How Do I handle My 1b Hair Colour?

1b hair colour
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With the numerous colors in the market, it is difficult to find the right colour for your hair and extensions. However, you can never go wrong with the 1b hair colour.

Trust me, this is one of the perfect colours especially for those who wear weaves, wigs, or hair extensions. This is a real struggle finding the right shade of hair especially if you have dark hair.

The Jet Black usually will be too dark. But, have you heard of 1B hair color?

This hair dye is really popular nowadays, especially for those who always wear extensions. This is also a shade of black, but it is lighter and more natural-looking.

Are there Types of Black hair?

There are two types of black hair colors namely:

  1. Jet black – this is the first type of black hair color. It is very dark and rich in color.
  2. 1B (soft black) – This black color is second from the jet black. This type of hair color resembles the natural black hair color. It is also known as an off black color.

1B is the dye colour most people color their hairs with. This is because when they decide to dye extensions, there will no need to dye the hair again. Many extensions come in this hair color because jet black is too black and looks unnatural.


What Is 1B Hair Color?

You can already guess that b indicates black. 1b hair colour indicates off-black which is considered the most natural black option unlike the jet black which is rich in hue and has a dark quality.

When it comes to choosing hair extensions, the Jet black hair is not a natural hair color, so you may have to dye your hair in order for it to match.

1b is more likely to match your natural hair color. It is also the middle man between the dark color and the shades of dark brown that follow. 

While “b” means black, the number “1” reveals that the hair isn’t natural. You will find this when shopping for hair extensions and weaves online.

Typically, if you’re searching for virgin, unprocessed hair, 1b hair color is going to be your best option. 

1B is still referred to as black even though it’s a warmer black. It’s also off black because it’s not too black.

1B has warm undertones of brown. You will notice that difference when you go under the sun. You are therefore an off black color person if your hair normally is black but it turns brown when you go under the sun.

Additionally, 1B is also called the soft black color. It usually looks so much like the natural black hair color. It’s also the color preferred by those who have naturally black hair. This is because if you color your hair using this color then you don’t have to bleach the hair.

What If the Hair Extension isn’t the 1B Color I want?

There are times when you buy a hair extension thinking it’s the 1B color only to go back home and realize that it’s not. People who usually face this challenge colour the hair to achieve a more natural look.

If you are however looking to color the extension you may use two methods below.

Temporary dye includes the demi-permanent, semi-permanent dye or henna. With any of these hair dyes, you change the color to your favorite off black color temporarily.

To use the permanent, it means you are okay with the extension having only one colour. However, you may need to use the ammonia free option in order to help it stay healthy.

If I’m to say, you should be a little cautious when it comes to coloring with permanent colors. You don’t want to use a hair color then messes your extension cuticles thus making it tangle.

How do I know if 1b is the shade for me?

1b hair colour is a warm black colour and it is more likely to work with a variety of skin tone.

Although the above statement is true, the most important consideration when analyzing if 1b hair colour is the best shade for you is to pay attention to your eye color and your skin’s undertones.

If you have pale skin, expect a more drastic look when dying your hair black. This color can contrast in an intensely beautiful way if you have light eyes. 

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How do I care for my 1b colour hair?

Just as with any other hair color, 1b hair color needs to be properly cared for to maintain optimal health, strength, and shine.

The air care it needs include:

  • Wash your hair less
  • Always use conditioner
  • Brush hair daily to avoid unnecessary tangles and knots
  • If you have dyed your hair to match your 1b extensions, concentrate a moisturizing serum or oil onto the ends of hair in particular. 


An 1b hair colour ensures a more natural-looking effect that is easier to blend with your dark hair’s natural tone.

Using dye is avoidable especially if you hate hair alterations and using chemicals, but, in cases where it is expedient, you have no other option than to colour your hair into a preferred colour.

IB hair color is perfect for anyone who wants an all-natural look. You can never go wrong with this hair color.

The information we have listed will help you in making the choice between jet black and off black hair colors.

Also, we hope to have given you enough information to guide you when you purchasing a virgin extension so that additional work will not be done on it. Leave us a comment if this article met your expectations.

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