What Is Asteria Hair? How Is It Installed?

What Is Asteria Hair? How Is It Installed?
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As someone who has worked in the beauty industry for a long time, I’ve discovered that there are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing hair. Obviously, high-grade hair is required, but the store itself must also be of good quality. I’ll be examining the firm Asteria Hair to determine if it’s actually worth it to shop with them.

The straight lace front wig was the specific product purchased. Keep in mind that this hair was purchased out of pocket with no compensation.

What is Asteria Hair?

AsteriaHair is a Chinese company that has been in business for a long time. They’ve been operating their own factory for almost 16 years, and their official website was founded in 2016.

Customers should expect a constantly better buying experience from the company.

The layout of this e-commerce site was one of the highlights of my purchasing experience. The website was easy to navigate and presented all of the necessary categories.

They could have been more descriptive in their explanations at times, but they answered all of my questions.

Both wigs and weaves are a specialty of the business. I’m just qualified to comment on the wigs because that’s all I’ve tried. Whatever the case may be, the hair comes in a range of hues, textures, lengths, and sizes.

The organization provides a variety of ways to communicate with them. Despite this, it was difficult for me to discover a means to get a timely answer from the organization without having to email them. Because I didn’t have access to a live chat, my next best choice was to email them during their business hours.

The delivery took 5 business days, totaling a little more than a week. This is a good price, especially considering the free shipping. They ship every day except Sunday and have a selection of services to choose from.

This company received positive feedback. The majority stated that they have ordered from the company multiple times and were satisfied each time. This is a positive indicator, and the delivery was very consistent.

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Characteristics of Asteria Hair

#1. Hair Strand

This wig is 16 inches long and contains some of the softest strands I’ve ever touched. They slip straight through your fingers when you brush your fingers through the hair. This is a big benefit in hair since it reduces the likelihood of tangles.

The straight hair structure also helps to highlight the lovely hue. Natural black is the color description, and it is true to that statement.

The volume of shedding that occurred was the one disadvantage of this hair. When properly cared for, the business claims that the hair will not shed. I barely brushed the hair a few times, and there were a lot of loose strands that kept coming out during the procedure.

#2. Hairline

The unit came with HD lace as standard, but there was an option to upgrade. Swiss lace is also available as an alternative. Because the lace was so translucent, I noticed that the knots stood out more.

Instead of being the same size throughout, the knots start out little and gradually grow in size. Unless you chose to style in a deep part, they shouldn’t be a problem because they are the thinnest closest to the hairline.

There was no mention of the unit being pre-plucked or having baby hairs. There were shorter bits on the wig, despite the fact that they were not advertised.

These baby hairs are a little too long, but they can be snipped down to size. It also doesn’t appear like any more plucking is required because the line is already diffused.

#3. Density

Although you have the option, this wig was purchased with a density of 180 percent. The next option was 250 percent, which is a really thick option. The ends of the unit are just as full as the rest of the unit, which is one way to tell the benefit of having a higher density.

You can get away with having high densities because the hair is both straight and just 16 inches long. The hair will not appear too thick, while if a curl pattern is present, this may change.

Given that this wig costs over $200, I believe that having the opportunity to modify the density is an excellent choice. The ability to customize a device to your desire comes at a cost.

#4. Construction

I thought the wig was well-made, particularly where the lace meets the hat. Some firms leave too much of a space between the wefts and the cap, causing the wefts to not lay flat and exposing some of the caps.

The wefts are precisely distributed throughout the unit to eliminate gaps. In the long run, this makes the hair look fuller and more natural.

There were no flaws in the cap itself, such as loose strings. This is advantageous since it extends the life of the hair unit. Loose strings are frequently tugged, causing the item to come apart faster than expected.

#5. Cap Size

This wig was available in three sizes, but I went with the medium. They also had small and large sizes, which you may measure using their chart. The unit is secured with three combs and elastic.

The wig is composed of a stretchable material that allows you to choose your cap size with ease. While you don’t want to buy a wig that is too small, the elastic cap gives for some wiggle room if you do.

As previously stated, the pricing is a tad on the high side, but the customizing options make it worthwhile. This gadget allows you to personalize four separate regions.

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#6. Store Experience

AsteriaHair had a very user-friendly website. They provided a layout that made sense by emphasizing their sales and best-selling products first. Both of these solutions would pique a customer’s interest right away.

I noticed a couple parts, such as their about us page, to be in need of more information. In addition to the information provided, the website included pertinent categories for displaying their products.

