Chic Side Braid Hairstyles To Rock This 2022

Side braided hairstyles
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A side braid is any type of braided hairstyle that runs either down one shoulder or along the side of the head. Side braids are easy to try out on your own from side French braids, side fishtail braids, and side Dutch braids to other various types of side braids. If the braids are too tight, it can lead to hair loss and damage. As long as the braids are not too tight, you are good to go. Changing your hairdo does not always mean a trip to the salon, with multipurpose side braids, you may instantly alter your appearance effortlessly. In this article, I will extensively discuss all you need to know about side braid hairstyles for black hair and side braid hairstyles for weddings.

Side Braid Hairstyles

We’ve compiled a list of the best side braid hairstyles to wear in 2022. They are as follows:

#1. Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is the reverse of the French braid. The French braid crosses over while the Dutch braid crosses under. This braid is a great protective style and is suitable for any hair texture.

#2. French Braid

The simplest three-strand braid involves dividing all of the hair into three portions and simultaneously gathering each section near the scalp. 

A French braid, on the other hand, begins with three tiny sections of hair near the top of the head that is braided together toward the nape of the neck, adding more hair to each segment as it crosses in from the side into the middle of the braid structure. In the end, the scalp is covered in a pattern that evenly distributes all the hair.

#3. Fishtail Plait

The fishtail plait is a tightly braided braid that is typically thought to be substantially more difficult to make than a conventional plait. However, it can be simpler than you think to achieve the look at home.

The adaptable hairstyle enables you to go from a terrible hair day to a stylish and beautiful look in a matter of minutes. Thus, with a hand band and a little perseverance, you can quickly perfect the appearance.

#4. Double French Braids With a Ponytail

Making your everyday hairstyle fanciful is easy with a double French braid and ponytail. It appears to be both extremely informal and slightly festive at the same time. Additionally, creating doesn’t require a lot of effort or expertise.

Even if you have a busy morning but still want to look great, you will completely manage to make it. So start the process right away.

#5. Side Braid Hairstyles For Black Hair

Side braids for black hair are also known as “Lemonade braids. Long side-swept cornrows that often extend past your chest or waist are known as lemonade braids. They may be done with just your natural hair or with extensions, are low maintenance, and last up to 4 weeks. It’s a great option for a glitzy, head-turning appearance at any time of year.

To spice up the look, utilize a variety of braid sizes ranging from huge to small. Thin lemonade braids allow for more complicated designs for a tidy, elegant look. Medium lemonade braids, while still looking fashionable, might let you spend less time in the chair. Large braids add texture and make a dramatic statement. Because lemonade braids are so versatile, you can mix and match the three. 

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Side Braid Hairstyles for Black Hair

Here are cool yet easy side braid hairstyles for black hair. 

#1. Cornrows Lemonade Braids

One of the most low-maintenance and protective hairstyles you can try for relaxed or natural hair is cornrows. Depending on the style you’re going for, they can take on a variety of shapes and sit tight to the scalp.

#2. Jumbo Lemonade Braids

While your hair is separated into larger sections rather than tiny braids, the braiding process moves more quickly. Jumbo braids also make use of extra braiding hair, making each plait appear thicker overall. They are an excellent way to express yourself, take a vacation from styling your hair, and save some time.

#3. Ponytail Lemonade Braids

This is a kind of ponytail that is formed after you have braided your hair, then rounded into a soft bun and secured with a bobby pin. 

#4. Zig Zag Lemonade Braids

Spice up your look by trying out this not-so-regular style. The beauty of this hairstyle is in the parting. Be creative and explore different ways to rock your braids beautifully.

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Side Braid Hairstyles For Weddings

All hair types, whether they are straight, curly, wavy, or naturally curly, look incredibly wonderful when braided (or braids). The simple plait has gained popularity once again in recent years, and stylists have responded by coming up with a ton of fresh ideas for how to make it wedding-worthy, from delicate and romantic to traditional bridal hairstyles with a contemporary twist. Here are the side braids hairstyles for weddings.

