How to Create Mahogany Hair & Ways to Wear It in 2022

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Mahogany is right up there with golden blondes and glossy reds when it comes to luxurious hair colors. While the term refers to expensive furnishings found in rich old mansions, the hair color is so much more. It’s truly a perfect blend of red and brown.

It lends a deeper tint to brown hues and is a gentle way to try a red color. The perfect mahogany hair color can be tailored to your skin’s undertone, the level of maintenance you desire, and how well it complements your base color.

Mahogany is a deep tint that can change your hair, and the fact that it’s so easy to get or style doesn’t make it any less appealing. It may give your base color a nice depth and new dimensions while yet looking natural and sun-kissed.

This sounds enticing like what you should give a shot. Take a look at the table of contents below before we get started on how to create an defining mahogany air look and color in 2022.

How to Create Mahogany Hair

#1. Mahogany Hair for Blondes

It’s difficult to get that deep tone out of blonde hair once you’ve turned it red. As a result, it’s critical for fair-haired individuals to make sure they’re ready to go to mahogany brown hair.

If they are, proceed as you would with any other light-to-dark transformation, gently adding the color to build up depth and pigment over time.

Work with Koleston Perfect, our permanent hair color that produces the purest pigment yet, if you want the color to look bold and full of beautiful shine. Hello, lustrous locks.

For deep to intense mahogany red hair, the Vibrant Reds line has you covered.

If you want a red-violet tint, go with 55/46, or go with 44/44 for a darker red-brown.


#2. Mahogany Hair for Brunettes

The depth of the base determines the process for turning brown hair mahogany. What you use on light brown hair will almost certainly differ from what you use on dark, almost-black hair.

So, here’s the skinny. When applying their new, deep red color straight over the top of light brown or medium brown hair mahogany, the method is pretty simple.

Very dark brown hair, on the other hand, may require a lift with Blondor Freelights, our award-winning pre-lightener.

To prepare for mahogany highlights that peek through the rich base color, use a balayage technique.

When it comes to the toner you should use, try to match it to the undertone of the base color. Apply violet-tinged mahogany if the tone is chilly, and a rich mahogany brown if the tone is warm.

With its array of brilliant reds, demi-permanent Color Touch caters to all skin tones, including 4/5, 5/4, and 5/5 for a warmer hue, or 5/66 and 44/65 for a red with an aubergine shimmer.

Choose a brunette hue with a mahogany reflection, such as 5/75 or 6/75, if your customer wants to join the mahogany hair trend.

#3. Mahogany Hair for Redheads

The same rules apply to redheads as they do to brunettes. The mahogany toner can be placed immediately over the top if their hair is a light tint, such as copper or strawberry blonde.

To achieve appropriate saturation and depth, you may need to layer the reds.

If their basic red color is darker than mahogany, however, pre-lightening is essential to ensure that the new colour is visible. Finish with Color Touch to bring out the mahogany color to its full potential.

Mahogany Hair Formulas

#1. True Mahogany Hair

There’s a lot. Shine. Marissa Mae Neel’s mahogany red hair color, achieved with fashion-forward, demi-permanent Color Touch Relights, gives a whole new meaning to glossy locks. What’s her formula?

She blended equal portions of /57, /44, and /74 over a fading level 6, resulting in the most dazzling mahogany mane. We’re completely enthralled.

#2. Dark Mahogany Hair

Shanea Elizondo, a Wella Portfolio Brand Educator, combined this mahogany red colour to perfection, making it almost a deep brunette.

She began by highlighting half an inch from the scalp with Color Touch 0/68, then smoothing in equal parts Instamatic by Color Touch in Clear Dust and Color Fresh CREATE in Pure Violet in alternate portions through the rest of the hair.

#3. Light Mahogany Hair

We use the term ‘light’ to describe a mane that is slightly less vampy than a classic mahogany mane, but no less dramatic. In truth, Wella Passionista Cassandra Foehr’s design is quite remarkable.

She used Koleston Perfect 55/46 4 percent on a dark brown foundation, which helped to boost redness and shine in just one coloring session.

#4. Mahogany Balayage

Balayage aficionados, rejoice! When applied on a dark base color or against a deep root smudge, the technique works perfectly with mahogany hair.

With this look, Wella Educator Laila Pettersen decided for the latter, first shading roots with 55/66 + 0/65 6%.

She then used 55/66 + 8/96 + 0/65 9 percent to paint lengths, then used Magma by Blondor /65 +6 percent to give light-reflective effects.