The business even had constant banner advertising methods to save money, which was helpful for forgetful customers. They included information about current sales as well as a coupon code.

6 Steps to Install Asteria Hair

#1. Prep hair

DOVE Intense Repair Shampoo and Dove Intense Repair Conditioner are recommended. These items can help your hair strands become stronger and healthier while reducing hair breakage.

#2. Protect hair

To protect your hair from heated styling equipment, spray TONI&GUY Heat Protection Mist on it. You will avoid heat damage this way.

#3. Clip hair

Divide your hair into two horizontal sections with a tail comb. After that, clip the top half of your hair.

#4. Start crimping

Take a little part of your hair from the lower half. Using hair crimpers, produce modest, well-defined waves in this part. Begin at the top of your head and work your way down to the ends.

#4. Repeat

Curl the bottom layer of your hair until it is completely curled. Then, using your hair crimpers, unclip the top section and curl it one small section at a time.

Scrunch your hair around the roots to add bounce and volume after you’re finished.

#5. Done!

You now have long, lovely wavy hair. If you want your long hair to have tighter, more defined waves, opt for asteria hair. You can wear this hairstyle to beach weddings or daytime gatherings, or just to spice up your long locks on a regular basis.

If you want to make thin tresses appear thicker, this is a terrific styling tip.

Other Ways to Style Long Hair

Aside from asteria hair, here are more hairstyling tricks so you have more options to experiment with.

#1. Long hair with curly side fringe

Create enormous waves using a curling iron with a large barrel for a Hollywood glam look. Remember to separate your hair on the side to create a curly side fringe that complements your wavy hair.

You may wear this look from day to night because it works as a casual ‘do or a party haircut.

#2. Curly side part with hair clips

You can also curl just the tips of your hair to bring out the natural bounce in your hair. Then accessorize with attractive hair clips to complete your ensemble.

This adorable hairdo is ideal for those days when you want to look cute.

#3. Sexy romantic waves

Make an exquisite down ‘do for dinner dates and cocktail gatherings by opting for sexy, romantic waves.

You’ll make everyone swoon if you wear it with your favorite LBD and shoes.

Where is Asteria hair located?

Asteria Hair is a professional, dependable human hair vendor that integrates collection, manufacturing, and selling in-house.

Our factory, which has been operating for 16 years and will continue to do so in 2021, is located in Xuchang, China, which is known as the “Wig Capital” and has a history of dealing with human hair dating back over 100 years.

Asteria Hair is a leader in the industry, specializing in the production of wigs and hair bundles. Most of your requirements might be met by the large manufacturing system. Retail and wholesale, as well as drop shipping, are all supported.

We’ve been working hard to improve your purchasing experience; thank you for your patronage, and enjoy your visit at asteriahair.com.

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Brazilian Hair VS Peruvian Hair; Which Hair Should I Choose?

Human weave hair weaves are becoming increasingly popular among fashionistas. Human hair is available in a wide range of textures, hues, and lengths, and people can choose from a wide range of hair types, textures, colors, and lengths. They’re debating which hair kind is the best.

In the global market, both Brazilian and Peruvian hair is the best hair for ladies. In the production of hair products, they are all top-quality virgin human hair.

But do you understand the distinction between Brazilian and Peruvian hair? This is a serious issue. We’ll give you the answer to this question today. Continue reading!

What is Remy Human Hair Extensions?

Let’s start with the basics. Remy’s hair is, in fact, actual human hair. Human hair is found in all Remy hair extensions, although not all human hair extensions are Remy.

The name Remy refers to hair that has not been processed and still has its cuticle layer intact. That is to say, it is really healthy, soft, lustrous, and of good quality!

Synthetic hair, as you may know, is a man-made fiber. Humans can now grow hair in a lab thanks to the wonders of science and technology. When a material can be manufactured artificially, expenses are reduced.

Human hair is more expensive due to the fact that it must be grown in its natural environment: on someone’s head. It takes time and effort to accomplish this. Hair gathering is also a procedure. Imagine a woman in a stylist’s chair if it helps. This is where the Remy distinction comes into play.

Remy’s hair is gathered in one bundle rather than being chopped and letting the strands fall where they may. The integrity of the cuticle is preserved by keeping the gathered hair in bundles, with the hair laying in the same direction from root to end.

This avoids tangles and allows for natural mobility.


When you have long hair, you can try out a variety of different styles. Leaving it down provides you with a variety of fashionable alternatives. You can either go for a sleek and straight down ‘do or curls.

You can also use different equipment to curl your hair, such as hair rollers or curling irons.


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