#1. Side-Swept Fishtail Braids

The latest hair trend is fishtail braids, which are also preferred by upcoming brides! An exquisite and stylish wedding hairdo is a fishtail side braid. This side braid hairstyles is lovely for any form of wedding theme or location, but it works particularly well for beach weddings and those with a country theme.

#2. Side – Swept Ponytail With Braids

The ideal bridal hairdo can be created with even the simplest braid. Loose or tight side-swept ponytails are a clever way to draw attention to bare shoulders or open backs.

It hasn’t gotten much attention in the past, but accent braids, whether they’re added with a few or many strands, are gradually regaining popularity. This side braid hairstyles for weddings was revived as common wedding attire for boho wedding ceremonies, and it soon spread to work with a variety of themes.

#3. Long Messy Braid

Messy braids are the ideal approach to upgrade a wedding with a classical theme. Messy braids woven with priceless pins, combs, and other decorations give traditional garments used in conventional settings a novel makeover.

Although not as orderly and carefree as a tightly held-back braid, there is something particularly special about untidy braids that makes them appear so innately lovely. This look is worn differently by each lady, which is ideal for brides who want their bridal party to adopt the same aesthetic.

#4. Half-Up Bridal Braids

Put them together for the bride who wants the most elaborate hairstyle imaginable! Half-up dos are stunning on their own. Braids are adaptable and work in any setting. These two looks combined will result in really spectacular outcomes. Although brides with longer hair may find it simpler to experiment with different twist and weave options, even short and medium hair can pull off this look.

#5. Half Up Braided Halos

The popularity of curly half-up dos is rising and with good cause. In this stunning bridal hairstyle, a combination of straight, side, and waterfall braids are combined with lush waves. Although not all hairstyles complement all bridal gowns, this one comes close. No matter the theme, cut, or color of the gown, this style complements all different kinds of fabrics and textures.

You’ll almost certainly find the ideal match with this bridal hairstyle option if you take into account your gown, your shoes, your venue, and your theme.

#6. Half Updo With Braids

A hairstyle with braids that is half up and half down strikes the ideal mix between romanticism and formality. Classic in appearance yet not monotonous for a more delicate and feminine appearance, add some waves to the stray locks.

#7. Waterfall Braids

The waterfall braid is one of the most well-liked wedding braided hairstyles. Imagine your curly hair braided into a lovely waterfall cascading down your back. This style is ideal for a beach wedding, a boho-chic event, or a venue in the countryside or a forest.

#8. Down Wedding Hair With Braids

We would like to propose wearing your wedding hair down with a braid if you still want bridal braids but want to wear them down. This look can only be improved with some gentle curls or waves. Of course, you might add some ribbons, delicate hair clips, or flowers to liven it up.

How Do I Braid My Hair To The Side?

  • Brush your hair thoroughly to detangle it.
  • Gather all your hair to one side of your head. Part into 3 sections.
  • Braid your hair. Cross over one outer section to the middle, and do the same for the other outer section. Repeat this process till you get to your desired length.
  • Fasten the tip of your hair with a band. You are good to go.

Protective styles are healthier for our hair, unlike manipulative styles that cause hair damage. Styles such as Ponytail braids, twisted low braids or buns, and smooth Chignon are healthier for our hair and are best for hair growth. Even if you would like to be re-braiding your hair, stick to protective styles. Use good hair products for your hair to avoid hair damage.


There are tons of easy side braids such as Dutch braids, messy braids, double French braids, and fishtail braids (although some people might disagree). They can also be braided at just one side of the head. These styles can be done on your own, they are easy to try out.

Our face shapes – oval face shape, round face shape, square face shape can also determine the type of side braid to wear. Know the side braids that flatter your facial features and stick to it.

Side Braided Hairstyles FAQs

What are the braids on both sides called?

In hairstyles, the phrase pigtail (or twintail) is used differently. The word can refer to a single braid or twin braids on opposing sides of the head.

What is a Dookie Braid?

Dookie braids are thick braids that dangle freely rather than being braided to the scalp like cornrows.

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