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#5. Glossy Mahogany Hair

It doesn’t get much more polished than this when it comes to mahogany hair. Another Cassandra Foehr dream blend, this one features Koleston Perfect 44/65 + 0/00 + 7/18 + 4% veil hair in the richest, most dazzling red.

Finish with a post-styling spritz of EIMI Glam Mist to obtain the full, glossy impact. It will instantly enhance the dazzle while smoothing any flyaways.

#6. Mahogany Highlights

If soft and subtle is the look of the day, suggest mahogany highlights to your client. This manner, they can keep their base hue while yet letting a hint of autumn red show through.

The crimson ribbons in this design by Cortney at Mane Attraction Salon are so delicate. It’s because to a combination of Blondor’s Magma and Color Touch’s Vibrant Reds collection.

Ways to Wear Mahogany Hair Color

#1. Mahogany Highlights

If this is your first time trying out this color (or dying your hair), start small. To get a sense of how this hue looks with the rest of your hair, go for mahogany highlights.

Mahogany highlights can give an all-black hairstyle more depth. This hair color will help define your natural waves or curls even more.

When dying your hair mahogany, use the balayage technique for a more natural and seamless mix with the rest of your locks.

#2. Medium Mahogany Hair Color

Are you ready to change the color of your complete head of hair? Make your hair medium mahogany in hue.

In this case, a darker shade of mahogany is used rather than a flaming and brilliant one. You may simply move from your original dark-colored hair to this color without making a significant shift.

#3. Mahogany Blonde Ombre

Anyone up for catching fire? This mahogany to blonde ombre was all the rage a few years ago, and it remains one of the most fashionable ways to wear it to this day.

The stunning gradation from mahogany to copper, then flowing through the blonde tips, gives the impression that your hair is on fire.

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#4. Vibrant Mahogany Hair Color

If you want to push the envelope when it comes to hairstyling, a rich mahogany hair color is a great choice.

A rich mahogany hue transforms your appearance and gives you that unmistakable glow. Dare to add some copper highlights in there to make it even more brilliant.

#5. Black to Mahogany Ombre

With this look, you can leave your roots alone while the rest of your hair is dyed a lovely mahogany brown.

This is ideal if you want to color your hair but don’t have the time to return to the salon to have your roots redone on a regular basis.

You can also go for a dip-dyed mahogany hair color to add a quirky touch to your style.

#6. Light Mahogany

If you want to tone down your mahogany hair color, go for this hue. You can go for ombre or dip-dyed hair, and add some waves for more punch.

How to Take Care of Your Mahogany Hair Color

Making your hair mahogany is a risky choice that pays off handsomely. However, just like coloring your hair with other colors, it necessitates regular maintenance and attention.

Do you really want your hair color to fade in a week or for your tresses to become dry? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry! Continue reading to learn how to care for your mahogany tresses!

#1. Shampoo hair 72 hours after coloring it

Wait 72 hours before shampooing your hair if you want your hair color to last longer. This is because your cuticle is still open, and if you shampoo too quickly, the mahogany hair color will be rinsed out of your hair.

Follow this easy rule to reduce the number of salon visits for color touch-ups.

#2. Use shampoo and conditioner designed for colored hair

Water can leak through breaks in your damaged hair and wash out the pigments used to dye your hair, which can cause color fading. Use products that are designed to prevent color fading, dullness, and dryness to keep your hair color vibrant.

#3. Lower the water temperature when shampooing your hair

Do you enjoy taking long, steamy showers? So, it’s time to turn down the heat on the water. This is because hot water opens and lifts the cuticle of your hair, causing your hair color to fade.

If you can’t entirely eliminate hot water from your shower routine, shampoo your hair in lukewarm water and then rinse it with cold water to seal the cuticles.


#4. Love your second-day hair

You can forego shampooing your hair on days when you don’t have plans. This hair hack can help keep your hair color by reducing its exposure to water, in addition to saving time.

#5. Shampoo your hair less often

Shampooing your hair and scalp cleans it, but it also removes color and hydration. Limit shampooing to twice a week at most if you have colored hair, but condition it every day.

So, do you think mahogany hair color is right for you? It’s nice to play around with your hair every now and again, and while you’re at it, why not go for one of these mahogany hair color pegs? After your salon appointment, you’ll be shocked by how different you feel and look.


Let’s talk about maintenance for a moment. Once your client has their mahogany mane in place, they will want to secure it for long-term brightness.

What is our recommendation? We recommend that they only use a color-protecting shampoo like INDIGO Color Brilliance Color Protection Shampoo to wash their hair.

Then, as a weekly treat, prescribe a pigment-depositing conditioner to keep red tones looking vibrant.

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