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Honey Brown Hair
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Honey brown hair is elegant, chic, and unique. It can gracefully freshen your complexion, accentuate your eye color, and make you look younger thanks to the rich palette of shades available.

This article will provide you with ideas for styling your honey brown hair, whether it is long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly. Browse the images below to find the honey brown hairstyle that best suits your age, complexion, and lifestyle!

Honey brown hair

A honey brown hair color is a vibrant shade created by combining the bright color of honey with a brunette. It’s amazing how bees can create such a sweet and radiant ingredient, but what’s even more amazing is how much honey-colored hair enhances your hairstyle, whether through full hair color or just highlights.

Honey is a comforting but not overly warm color (think soft gold rather than orange or red). Honey brown shades flatter most skin tones and are only a few shades darker than your natural color.

Honey brown hair is ideal for all seasons, particularly summer when the golden hue of honey shines the brightest.

What does your hair say about you?

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Best Honey Brown Hair Color Ideas?

Here are the best honey brown hair ideas to give yourself the perfect look that you desire:

  • Dark Honey Brown Hair
  • Brown Hair With Honey Highlights
  • Honey Brown Ombré Hair
  • Light Honey Brown Hair
  • Medium Honey Brown Hair
  • Honey Brown Mix
  • Honey Brown Balayage
  • Honey Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair
  • Honey Brown Highlights on Black wig
  • Medium Honey Brown
  • Long Honey Brown wig
  • Golden Bronde
  • Natural Light Honey Hair Color
  • Reddish Brown to Honey Brown Ombre with Loose Curls
  • Medium-Length Honey Brown Butterscotch
  • Cinnamon Red with Streaks of Honey Brown
  • Honey Brown Toffee on Wavy wig
  • Mocha with Honey Brown
  • Caramel Honey Brown with Naturally Curly wig

Dark Honey Brown Hair

You don’t have to go for light strands because honey-brown hair has golden undertones. Consider a dark honey brown wig color if you prefer a dark brown wig.

Brown Hair With Honey Highlights

If you prefer a dimensional look, try lacing your hair with honey highlights. This color option is perhaps the most classic take on the trend, with plenty of movement. Ask your colorist to add some warm reddish-brown highlights to the mix to take things up a notch.

Honey Brown Ombré

Honey brown ombré wig is a great choice if you prefer a low-maintenance look. You won’t have to worry about a harsh line of demarcation as your roots grow out because this take on the brown wig with honey highlights trend features brunette roots that transition to honey blonde ends with a gradient effect — aka, you can go longer between touch-ups.

Light Honey Brown wig

This kind of hair will appeal to anyone who enjoys light brunette manes and all-over colors. Because this option only uses one color, you can easily recreate the look at home.

Medium Honey Brown

If you like the idea of a solid honey brown but don’t want to go too light, a medium honey brown shade might work for you.

Honey Brown Mix

If you already have brown hair, honey brown hair dye is very easy to maintain. All you’ll need is a trip to the salon two to three times a year to refresh the highlights.

Honey Brown Balayage wig

Honey brown balayage is a stunning combination of golden blonde and brown hair! This blend may look best on lighter-medium skin tones. The wig should be touched up every 3-4 months, depending on your personal preference for the grown-out look.

Honey Blonde Highlights

Honey blonde features on brown hair are a subtle, yet noticeable, way to go blonde. This is a great way to add depth to your hair without completely changing the color scheme. This color scheme is ideal for people with medium skin tones. The benefit of a thicker highlight is that it can look similar to balayage when grown out.

Honey Brown Highlights on Black

Honey brown standouts on black wig are not only a great way to lighten up your face and add movement to your dark locks, but they are also a great way to lighten up your face and add movement to your dark locks. Leaving the hair black reveals depth and warmth.

Medium Honey Brown

Medium honey brown is a medium brown shade with honey or a golden undertone. To achieve medium honey brown, start with a brown base and add golden blonde highlights. This is a lovely shade for enhancing and brightening light-medium skin tones.

Long Honey Brown hair

This wig is typically a combination of a dark base and a variation of a golden blonde/brown. This is an excellent example of a honey ombré. This honey balayage requires the least amount of maintenance. The transition from medium brown to honey brown and then down to sun-kissed honey blonde is ideal for the girl who wants that beach-kissed look!

Golden Bronde

Golden bronde is a delicate blend of golden brown and shining blonde. This gives the hair a noticeable, yet natural, look. It’s almost as if you sat in the sun all day.

Natural Light Honey Hair Color

This natural-looking hair with subtle light honey brown highlights will captivate everyone! The light honey color is a tried and true way to make medium-thick hair look dimensional and full of volume.

Reddish Brown to Honey Brown Ombre with Loose Curls

This auburn brown with highlights has honey and a golden brown color palette with warm undertones that complement tanned skin well. This golden ombre color melt will turn you into an outdoor woman because you’ll want to flaunt its fiery ness in the sun.

Medium-Length Honey Brown Butterscotch

If you don’t want the upkeep that long hair requires, a medium-length haircut will suffice to show off this smooth transition.

Cinnamon Red with Streaks of Honey Brown

When you combine the right hair colors, especially the top three trendiest ones of all time—brown, blonde, and red—you can take your fashion to the next level. Experiment with the various dimensions and styling options available with this hairstyle on honey-toned red hair.

Honey Brown Toffee on Wavy

This hair is fantastic if you want to keep your darker, longer hair while giving the appearance of lighter hair. Summer’s best friend is a honey-hued tone with golden undertones.

Mocha with Honey Brown

Adding honey-brown streaks to your lovely medium-brown hair is a subtle way to brighten it up. These honey-brown waves add effortless dimension and depth to your natural wig.

Caramel Honey Brown with Naturally Curly wig

Honey brown curls are ideal if you want to dimension and texture at the same time. Remember to keep your highlighted natural curls moisturized at all times. If not properly cared for, these honey-colored curls can dry out your hair.

Long Hair with Hazelnut Honey Highlights

If you have long chocolate-colored hair with honey accents, this is a stunning hairstyle! Finish with some waves and delicate honey highlights on the brown wig to add softness and a more dramatic look.


The hidden truth to the honey brown color is that it appears as if you have just returned from a vacation. It warms and colors your skin, giving it a sun-kissed appearance. As a result, your skin appears radiant and healthy, which is especially beneficial during the dark winter months.

FAQs Honey Brown Hair

Is light brown hair rare?

After black hair, brown hair is the most common human hair color. It ranges from light brown to medium dark.

Does honey make hair brown?

Honey does not permanently lighten the hair. It does not completely remove the color of your hair. All it does is lighten your hair a few shades.

Is light brown hair pretty?

Yes, light brown hair is attractive.


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