ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT STEAM TREATMENT FOR HAIR: Reasons, Benefits and Usage [DIY Guide Included]

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Steaming hair has been a staple in Afro hair salons for decades. Basically, you coat your hair in nourishing oils, apply heat (hence the giant retro heater), and let it absorb the vapours while the machine puffs behind you. If you’re a fresh newbie, this article contains everything you need to know about hair steam treatment, like steam treatment for hair benefits, how to do a steam treatment on natural hair, steam treatment for hair at home, the pros and cons of steaming hair, and more.


This beauty treatment means what it promises: steaming your hair. In my opinion, hair steaming is the little sister of the deep conditioning treatment. Many of the advantages of a heated dryer also apply to a conventional one; the difference is mainly in the increased amount of dry heat. On the other hand, steam is the power behind steamers. Also, applying heat to your hair opens the cuticle, allowing the hair mask or conditioner to penetrate much deeper than if you simply applied the deep conditioner.

Is It Healthy to Steam Your Hair?

One of the benefits of steam treatment for hair is that the heat hydrates dry hair, leaving your parched locks happy. The moist heat also encourages blood flow, which promotes hair growth! The steam opens the hair cuticle, allowing treatments to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and aid in the healing of damaged hair.

Benefits of Steam Treatment for Hair

Here are some of the potential benefits of steam treatment for hair:

#1. Steaming Your Hair Aids Product Absorption

Do you have hair that is porous? If you do, incorporating a steam treatment into your routine is an excellent way to assist hydrating products in penetrating your hair strands. One of the benefits of steam treatment for hair is that it will improve your hair’s moisture balance.

In addition, steaming your hair helps to open up the cuticle layer, making it easier for the products you use to deposit into your strands. This is significant because steaming will help you get more out of your deep conditioning treatments.

#2. Steaming Aids in Breakage Prevention

Including a steam treatment in your regimen will aid in the prevention of breakage. When you steam your hair, you are assisting it in retaining moisture. Moisture is trapped, which helps to reduce breakage. Dry and brittle hair breaks, but a steam treatment will help you retain moisture.

#3. Steaming Strengthens Your Hair

A significant steam treatment for hair benefits is that it helps to strengthen your hair. When you use steam treatments on your hair, it becomes more elastic and healthier.

#4. Elasticity Is Improved by Steaming

Including a steam treatment in your hair care routine will give your hair more elasticity. Because your hair has two textures and is prone to breakage at the line of demarcation, steaming can be extremely beneficial if you are transitioning.

#5. Hair Steaming Benefits Scalp Health

Are you taking care of your scalp? Lastly, another steam treatment for hair benefits is that it will also help to improve scalp health growth. Steaming your hair benefits you by breaking up the buildup on your scalp. Steaming also stimulates blood flow to the scalp, which aids in hair growth.

What Is the Best Temperature and Duration for Steaming?

Any ideal steam treatment for natural hair should last at least 30 minutes but can last up to an hour and a half. When it comes to temperature, the scalp should not be uncomfortable or irritated. It should feel more like a spa treatment.

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How to Do Steam Treatment on Your Natural Hair

How do you do steam treatment on your natural hair? The first step is to wash your hair. Then do the steam treatment on your natural hair immediately after cleaning it. Make certain that no shampoo residue remains on your hair. If your hair is extremely dry, try steaming it right after a relaxing oil massage. You can do steam treatment on your natural hair using the following methods:

The Hood Steamer

These are the machines that are most commonly used for hair steaming in beauty salons. Typically, an enriching conditioner is applied to your hair, beginning at the roots and working your way down the length. If you have long hair, make a bun on top of it so that the entire length of your hair fits inside the steaming hood.

For the best results, use the steamer on a low heat setting for about an hour. This allows the steam to penetrate your hair thoroughly. Finish by thoroughly rinsing your hair to remove all of the conditioner.

Who Should Stay Away From Steaming Treatments?

Anyone with psoriasis, eczema, folliculitis, or dermatitis should not steam without a professional’s supervision. Overstimulating or removing scabs or sores where skin cells are healing is dangerous. Inappropriate use of steam during hair growth and skin shedding can disrupt the microbiome and cause bacterial or fungal infections.

DIY Steam Treatment for Your Natural Hair at Home

Don’t worry if the idea of visiting a beauty salon every now and then bothers you. You can also do a steam treatment for hair at home. A small towel and a pair of shower caps are all that is required.

Put on the first shower cap after collecting all of your hair. Dip the towel in warm water or microwave it for 2 minutes to warm it up. To keep the hot water from burning your skin, wring out the excess water. Now, carefully place the towel on top of the first shower cap and cover it with the second shower cap.

Allow the steam created by the shower caps to work its magic on your hair while you sit back and relax with a cup of tea or your favorite magazine! Keep it on for at least 30 minutes. You can even leave it on for a little longer if you want extra moisture. Finally, rinse your hair with cold water to achieve beautiful, shiny hair.

Pros and Cons of Steaming Hair

Now, we will extensively discuss the pros and cons of steaming hair. There are not so many disadvantages to hair steaming and there are many pros. We could only come up with just one con of steaming hair whereas we could list as many pros as we want.

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Pros of steaming hair

  • Increases blood flow by stimulating the scalp. 
  • Steaming your hair promotes hair growth by encouraging blood circulation. 
  • Aids in the retention of moisture in the hair shaft. 
  • It aids in the reduction of frizz and flyaways. 
  • It aids in curl definition. 
  • Making your hair appear shinier and more bouncy. 
  • It aids in the raising of the cuticle layer of the hair shaft, making it easier to incorporate products into the hair. This ensures that your conditioning and deep conditioning treatments are as effective as possible.

Cons of steaming hair

Steaming your hair for an extended period can damage your hair. Excessive heat can damage your hair cuticles as well as the protein that makes up your hair. This is the only disadvantage of hair steaming.

Final Thoughts

There are so many steam treatments for hair benefits. Hence, to achieve the best results, you must first understand how to do it correctly. You can go to a beauty salon or carry out your steam treatment for hair at home. However, you must ensure that you are achieving the desired results at all times. If not, you should change your steaming routine or consult a hair care professional.


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