20 Secrets Nobody Tells You about Dark Green Hair Color

dark green hair color dye
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Katy Perry and Kesha have rocked a rainbow of hair colors, but don’t be fooled by their ever-changing trends (or their staff of personal stylists) into thinking that coloring your hair a similar color is simple.

There are plenty of stunning, colorful locks on Instagram, Tumblr, and other social media platforms, but as this collection of rainbow hair photos demonstrates that a lot goes on behind the scenes of a truly spectacular selfie.

So, how does it feel to have crazy rainbow hair? It’s quite cool, but it comes with its own set of less-than-stellar issues. Because I recently turned my black hair into a dark green tint, I understand the struggle. (Thank you, Lataye of Fox & Jane Salon in New York City, for putting up with my thousand questions and nervousness about the bleaching and coloring process.)

Doesn’t it look fantastic? The dark green streak that has been smeared on the wall next to my shower disagrees.

About dark green hair

In the standard color spectrum, it is the color that falls between yellow and blue. To make it easier to understand, imagine the hue of fresh grass.

These hair colors are surprisingly flattering on all skin tones, from dark to medium to light, as long as you pick the right shade. Dark-skinned people, for example, look fantastic with dark green curly hair.

Also, think about your hair type before going to the salon. To achieve this hair color, you may need to use a lot of bleach.

As a result, those with darker strands, previously dyed hair, or hair that is overly damaged may not be the best candidates.

Those who have never colored their curls before or who have naturally light hair are the greatest candidates.


Secrets Nobody Tells You about Dark Green Hair Colour

#1. The Color Fades within Days

Thanks to the lethal combination of shampoo and conditioner, that snappy hue holds its vitality for around four or five days if you’re lucky, over a week before it dulls.

Even if you use color-safe items, the color will not persist as long as you wish. It might fade to a still-awesome color if you’re lucky.

Though you’re unlucky, it’ll appear as if you spent the entire day soaking your ‘do in chlorine.

#2. The Color Stains Everything

Your towels and pillowcases will never be the same. For the next several washes, your freshly colored hair will bleed color.

Keep wet hair away from white items, particularly your beloved t-shirts.

#3. If You Dye Your Hair Red, Your Shower Will Look Like a Crime Scene

There was a lot of blood-red all over the place. If you don’t want to lose your security deposit, buy some bleach and scrub away.

#4. To Keep Your Hair from Fading, You Need to Wash It in Cold Water

This is particularly excruciating in the winter. You’ll eventually give up and opt for extra touch-ups rather than endure another frigid shower.

#5. …And You Can’t Wash It as Often

This is both a benefit and a drawback. On the one hand, you have more time in the morning to sleep in instead of showering.

Dry shampoo, on the other hand, only goes so far.

#6. Gloves Are a Must

If you’re dying your hair at home, these are very critical.

Even styling your damp hair can leave tinges of color on your skin and nail beds, and it takes an eternity to clean dye off stained hands.

#7. Your Natural Hair Color Dictates How Much Work Your Crazy Color Is

Congratulations if you’re naturally blond! Because it’s usually easier to dye hair darker than lighter, you can dye your hair any color with the least amount of work.

If you have dark hair, you’ll need a lot of bleach to get the color to show up.

It may take several cycles of bleaching (three in my case) before your hair is light enough for the color to stick.

#8. Bleach and Split Ends Are Bffs

You probably already know bleach is harmful to your hair, but you won’t realize how bad it is until you feel dead straw where your hair used to be OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration.

Bleach makes your hair thinner, more brittle, and more knotty.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to locate a strand that doesn’t end in a split end, and brushing out the tangled mess is taking twice as long.

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#9. Because Your Hair Is Extra-Delicate Now, You Need to Take Extra Care of It

Heat styling adds to whatever damage your hair is already dealing with. Proceed with caution.

#10. Crazy Colors Require Patience and Commitment

If your hair requires numerous bleaching sessions, you must wait a few weeks between each one.

Expect to walk into a salon with a color in mind and leave with brilliant blue hair an hour later.

#11. Pastel Hair Is One of the Most Difficult Looks to Achieve

Hairstylists are even warning their clients to stay away from DIY pastel hair dyes

#12. Some Colors Are Impossible to Get Out Completely

My hairdresser informed me that once I go green, it will remain that color till I cut it off. It’s a good thing I adore the color green.

#13. But It’s All Worth It! We Promise

You’ll feel like angels came down and blessed your hair when you shake it out and it’s that perfect badass shade of purple, green, blue, pink, you name it.

Nothing will be able to stop you now, planet.

#14. If you’re re-dyeing your hair, don’t put dye on the ends of your hair

“This is an unnecessary step and will make your hair look inky and heavy over time,” says Silverman.

