French Bangs: How to Style French Bangs

French bangs

Whether your hair is long or short, french bangs allow you to switch up your look and make a statement without having to commit to a full chop. Whether you go for a full, straight-across bang or something cut off the side, it’s impossible to deny that these styles add undeniable sex appeal to any look.

However, as with any new hairstyle, you should do your research to determine which bang hairstyle will best suit your lifestyle, face type, and even level of commitment.

To help you out, we’ve discussed tons of french bangs inspiration, tips for cutting bangs, types of french bangs, bangs for your face type, and even transitional looks to try when you want to grow out your hair bangs.

What are french bangs?

French bangs, also known as French girl bangs, are long, full, angled fringe that usually ends below the brows and around the cheekbones on the sides. This is a hair fringe cut across the brow. The term “bangs” to describe this hair fringe has murky origins. There is no clear word root word indicating why this term is used to describe this hairstyle.

When searching for the best french bangs hairstyles, make sure they complement your face shape. People have experimented with cutting french bob with bangs like no other, but before you do, try to learn about common natural hair myths that everyone believes.

To begin, cutting french bob with bangs requires a great deal of precision and skill. As a result, you should only try it if your hairstylist says the cut is appropriate for you.

How to Style French Bangs

Here is a simple way that you can get your french braid bangs style:

  • To get an idea, look at the most french bangs patterns on Social Networks.
  • Get the right balance
  • Plan regular salon visits for haircuts
  • Consider adding color

To get an idea, look at the most french bangs patterns on Social Networks

The french braids with bangs can be short, straight, curtain, layered, or ultralong. What makes it so appealing? It is difficult to resist the fringe, whether it is a temporary attempt or a hair signature because it comes in an infinite variety of shapes. To get the right style of french braids with bangs, look at the French hashtag on social media.

Get the right balance

The cut is, of course, the most noticeable feature of the French girl fringe hairstyle! To get the perfect cut, you’ll need a very talented stylist, so start your search there. Make sure you go to someone you trust and who is familiar with your hair texture.

When you arrive for your appointment, your stylist will take over from there. If you want to keep your hair longer, your stylist will cut it with the perfect balance of length and french braids with bang edges that reach as far down as your cheeks. However, if your hair is already shoulder length or you want a shorter fringe, the edges will be much higher.

The fringe cut will be layered to perfectly frame your face and add a sleek dimension to your features, regardless of the length of your hair.

Plan regular salon visits for haircuts

This look is low-maintenance, but regular trimming will keep it looking good. You must keep it styled on a regular basis, ensuring that you have the time to go and keep having fringe trims. Most salons will trim your fringe for free if you are a client.

Consider adding color

Natural, earth tones are the focus of French girl fringe. It has a very natural, ethereal, and classic feel to it. This means you’ll never see this hairstyle in unusual colors like blues, greens, or platinum. Rather, this style is most commonly seen in chocolate brown, soft blonde, or autumn auburn.

The French have a method for appearing effortlessly undone, yet done, and by getting a more natural hair color, you’ll be able to grasp this trend better than you would with bright red or colorful hair.

If you have naturally lighter hair and want to go for a darker french girl fringe, use a shampoo and conditioner set that will help your new dark color last longer, such as Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo and Conditioner. Always endeavor to protect your natural hair from chlorine when adding color to your hair.

How to cut french fringe bangs

  • Gather your materials
  • Get it dry
  • Longer layers should be cut all the way around your head
  •  Frame your face
  • Layer the sides
  • To complete the layering process, take your hair out of the ponytail
  • Make an inverted V with your bangs
  • Cut the bangs at an angle
  • Style into loose waves

Types of french bangs

Here are some examples of French bangs that you can wear to enhance your appearance.

  • Blunt french bangs
  •  Side bangs
  • Curtain french bangs
  • Choppy bangs
  • Arched french bangs
  • Asymmetrical bangs
  • Pin up Bangs
  • Feathered bangs
  • Curly Shag Bangs

Blunt french bangs

Blunt french bangs

There are blunt bangs, which make the most statement of all the different types of front bangs. They’re cut in a perfectly straight line, either above or below the brows. You can even go so far as to cut them halfway over your eyes for a mysterious look.

You can, on the other hand, trim blunt bangs as short as you want for a more alternative vibe to your look. A woman with accurate blunt bangs will always attract a lot of attention when entering a room, regardless of length.

Side bangs

Side bangs

Side bangs, on the other hand, have a more whimsical feel to them. Side bangs exude sweetness and innocence when cropped closer to the brows and thus revealing the eyes. It’s one of the reasons why many girls, especially preteens and high school students, prefer the style.

