How to Make a Synthetic Wig Look Real

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People wear wigs for many different reasons, such as to change their look or, in some cases, because they are losing their hair. The colors, textures, and styles of wigs come in a wide range. Making a synthetic wig look natural may not always be easy, but with enough time and effort, it is feasible to achieve hair. It is now simple for you to change your hair to suit your style, whether you have a synthetic or real hair wig.

Since synthetic wigs have come a long way, it is unlikely that the lack of shine in the fiber will be noticeable upon first removal from the packaging. Due to the nature of the fiber and conditioning agents used to create these wigs, this is a common characteristic of synthetic styles. This post explains how to make a synthetic wig appear real. The majority of the time, how you handle wigs and the style you create with them determine their beauty.

How to Make Synthetic Wig Look Less Fake

The main objective of wearing a wig is to restore your appearance to the way it was when you had natural hair. If we were being completely honest, we wouldn’t want anyone to know when we were wearing a wig. The texture and appearance of the wigs are the two main qualities that make them look more realistic and natural. Under appearance, the style in which you make your wig determines how natural and real the look is. There are several ways to make your synthetic hair look less fake in this article. They comprise;

#1. Always Spray a Dry Shampoo Over the Hair to Make Synthetic Strands More Matte     

Most wigs are mostly made of plastic, which gives them a shiny look that isn’t real. To efficiently apply dry shampoo to synthetic hair, you must apply it loosely, just as you would to your genuine hair.

Avoid combing or brushing while spraying to maintain the matte, tousled appearance. It is recommended to spritz the dry shampoo on the wig while holding it upside down before wearing it.

#2. Always Apply a Mixture of Water and Fabric Softener to Condition the Hair

In a spray can, add equal parts cold water and fabric softener and shake vigorously. After giving the wig a good shake, spray it with the liquid and let it dry for 30 minutes. To help the wig dry faster, wrap it loosely in a handkerchief.

#3. The Use of Tweezers

Put on your wig without tying it. Using tweezers, remove stray hairs from the hairline. Take up to 20–25 wig hairs from the center of your head and 10–15 wig hairs from the area surrounding your brow. After all of this, the decision may make the wig look less artificial.

#3. Style the Wig Into a Ponytail for a Realistic Look

While looking in the mirror, put on the wig and secure it in place. Pull the wig into a low ponytail or braid. Look carefully in your mirror to make sure that you can’t notice any parts of the wig cap, and then you can use headbands or any other accessories to cover any imperfections or kinks in the hair.

#4. Color the Hair to Soothe Your Skin

If you can’t color your wig, you can ask a hairstylist to help you out if the wig is made of real human hair. Using colors like light brown, or light blonde that suit your skin.

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Can You Wear a Synthetic Wig Every Day?

Yes, you can wear a synthetic wig all day long, although it is not recommended. It’s advised to wear them for half a day, after which you can take a break. A wig’s life or quality may be shortened if it is worn continuously. For instance, if the wig is meant to last for 12 months, wearing them continuously may cause them to last only 6 months.

What Do You Spray on a Synthetic Wig?

Some specially formulated sprays are used to treat and maintain synthetic wigs. Use fabric softener spray to soften the wig once more, and wash it in warm water to smooth it out. To give your wig a lovely scent, you may also spray apple cider vinegar.

How to Get a Shine Out of a Synthetic Wig

Getting a shine from a synthetic wig shouldn’t be a challenge for the ladies. The shine of a wig, which is sometimes too much, could make it known that it isn’t your natural hair. There are two main ways to get a shine out of a synthetic wig which would be listed below;

#1. The Use of Dry Shampoos

One of the simplest ways to make a synthetic wig shine is to use dry shampoo. It often comes in a container and effectively removes grease from the hair roots. Dry shampoo can be used to thoroughly remove extra shine from synthetic wigs.

When applied to synthetic wigs, the dry shampoo’s granular mixture has an immediate effect. Simply completely spray the dry shampoo on your wig to remove extra shine from it. After spraying, gently comb the wig, and you’re done.

#2. The Use of Baby Powders

Baby powder is not only used to prevent rashes in children but can also be used to get a shine out of a synthetic wig.

Gently puff out a small amount of baby powder on your palms and evenly dab the powder around your wigs; it will greatly reduce the shine of your wig. To remove excess powder when you are done dabbing, you shake it off well and then using a comb, you evenly distribute it to every part of the wig.

What Products Can You Use on a Synthetic Wig?

You can use any product intended for caring for and treating the wig. The following products are recommended for wig care:

  • HAIRUWEAR CLEANSE SHAMPOO for cleansing and removal of fibers.
  • Awesome Wig Conditioning Spray for easily detangling your wig
  • TWC brush   for combing and brushing your wig etc 

How Do You Make a Wig Hairline Look Natural?

To make your hairline look natural, you can use a pair of tweezers to pick out at least 10–15 hairs along the various spots of your forehead. Then you can now pull out a minimum of 20 to 25 strands of hair along the center part.

While tweezing, avoid the removal of too many hairs from one spot to make your look as perfect as your natural hair. Always flatten your natural hair before freezing to make your wig look more natural.

How Do You Make a Synthetic Wig Less Frizzy?

Most times, wigs get frizzy, and caring for them might not always work as you wish. Besides brushing your wig, you can also use straightening techniques with your hands or use a detangler spray.

Before detangling the wig, place it on a mannequin head. After you have placed the wig, select a portion of the wig (about 1-2 inches), then spray a small amount of detangling spray on it. After you must have done that, Leave the hair for a while before combing it.

How Can I Make a Cheap Wig Look Good?

Most times, a wig doesn’t depend on the price at which you purchased it, but on the way, you treat and care for it. Even if you’ve purchased a high-quality wig and don’t care for that wig properly, it will certainly look as unnatural as a cheap wig. There are various ways that you can care for your wig which are listed below;

  • Replace your wig regularly
  •  Always line up your wig with your natural hairline
  • Always spray a dry shampoo over the hair.
  • Wash regularly and keep it neat.
  • Color the hair to make it soothe your skin

When constantly following this procedure, even your cheap wig will look as natural as the costly one.

Is It Ok to Use Hair Spray on a Synthetic Wig?

No, it’s not ok to use hairspray on a synthetic wig because it can ruin the synthetic fiber of the wig. It is best to purchase hairspray that is designed for synthetic hair.

Can You Put Mousse on a Synthetic Wig?

Yes, you can put mousse on a synthetic wig, but only the type that is designed for it. Synthetic wigs possess a dry and tattered look if they are not cared for with the appropriate hair products. after you have attached the appropriate mousse, you will notice how great your wig looks.


There are various ways that you can make a synthetic wig look real, which were briefly listed in this article. I hope you enjoyed this piece!


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