NANOPLASTIA HAIR TREATMENT VS KERATIN: Different, Cost, Reviews, Pros, and Cons

Nanoplastia Hair treatment
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You have decided to grow your hair long and healthy, but you do not want it to look or feel like it is fake. You want something natural-looking and beautiful that will last for years. Well, if you are looking for a solution that will make your hair look both natural and healthy, then the answer is nanoplastia hair treatment. Nanoplastia is an alternative solution to keratin treatments and other regular methods of growing long hair. It has been proven over time to be one of the best ways to get longer, fuller, healthier new growth on your head! Hence, in this article, we will extensively discuss all you need to know about nanoplastia hair treatment, its products, cost, side effects, and the difference between nanoplastia hair treatment and keratin( nanoplastia hair treatment vs Keratin).

What Is Nanoplastia Hair Treatment?

Nanoplastia is a new hair treatment that uses nanoparticles to repair damage caused by heat, chemical, and mechanical stress. It’s different from traditional hair treatments in that it uses micro-needling instead of injections or other methods.

Nanoplastia works by creating a tiny hole in your hair follicle (the part of your head where your strands grow). Your body then naturally repairs this hole by producing new cells that fill it up again with healthy, strong hair. This process can take several months or longer depending on how much damage you have experienced over time, but once complete, you will notice an improvement in both the appearance and feel of your strands!

Nanoplastia hair treatment is a process that uses nanotechnology to repair damaged and stressed hair. It’s not a new idea; scientists have been working on it for more than 20 years, but it’s only recently become available in salons and spas across the UK.

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment Cost

You might be wondering how much nanoplastia hair treatment costs.

  • The cost of this hair treatment is $1,000 and up per treatment, depending on the area being treated. 
  • In contrast, keratin treatments can cost anywhere from $150-$400 per session (depending on how long you need your hair to last).

Is Nanoplastia Good for Your Hair?

Nanoplastia works best on thick hair due to its ability to penetrate deep into your scalp and break down existing protein strands in your follicles before they become brittle with age (or damage from styling products). While this may sound scary at first—however, if you are looking for something that helps strengthen weakly or damaged strands rather than just add volume or shine—then nanoplastia might be right up your alley!

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment Side Effects

Nanoplastia hair treatment side effects can be a little bit of a concern, but they’re not as bad as you might think. The good news is that this hair treatment itself only has a few mild side effects, and these are usually resolved quickly with just a few days of rest. Most people experience some mild discomfort after their first application, such as;

  • Eye irritation: Feelings of dryness, itchiness, pain, or grittiness in the eye.
  • Dizziness: Altered sense of balance and place, possibly described as lightheaded, feeling faint or as if head is spinning.
  • Sore throat: Pain or irritation in the throat that can occur with or without swallowing.
  • Wheezing: A high-pitched whistling sound made while breathing.
  • Nausea: A queasy sensation including an urge to vomit.

But these side effects typically go away after two or three of these hair treatments. If there are any other issues with your skin or underlying health condition, we would recommend speaking to your doctor before trying out our product line.

Which Is Better: Botox or Nanoplastia?

Nanoplastia is a more effective treatment than Botox hair treatment, but it’s not as good as the real deal. Nanoplastia is a lot cheaper than Botox and can be done in your own home with no recovery time required. It’s also safer, faster, and much less painful than traditional injections. These are all reasons why we recommend this hair treatment over Botox for your hair loss treatment needs:

  • Nanoplastia is a lot cheaper than Botox
  • You can do it in your own home with no recovery time required
  • It’s safer, faster, and much less painful than traditional injections.

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment vs Keratin

The differences

Nanoplastia is a laser treatment that seals the hair cuticle, while keratin is a chemical treatment that coats the hair shaft. The two look similar but work in different ways( Nanoplastia hair treatment vs Keratin).

Both treatments claim to make your locks smoother, shinier, and more manageable; however, they also have their pros and cons, which we will cover below( Nanoplastia hair treatment vs Keratin).

The keratin treatment is a popular choice for women who want to add volume and bounce to their hair. The treatment works by coating each strand of your hair with keratin, the protein that makes up about 70% of your body’s skin and hair. This helps smooth out the cuticle scales on each strand, making them lie flat against one another instead of standing straight up.

Is Nanoplastia Better Than Keratin? 

Nanoplastia is a treatment that uses heat and chemicals to repair damaged hair. Keratin, on the other hand, is a protein that naturally exists in your hair. Both treatments have their benefits and disadvantages: You can expect to pay more for nanoplastia because it requires a special machine (the Epitel) to apply the treatment. This makes it more expensive than keratin treatments that don’t require an Epitel machine (like Scalp Treatment). For those who want long-lasting results with minimal maintenance and fewer trips back to a salon each month or year, nanoplasty might be right for them!

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment Products

These hair treatment products are used to treat hair loss. These hair treatment products include Nanoplastia shampoo, conditioner, and serum. The brand offers these treatments online or at physical retail locations around the country.

  • Nanoplastia shampoo is a daily preventative treatment that conditions your scalp while strengthening weak hair follicles to promote the regrowth of healthy-looking strands.
  • Nanoplastia conditioner works with your body’s natural oils to repair damaged hair follicles. It also helps improve circulation within the scalp by reducing inflammation caused by external stresses such as pollution or harsh weather conditions.
  • The Nanoplastia serum is a daily treatment that works to strengthen your hair follicles while increasing circulation within the scalp to stimulate healthy regrowth. It also contains botanical extracts that help fortify your hair against environmental damage such as pollution and harsh weather conditions. 

Can I Color My Hair After Nanoplastia?

Yes, you can color your hair after nanoplastia. Many people choose to do so! The process of coloring your hair is the same as it would be if you were going through regular chemical treatments.

Take Away

The best hair treatment for you is going to depend on several factors, including your budget and personal preference. The most important thing is to find a hair care product that works for you and then stick with it. You don’t want to adopt any new practices or treatments unless they feel right for your hair type.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nanoplastia Hair Treatment

How long does keratin last?

Keratin treatment is a natural and effective way of keeping your hair frizz free for three or four months at the most.

Is Nanoplastia good for your hair?

Nanoplastia treatment contains natural ingredients that restore damaged hair strands, smoothing them and eliminating curls, leaving them smooth and shiny for 6-12 months. 

Which hair treatment is better than Keratin?

Cysteine treatment is known to be quite safe as compared to keratin.


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