorter.

Also, if you have a textured hair type, you should ask for a cut slightly longer than your goal. 

Hair Goals

Keep your hair goals in mind.

For instance, my hair is short at the moment, and because I want long hairs, I can’t chop off much inches.

How do you describe your hair length?

hair length

To describe your hair length look at the image above.

You can use a hair length chart to figure out what you desire. You can also use this to describe exactly what you want to achieve to your stylist. 

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What is the Hair Length Chart?


This is a typical hair length chart. It is a chart that shows the type of hair you have and its length.

Below are the description of short, medium and long hair lengths.

Short Hair

Buzz Cut

This hair is all about expressing freedom. It is for girls and people who do not want the fuzz and slow motion of lengthy styling. Add some fancy colour and this hair is a killer.

Ear Length (Pixie)

The pixie cut is hard to beat in terms of classic cuts that don’t go out of style. Girls with curls will find it elevating.

 If you’re searching for an effortless way to style your ear length cut, apply a bit of hair mousse  on your pixie cut to give your look weightless volume. 

Chin Length (Bob)

Bobs are forever the choicest of short cuts. This length just falls at your jawline.

Try an asymmetrical bob for added drama, or stick to a French-inspired style that makes you look extra sophisticated. 

Hair Chart: Medium Hair

Shoulder Length

Shoulder length hairs are basically between bob and long hairs.

It’s the perfect middle ground when you’re growing out a buzz cut or pixie look. 

If you want the shoulder length hair to have layers, use a texturizing spray. This gives hair frizz protection, airy texture, and hold. 

Armpit Length

If you hair just passed the awkward neck nape stage, you’ve hit the armpit length.

This medium length haircut is a favorite for girls with texturedhair since curls absolutely thrive with a few extra inches.

Try armpit length if you’re looking to experiment with your styling.

If your hair is already curly, use styling products to add definition to your ringlets and enhance your texture. 

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Hair Length Chart: Long Hair

What length is considered long?

If your strands reach past your shoulders, it’s considered long. You can opt for a mid-back length cut or grow it out to your tailbone for extralong length.

Mid-Back Length

This hair length is known as mid-back, it is a real stunner for thick, coarse textures. 

Now add a shine serum or a hair oil like Kérastase Elixir

Basically, use oils that have intense shine and nourishment. 

Tailbone Length

A hair this long extending to the tailbone not ankles though it totally doable.

If you want to keep your strands strong as you grow them out, pick up the Redken Extreme Length Shampoo and Conditioner With Biotin system. This shampoo and conditioner strengthens damaged hair and helps it grow longer and stronger. 

Can Anyone Grow Long Hair?

Many people often ask this question, can my hair keep growing if I don’t trim it? The answer, sadly, is no. Your hair all grows to a specific length that it simply can’t surpass.

This is largely influenced by genetics. So, looking at how long your mother or grandmother grew their hair will give you hints. However, poor nutrition or inappropriate haircare can also cause hair to fall out before it reaches its full-length potential.

Be patient if you have made up your mind to grow your hair as long as possible.

On average, hair grows half an inch per month, which makes a total of 6 inches per year. For some, this growth phase can be extended to 2 to 7 years. I guess my hair is in this category.

Actually, there are several ways to speed up hair growth.

  • Take vitamins for hair growth;
  • Practice the inversion method;
  • Use natural remedies like onion juice and ACV rinse.

How to Protect Your Hair Length

It is common knowledge that people who want to retain the hair length mane do all to avoid cuts. This isn’t the best option when it comes to protecting your length.

Here is what you should be doing instead:

  • trim split ends regularly not to let breakage progress too far up your hair
  • use hair ties with soft, silky fabrics that won’t add more friction to your ends
  • put your hair in protective hairstyles to avoid daily tear and wear, causing friction
  • keep your locks moisturized at all times.

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Choosing the right hair length for you and reaching it can be a long journey that is achievable through patience. Hopefully, all the information we’ve listed will help to get you on your way towards the hair of your dreams.

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