Cool and Trendy Hair Highlights for Brown Hair

Image credit: Carol Tuttle
Image credit: Carol Tuttle

Hair highlighting is just a way to change the color of your hair by adding a lighter shade or “lightener” to the hair strands. When you use a highlighter, you can look younger. Highlights are always in style because they go with what’s popular. It gives you a lot of ways to style your hair. Highlights give your hair a lot of color and volume, which makes you look better. Both highlights and lowlights are great ways to change your hair, but they are different. Lowlights are darker colors that add depth to the hair. Highlights are lighter colors that make hair strands look brighter. In this article, I will extensively explain all you need to know about cool hair highlights for brown hair, its types, and red hair highlights for brown hair.

Types of Hair Highlights for Brown Hair

Brown hair is now the trending hair color. Everyone wants to dye their hair brown. Highlights are great for brown hair. Hence, with the right color added to your brown hair in the right dimension, your hair will turn into a work of art. Here are the various types of highlights for your brown hair.

#1. Babylights Highlight

Babylights are achieved with the use of foil painting. Small sections of your hair are painted in foil. This is one of the types of hair highlights for brown hair that create a finely woven, natural-looking color on your hair to achieve a sun-kissed look. Your hair will also look like it has been illuminated by the sun.

Furthermore, Babylight can be applied to any hair color, type, or length. It also requires little maintenance. Although anyone can try this look, I think it blends well with brown hair as the base color.  You should try out this highlight if you are looking for a subtle and more natural look.

#2. Foiling

This is a coloring method in which strands of hair are separated by sheets of foil. The strands of hair are painted or lightened before wrapping them in the foil. 

Foiling is a more managed procedure than balayage because the foil can prevent the colour or listener from getting to the other hair parts.

#3. Balayage

Balayage is a French word which means “sweeping” or “to sweep”. This is a procedure that involves sweeping or painting colors or lighteners on some sections of your hair to create a subtle, natural look. Unlike some types of highlights that make use of foil, this procedure does not involve the use of foil but rather painting the hair with a brush.

This procedure lasts longer than the conventional highlights, it can stay in good shape for months so you do not need to make regular visits to the salon for touch-ups.

#4. Foil-ayage

Foil-ayage is just balayage with foils added to make brighter sections of hair all over. The hair is painted carefully in sections and at certain angles, often leaving the root out. The hair is then wrapped in foil and left to grow. 

Foil-ayage creates a brighter look compared to balayage as a result of the foil aiding the colors to develop. 


The word “ombre” means “to shade” in French. This type of highlight splits the hair into two contrasting colors, the darker color is painted at the root of the hair while the lighter one is painted at the tip of the hair. These colors are gradually blended to give an effect. Any color can be used to achieve this look.

Ombre can be drastic and dramatic. If you want something dramatic and exciting, then you have to give it a try. 

#6. Sombre

This highlight is a cooler and softer look compared to the ombre. The color or lightener is applied throughout the hair, the darker shade is applied at the root hair while the lighter shade of the same color is applied at the tip of the hair.

This technique also creates a subtle, natural, and feminine look. It is also referred to as a “soft ombre.” In other words, this hair requires less budget for maintenance.

#7.Chunky Highlight

This 90’s style is gradually becoming the trend now. This highlight is done on large chunks of hair creating a contrast with your natural hair color.

Do you know what contouring does to the face when you do makeup? It’s the same thing that this technique does to your hair; it adds texture to your hair. However, the contrast of dark and light colors makes the hair look thicker and finer. It gives a softer and silkier feel to thicker hair. This technique is excellent for all hair colors and types.

#8. Dimensional Highlight

As the name implies, this highlight adds dimension to the hair with contrasting darker or lighter shades of color. 

Also, there are different levels of dimension; it ranges from low-contrast hair to high-contrast hair. We all love DIYs, but to achieve the best hair color and dimension, it’s advisable to visit a salon. An expert will know what is best for you.

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Some Cool Hair Highlights Try Out on Your Brown Hair

Many color shades look good on brown hair. Your skin tone and the shade of your root hair are important factors to consider before choosing a highlight for your hair. These are some cool highlights to try out this season. 

#1. Pink Hair Light

Pink creates that youthful look when it’s added to your brown hair. It can be bold or subtle, depending on the result you want. For different shades of brown hair, there are different shades of pink. However, for dark brunette hair go for a lighter shade of pink.

Talk with your stylist to know the best shade for you. Your skin tone is also another factor to consider.

#2. Caramel Highlight

This is a nice color to go for if you don’t want anything too dramatic. Caramel color adds a natural glow to your dark brown hair depending on the amount of color added. If it’s added in small amounts it creates a sun-kissed look, and in large amounts, it creates a brightening effect.

Thus, this procedure can be achieved with balayage, foiling, ombre, and other types of highlighting. 

#3. Ash Brown Highlight

Have you tried out this trend? Your hair will thank you later. This cool tone matches most skin tones. Spice up your deep brown hair with this solid color to create a subtle look. Balayage or ombre highlights done in this shade can create a gorgeous, breathtaking and feminine look.

#4. Copper Highlight

What better way to register your presence this fall season than with a copper highlight on your brown hair? Copper creates that fierce look you have always wanted. This stylish look can be achieved using balayage, ombre, or foiling. See an expert to identify which type of highlight is best for you. 

#5. Sandy Blonde

There has been a subtle war between brunette and blonde hair colors. These colors can be combined to create contrast and depth. Also, there are different shades of blonde; this one matches well with deep brown hair. An ombre, chunky, or balayage will look fantastic.

To create a finely tuned hair color, your colorist or stylist will need to bleach your hair. Bleach poses some damage to your hair if not properly managed. 

#6. Chestnut

Someone might be wondering how a dark color such as chestnut can complement brown hair. Why not? Chestnut complements all skin tones, and it’s great on brown hair. Chestnut highlights add extra warmth, volume, and dimension to your hair. Try a balayage or an ombre to get the best out of this highlight.

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Red Highlight for Brown Hair

Red highlights on brown hair are one of the trendy hairstyles that have blended strands of red-dyed hair onto brown hair. They can be applied to light brown hair, dark brown hair, long brown hair, and short brown hair. It also adds depth and dimension to your hair. This is a nice look to pull off this season.

Rose Brown Highlight

This hue highlight is a new trend for brown hair. Welcome summer with this rich and colorful highlight. It can also be worn in other seasons. This involves adding rose color to a few strands of deep brown hair. The Balayage technique can be used to pull off this look. 


There is no best hair, it all depends on your skin tone, hair type, and hair color. When choosing a highlight for your hair, you must talk to a professional stylist to identify the best highlight for your hair. The cost of getting a highlight done on your hair varies according to location, hair length, salon, hair color, hair type, type of highlight, hair products, and the colorist techniques. Time is also a factor to consider because as the saying goes “time is money”.

It is advisable to wash your hair before getting your highlights done to get rid of dirt so your hair can look glossy after applying the highlights. Carefully select the hair look you want, then take it to your stylist so you get what you want. If you want to look like the Queen you are, then take premium care of your hair. Remember, your hair is your crown, so give it the ultimate care it deserves! 

Hair Highlights for Brown Hair FAQs

Can you put highlights in brown hair?

Highlights are most commonly associated with blonde hair, however they are not limited to blondes. On brunettes, a few properly placed lighter pieces can provide dimension and visual intrigue to otherwise solid hue.

What’s the difference between highlights and lowlights?

Lowlights are darker bits of color woven into the hair than highlights. This coloring process provides contrast and depth to fine hair, making it appear thicker.

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