How to Choose the Right Hair Extension for Short Hair


Whether you have short hair, or hair that doesn’t grow too fast, trying to choose the right hair extension for you can be very difficult.

Mostly because the battle is in trying to blend them in perfectly with your short hair so that it looks natural.

Hair extensions are usually picked for their ability to add instant volume to natural hair. However, it has become more difficult to pick out a hair extension and blend it with your hair when you have a little or very short hair, to begin with.

Thankfully, there are several tricks that get the job done, as well as other hair extensions that make your short hair look even better.

So, let’s begin!

How to Choose the Right Extension for Short Hair

There are lots of actors to consider when choosing the right extension for short hair. Here are the most important ones to look at

#1. Natural Length & Volume

Undoubtedly, the length of your hair determines what type of extension will be used. You should have a considerable amount of hair thickness and length to make sure the extension blends well with your hair.

Also, if you have thick short hair, you should endeavor to get a thicker attachment so that they can blend in perfectly and look natural. A thickset would make sure the transition is smooth and flawless.

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#2. Length and Weight of the Extensions

Another criterion for choosing the right extension of short hair is the length and weight of the extensions. This is especially important as it determines if the hair would fit into the smallest parts.

If you add lengthy and heavy strands, your short hair will be overly stressed, pulled, and would generally give you an artificial look. Literally, your hair will be screaming “artificciiiiallll”. The best choice is to choose extensions with low weights and shoulder length.

#3. Color & Texture

Although this is not a predominant factor, it’s still nice that the shade of your extensions should match that of your hair for a natural look.

In other words, choose an extension that matches your hair for a more natural and realistic appearance.

When you’re working with short hair, any minor differences in shade can make your additions look obvious.

So, to make sure you get a good texture with your hair extensions, consider adding lowlight, funky, or highlight colors. Ensure the texture of your natural hair and the extension are the same to avoid any big variations.

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What Extensions Are Best For Short Hair?

Every girl loves to use extensions. The volume ad texture they add to natural hair can be so beautiful. However, the issue most times is how to pick the right extensions particularly for short hair.

Here are the best extensions for short hair.

#1. Tape-in Hair Extensions

Although it’s true that the longer the hair, the easier it is to blend tape extensions, tape-in extensions are still a great option for short hair. In fact, it is better than clip-in extensions because they have damage-free, invisible tapes.

Also, tape-in extensions don’t pull or tug your natural hair, so it is better for thin, short hair. If you opt for transparent tape, the portion of the attachment near the hair is almost invisible.

#2. Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions are the most popular type of hair extension. This is because they are easy and inexpensive to buy.

Normally, you need a minimum of 3 inches of natural har to cover up the clip base and attach the clips without discomfort.

There are so many clip-in hair extensions to use, choose the one most appealing to you.

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#3. Hair Weaves & Wefts

Weft extensions offer better flexibility by allowing you to choose the application method. For this type, you’d require a minimum of 3 length inches.

A professional hairstylist can transform this extension into a tape-in or clip-in form. Regardless, it depends on the haircut.

#4. Micro Ring Loop Extensions

This type of hair extension is suitable for short hair and thick hair. It gives the hair a natural blend, as it lies the hair flat and is almost invisible.

To enjoy a good look with these extensions, it is important that the micro rings match the shade of your hair or it can be visible for short hair.

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#5. Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions, also known as U-Tip hair extensions are also one of the best hair extension choices for short hair. They only require about 2 inches of hair to blend properly.

This hair extension is attached using hot pliers, and the range depends on the technique used and the stylist performing it.

Professional hairstylists can attach U-tips on very short hair. Fusion strands on the other hand are attached strand-by-strand and blend perfectly because there are no clips, tapes, or loops.

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair?

The most difficult part of using hair extensions in short hair is blending them perfectly. And this depends on the style and cut of the hair.

For example, if you have a blunt hair cut, you should go for extensions that are thicker and can easily blend the transition between extension and the end of your blunt hair cut.

For this type of very short haircut, you can also try cutting or trimming your extensions so that they fit better.

Another trick that works for hiding your extensions with short hair is layering. If you add long extensions to very short hair, it can look very obvious and unnatural. Trimming and layering the extension and your own hair would make it look more natural.

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This article outlines the best hair extensions for short hair. Go through it and find which one suits you.

Happy styling!

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