However, the bangs style is equally appropriate for women in their twenties or even their senior years. Side bangs will always have a childlike quality to them that will make you feel forever young. In general, the shorter the side bangs, the more cheerful they will appear.

Curtain french bangs

Curtain french bangs

Curtain bangs perfectly capture the essence of retro hairstyles. Nowadays, you can take the retro trend and apply it to any haircut. Simply part your hair down the middle and shape your bangs accordingly. Furthermore, a curtain bangs foundation allows you to experiment with other fringe styles, such as side bangs.

Choppy bangs

Choppy bangs

Choppy bangs, as opposed to blunt bangs, are all about displaying an edgy personality. A girl who buys them isn’t afraid to show her true colors, even if they aren’t the stereotypical depiction of femininity. A perfect look for you. Make sure your hair is properly styled.

Arched french bangs

Arched french bangs

Long hair with bangs looks fantastic. But do you know what looks even more lovely? Arched bangs on long hair The look has been around for decades, and we don’t see it going away anytime soon. As you may have noticed, arched bangs have been adopted by women of all walks of life, from celebrities like Sandra Bullock to everyday women. Women with relatively straight hair can usually pull off arched bangs with little effort.

In addition, if you have fine hair that falls completely straight, you can style your bangs in a matter of minutes. Simply blow-dry your bangs upwards with a round brush. If you need some help the first time, you can watch a tutorial.

Asymmetrical bangs

Asymmetrical bangs

Creativity knows no bounds, and this is especially true when it comes to your hairstyle. Your bangs can be any shape you want and any length you want. If you’re feeling adventurous, look up asymmetrical haircuts for any face shape to get ideas.

A one-of-a-kind way to show off your bangs. Then, for your bangs, use your favorite asymmetrical cutting technique. One method is to cut your hair bangs diagonally, as shown above. Begin with longer strands on one side and progress to a shorter corner. The end result will make you stand out in a big way.

Pin up Bangs

Pin up Bangs

Many people believe that the 1950s were the pinnacle of feminine fashion. From candy red lipstick and sky-high curled lashes to pin-up hairstyles, women embraced both their inner and outer beauty.

Feathered bangs

Feathered bangs

Feathered bangs are similar to curtain bangs in appearance, but they do not need to be parted in the middle. This bang style can be worn in a variety of ways, giving you the opportunity to experiment with them.

Unlike layered bangs, feathered bangs get their texture from the ends of the hair rather than from layers cut into the hair. These bangs will blend in with the rest of your hair, giving you a more subtle look.

Micro french bangs

Micro french bangs

Micro bangs are another popular trend that we adore! Some people look like they were born with these tiny bangs. Micro bangs provide a look that is both retro and modern, giving you a completely unique appearance.

Micro french bangs end about an inch above your brows, in the middle of your forehead. Micro bangs are the way to go if you want to stand out!

Who do bangs look good on

With their split, angled shape and soft-yet-tousled texture, French bangs can work for almost anyone. If you have straight or wavy hair, you can rock French bangs like nobody’s business.

Very curly and coily hair will struggle to adopt the gently curved shape, but the general split-bang look can look great on more textured hair! French bangs look great on all face shapes.

The soft and tousled silhouette created by French bangs benefits all face shapes, including oval, round, square, and heart.

Because this style of fringe leaves a little open space in the center of your forehead, it will not visually shorten or widen your face (like straight-across blunt bangs can).

French girl bangs are easy to style, especially if you have some natural wavy texture and don’t mind air drying them rather than heat styling. They’re generally low-maintenance, requiring only a trim every couple of months to maintain the proper length.

The good thing is that once French bangs grow out, they won’t look bad or require pinning. They’ll blend in seamlessly with the rest of your hairstyle for a seamless grow-out transition.


When it comes to French bangs, the cut is just as important as the attitude. These bangs are typically centered in the middle but worn in such a way that it is difficult to tell whether or not the hair has been ‘done.’ Irrespective of your hair type, try them out if you’re looking for sexy effortlessness.

FAQs About French Bangs

Who do bangs look good on?

Bangs, when worn correctly, can be flattering on any face shape. A side-swept bang complements both round and square faces. Straight across bangs complement heart-shaped or oval faces well.

How to cut french fringe bangs?

Here is a simple way on how you can cut french bangs:
Gather your materials, Get it dry, Longer layers should be cut all the way around your head,
 Frame your face, Layer the sides, To complete the layering process, take your hair out of the ponytail, Make an inverted V with your bangs, Cut the bangs at an angle, Style into loose waves…

Should bangs be layered?

Layered haircuts with bangs are an excellent way to achieve a new look. Fortunately, layers can be worn with any length of hair. You can achieve the layered look with anything from a short pixie to a medium-length shag to a long bob. Consider adding highlights to your new layered hairstyle to make it stand out.

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