MALIBU HAIR TREATMENT: All You Need to Know When and How to Use It

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The Malibu hair treatment has grown in popularity as a reliable method of removing mineral buildup from the hair, which could be caused by the constant usage of hard water. Some of these clarifying shampoos and conditioners can help remove some of this mineral accumulation, but not all of it. Malibu therapy can therefore be used to great effect. Hence, to learn more about the Malibu treatment, how to use Malibu hair treatment, what to do before and after the treatment, how to carry out Malibu treatment at home, and Malibu treatment for hard water, continue reading!

What is Malibu Hair Treatment?

The Malibu hair treatment contains a packet of crystalline vitamin C grains, which supports the scalp’s nutritional needs and guard against stress or oxidation by quickening the aging and dehydration processes. During the processing period, the vitamin C that has crystallized has time to penetrate the hair and scalp.

Also, these granules are applied to the hair after being combined with filtered or distilled water and processed for 20 to 40 minutes under a heated dryer hood.

What Are the Benefits of Using Malibu Hair Treatment?

There are substantial benefits to using Malibu for hair treatment. Here are some of them:

  1. It eliminates medicine and hard water accumulation.
  2. It successfully eliminates any muddy, brassy, or ashy stains.
  3. The strongest form of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, is present in the crystal gel.
  4. Increased blood flow to the scalp thanks to ascorbic acid.
  5. It possesses inherent antioxidant qualities. Its antioxidants stop chemically treated hair from oxidizing.
  6. Its multi-action composition calms any scalp itch brought on by chemical treatments.
  7. It can be used to virgin hair or hair that has been chemically and color treated.
  8. It gets the hair ready for other procedures like perms and dying.

Malibu Hair Treatment Before and After


Before you carry out this hair treatment, you need to have a better understanding of certain things and put some things in place. Here are a few tips to take note of:

  • The best location for a this hair treatment is a salon. Visiting your stylist is the best way to receive the Malibu treatment in the most efficient manner.
  • Granules referred to as “crystal gel” make up a package of Malibu hair treatment. They are applied to the hair after being filtered through water. It must be processed for 15 to 40 minutes in a warm hood dryer.
  • Before receiving a Malibu treatment, make sure to allow yourself at least an hour because processing timeframes and costs can vary based on the length and thickness of your hair. It will also cost 15 dollars while receive a chemical service, and it will cost 35 dollars on its own.
  • I strongly advised it to receive Malibu therapy before receiving any chemical services. It will stop any chemical interactions between the accumulation in the hair and the buildup, and it will result in more uniform product absorption.
  • Consider your hair to be a ladder, with pool water filling in all the gaps at random. Because some of the slots are already taken, when a chemical service is required, it will be unable to fill the gaps.


You should expect these results after you’ve successfully carried out this hair treatment.

  • The Malibu treatment often removes extra buildup in your hair from hard water, chlorine from swimming in a pool, water softeners, an old property with ancient copper plumbing pipes, and even medicines.
  • Lighter hair takes on a dull, darker and/or coppery or brassy tone due to the iron and calcium content of hard water, which is common.
  • Chlorine and copper can accumulate in your hair over time if you use a pool frequently, which can harm your hair as well. Light-haired people can turn greenish when exposed to copper.

Is Malibu Hair Treatment Good for Your Hair?

Yes, it’s good for your hair, but it might have adverse effects if taken improperly at home. Hair minerals can reduce hair thickness, shine, body, and color. This fading will lighten your hair, making it pale. Chlorine damage hair and reduces UV protection. 

Malibu Hair Treatment at Home

Malibu treatments are excellent if you wash your hair in hard water or swim in chlorinated pools, regardless of your hair texture. However, if you don’t like visiting your hairdresser, you can order and apply the treatment at home. The following tips will help you with how to carry out this hair treatment at home.

  • Once you have bought a package of the Malibu treatment from a store, you are ready to start mixing it and putting it on.
  • This hair treatment also comprises tiny vitamin C crystals, which you must add into a jar and activate with about two ounces of warm water.
  • Shake the ingredients gently until a gel forms after you’ve added the water.
  • After shampooing and rinsing with your usual products, divide your hair into sections and carefully work the gel through each one.
  • When applying Malibu, press down on the hair to ensure saturation. Without proper saturation, the product won’t work.
  • Once the gel has been properly coated, cover the Malibu mixture with a processing cap and expose it to heat for roughly 10 to 45 minutes.
  • Use a low setting on your hairdryer to complete this stage, then blow warm air over your styled hair.
  • Lastly, repeat the shampooing and rinsing of your hair when the given time has gone by, then enjoy the beautiful results.

Which Malibu Removes Hair Color?

Malibu CPR hair treatment is a type of Malibu that removes hair color. Professional hair colorists have recently become quite interested in this type of hair treatment, which is a well-liked color removal solution.

Malibu Hair Treatment for Hard Water

Living in a hard water area, you’ve probably noticed your hair isn’t in great shape. Due to rust and chlorine, your hair feels dry, coarse, and dirty. Hence, this hair treatment helps remove buildup and start fresh.

Subsequently, calcium, iron, or magnesium are dissolved minerals found in hard water. These minerals make water less effective in rinsing soap and shampoo. Your hair may suffer if you use hard water. Hard water damage may show these signs:

  1. Damaged or dry hair
  2. Reluctance to color, enhance, straighten, perm, or relax hair
  3. Hair that is lifeless and dull
  4. Balding hair
  5. Hair thinning
  6. After dying, the color disappears too quickly.
  7. Creates reddish or discolored accents

In other words, applying a Malibu Hair Treatment is the next best thing to washing your hair with bottled spring water. In Malibu hair treatments, crystallized vitamin C is used to cleanse the hair of accumulated minerals.

Additionally, this hair treatment can eliminate brassiness or discoloration by preventing mineral buildup in your hair. These treatments also prevent your hair from tangling and frizzing while infusing it with moisture, sheen, and luster.

How Malibu Hair Treatment Remove Hard Water

This hair treatment, just like sugar, is available in crystalline form. The substance is put on your hair while it’s damp, much like a gel or styling mousse. Heat may be applied to people who have a severe build-up to enhance the therapeutic effects.

The Malibu Hair Treatment will then eliminate the following:

  1. Iron
  2. Calcium 
  3. Chlorine
  4. Copper Mineral staining

How Often Should I Use Malibu Treatment?

Malibu hair treatment should be repeated every nine weeks. If you have chemically or color-treated hair, your stylist may recommend more exercises.

Is Malibu Hair Treatment Worth It?

Yes, before receiving any chemical services, it is strongly advised to receive a Malibu therapy.

It will stop any chemical interactions between the accumulation in the hair and the buildup, and it will result in more consistent product absorption.

In Conclusion

Malibu hair treatment is a good treatment for any form of hair loss. This is done by supporting the scalp’s nutritional needs and guarding against stress or oxidation by quickening the aging and dehydration processes.

Are you experiencing any form of hair loss? Then, this hair treatment is a great choice to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions About Malibu Hair Treatment

Does this hair treatment cause hair to become dry?

Yes, if done wrong. In the Malibu process, granulated vitamin C removes scalp debris and buildup. Incorrect home treatment can dry your hair by eliminating natural oils.

What is the duration of a Malibu hair treatment?

This hair treatment is a 45-minute treatment session.


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