#15. If you’ve got green tones from old color or chlorine, try a pink shampoo

According to Miles, who spoke to BuzzFeed about the situation, “Green tones in the hair caused by past color treatments, product buildup, or chlorine can be removed with Bleach pink shampoo and conditioner.

Pink is a color that can be used to counteract the effects of the color green.”

#16. Use a sulfate-free shampoo

“Sulfate-free shampoo will extend the life of permanent hair color because it is mild and won’t take it out like a harsher detergent-based shampoo,” Silverman recommends.

#17. Use heat styling tools sparingly and responsibly

“Rather than using curling irons or straighteners, try blow-drying your hair because there is less direct heat and it produces less harm,” Miles tells BuzzFeed Life.

#18. Get a shower filter

This is the most important piece of advice every color-blind client should know.

A shower filter will keep your clothes from fading and discoloring due to mineral and chlorine accumulation in municipal water.

This is one secret no one tells you about dark green hair and dye.

#19. Ask your stylist about getting a glaze or gloss, which is an inexpensive way to revive color

According to Tang, you can request a glaze. It’s a semi-permanent coloring that only enhances the existing hue rather than completely replacing it. It’s similar to applying a layer of paint.

A glossing treatment freshens up aging highlights and restores brightness to brunettes and reds.

#20. Ask your colorist about Olaplex, a miracle-working repair treatment

We recommend you enquire with your colorist about the Olaplex hair repair procedure. This genuinely strengthens the hair and restores its health. It is not a filler or a smoother. It is a repairer.

Olaplex works by rebounding broken disulfide bonds that occur because of chemical, lightening, and straightening operations.

Which hair types are the best candidates for dark green hair?

You should consider your hair type before scheduling an appointment with your stylist.

Experts say that serious bleaching is required to produce green hair, so people with darker hair or previously dyed hair aren’t the most likely candidates.

Instead, anyone with naturally light hair or who has never dyed their hair before is the ideal candidate for becoming green.

Maryland-based colorist Megan Schipani has this to say; if your hair is excessively damaged, your hairdresser may advise against dying it green.

How do stylists get that perfect dark green hair color?

You will about how to get your perfect dark green hair dye and color here.

First, no matter what color your hair is or what shade of green you want, you’ll need to lighten your strands first 99 percent of the time. This process aids in creating an even canvas for the dye to seem properly green.

If your preferred shade is on the neon or pastel side of the color spectrum, we recommend bleaching your hair to the lightest blonde possible. Those with darker hair may require over one bleaching session to achieve the platinum level.

Regardless of how much lightning will be done, stylists recommend having a bond builder like Olaplex added to your stylist’s recipe to assist keep your hair’s integrity during the procedure.

Darker green tones, such as hunter and emerald, don’t require a light hair color; deeper shades of blonde can suffice.

However, with green hair in general, the lighter you lift it at first, the prettier it fades out.


How does dark green hair color fade?

The fact that green hair fades is one of the main reasons why it took longer than other rainbow hues to acquire popularity.

Green dye, on the other hand, is more likely to fade to a lighter variety of the original color than to an indistinguishable, muddy hue thanks to revolutionary formulas like Pulp Riot, Arctic Fox, and Trillion Tones.

(Fun fact: According to an Arctic Fox spokesperson, sales of the company’s least-popular green dyes surged by around 10% from July to August as a result of the trend.)

A platinum blonde foundation is also necessary for a true-to-tone fade.

The time dark green dye hair takes to fade is around the same time frame as other colors. usually 6 weeks. Expect neon and pastel shades to fade quicker than darker ones.

Generally, the deeper the color, the longer it lasts.

How do you maintain dark green hair at home?

Ask your hairdresser to prepare a custom-colored conditioner for you to avoid any embarrassing fading and lengthen the life of your color.

Make sure you rinse it out thoroughly with cold water.

Alternatively, you can freshen your color at home using a color-depositing conditioner like Overtone. This is available in three shades of green.

The dark green color hair is a lifestyle shift and only for those who are prepared to take care of it regularly.

This means washing your new green hair once a week and making dry shampoo your best buddy.

It’s also necessary to use moisture masks and heat/UV protectants.

Amika’s go-to items for each are the Soulfood Nourishing Mask and the Blockade Heat Defense Serum.


Too daring! It’s far too radical! It’s out of control! Many women have faced criticism for their hairstyles, particularly with dark green hair color.

Women who color their hair lime, dark green, or peacock purple are analyzed to the extent where this characteristic determines their personal and professional worth.

However, if you’re ready to rock the dark green hair color dye, this article has provided an awesome guide.

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