15 Style Tips to Achieve More Volume With a Flat Hair


Flat hair is a common situation in women. Infact whether your hair is thick or thin, you must have been in a situation where you had to wear the flat hair look.

No doubt, flat hair has its perks. Everything look so clean, silky and slicked back. But most of the time, we’d rather have hair that is full and voluminous.

So, if you are amongst the large number of people that want to achieve a full and voluminous look with a flat hair, you’d find 15 style tips that work perfectly in this article.

But first let’s look at the causes of flat hair.

What causes flat hair?

Flat hair comes as a result of hair that has been thinned out. When there are several buildups from dirt, oils, product residue, and other impurities, it can weigh your strand down over time.

This is why, if you fail to wash your hair after about two days, you’d notice that it becomes flatter at the roots.

Now, this is definitely not the look you want to have, and I can help. T give your hair a more full look, you need to use the right hair care products, as well as use the right styling tips.

Keep reading as we discuss 15 style tips that will help you achieve more volume with flat hair.

Style Tips to Achieve More Volume With a Flat Hair

Give your flat hair a better and fuller look with these style tips.

#1. Detox your hair

Yeah, I know what you may be thinking. I thought the same too. Every time I heard the word “detox” it was associated with the body, especially for those trying to lose weight.

But, for the hair, we definitely don’t mean that. We mean, getting rid of the dirt in your hair. Remember, flat hair is a result of dirt buildup. So, what other way to get rid of it than to wash off the dirt?

Use a good hair shampoo and conditioner to wash off all dirt and product residue on your hair.

#2. Use a Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

While washing your hair, you can use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give your flat hair the boost you want.

Ask your stylist for the best volumizing shampoo and conditioner to use for the best results.

#3. Tease your roots

Another style tip for your flat hair is to tease your roots. Remember, flat hair is more obvious from the root of your hair.

So, if you don’t have the time to get into the shower and give your hair proper washing, you can tease your hair to create more volume at the crown of your head.

PS: Teasing your hair is the process of combing your hair backward. The back and forth motion of combing your hair builds volume and creates clusters, or teases, your hair for an overall thicker look. 

#4. Use a volume spray

When trying to get a more voluminous look, you may want to consider using a volume spray.

Certain products are designed to help make your hair appear fuller. So, consult your stylists for the best volume hair spray you can use to get the desired results.

#5. Wear voluminous curls

Flat hair doesn’t always occur solely at the roots of your hair. To give your hair a voluminous look, use a curling iron to create voluminous curls throughout your hair.

You can use a large-barrel curling iron on large sections of your hair to achieve this voluminous look.

Once you have curled all of your hair, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to gently brush your curls to create a fuller and looser look.

#6. Use a Pre-Shampoo Scrub

Pre-shampoo scrub is another option to manage flat hair and remove buildup. Use a pre-shampoo scrub to remove dirt, flakes, and buildup from excess oil.

Apply the scrub to wet hair, massage, and rinse before using shampoo and conditioner.

#7. Blow your hair

Another style tip for flat hair is to blow your hair out. A blowout instantly creates hair that is full of body and movement.

One easy way to give yourself a blowout at home (without having to hold a round brush and blow-dryer simultaneously) is by using a blow-dry brush. Doing this, helps you to achieve a fuller look even with your flat hair.

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#8. Put it up

If you’re good at multitasking, then you’d know that there are simple ways to lift flat hair. One of such ways is by pulling your hair into a high bun.

To start, create a high, loose bun on the center of your head. Secure it with a good hair band to avoid leaving any ridges. You can level it tied up and focus on other things such as makeup and nails. Afterward, you can loosen it and enjoy your fuller look.

#9. Use a hairpiece

Well, before you think “What’s she saying?” Listen to me first. To help you create an illusion of a full and lifted hair, you can use a faux hairpiece.

There are lots of hairpieces on the market that are made for helping to create volume at the crown of your head. So look for one that suits your style and jut hid it beneath your hair.

Afterward, who cares?

#10. Don’t overdo conditioners

As bland as this may sound, don’t overuse conditioners on your hair. Infact, avoid applying conditioners to your roots.

Conditioners are known to have thick hydrating formulas that are good to nourish hair. While this formula is good for mid-lengths to ends, it can be bad for the roots. The result of this is the appearance of flat hair.

#11. Use hair extensions

If none of these style tips mentioned so far work for you, you may want to consider using hair extensions.

Many people are more comfortable with using hair extensions as a way to achieve longer-looking voluminous hair.

So, if you belong to this category, then there’s nothing to be worried about, you can go ahead to clip your hair extension nicely to your hair and rock your voluminous curls effortlessly.

#12. Try Rollers

If you’re a fan of rollers like I am, then this trick will definitely work for you. Putting your hair into rollers will immediately add volume by creating bouncy curls.

To achieve the desired full look, apply the rollers before you do makeup, nails or any other routine and allow them work their magic.

And if you don’t know how, here’s How to use hair rollers the perfect way.

#13. Use a volumizing Mousse

Hair mousse is another styling product that you should have if you have flat hair. Apply the hair mousse to make your damp before styling.

This is good because hair mousse contains thickening agents that give your hair a bouncy, long-lasting look.

#14. Throw in a double ponytail

If you are wearing a ponytail and its too flat, throw in a double ponytail. Here’s a guide from L’oreal – part your hair from ear-to-ear, creating a top and bottom section of hair. Clip the top section out of the way.

Then, smooth the bottom section of your hair into a ponytail at the back of your head, securing with an elastic.

Release your top section of hair and smooth it into a ponytail directly above the ponytail you just created. Hold the two ponytails together with another elastic. There you have it, instant volume!

#15. Don’t over do hair serums

Hair serum is another hair product that can cause more harm than good to your roots. Just like conditioner, hair serum tends to have a thick formula that can weigh down your roots.

If hair serum is amongst your hair routine, then focus on using it on your mid-lengths to ends, rather than your roots.


I hope these style tips are able to show to show you how you can achieve more volume with flat hair.

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments section.

Good luck!



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