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I’m sure you’ve heard about keratin treatments for curly hair, but maybe not everything about them. We’ll go over everything you need to know about Keratin treatment for curly hair, including how much they cost, side effects, and exactly how long after having one done before seeing results. Let’s get started! 

What Is Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair

Keratin treatment for curly hair is a process that uses Keratin as the main ingredient. Keratin is a protein found in our bodies and animals like dogs and cats, which makes it an ideal source for hair growth products because it’s strong enough to hold onto your curls without breaking them apart or leaving you with frizzy ends.

Also, they work by applying small amounts of keratin product directly to your scalp each day before you go to bed. 

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Is Keratin Good for Curly Hair?

Yes, it’s good. Keratin is a protein that’s found in our hair. It helps strengthen and protect it from damage and adds volume and texture. The treatment can straighten curly hair or add volume to your curls.

Can Keratin Damage Your Hair?

Keratin treatments can harm your hair, making it much more unruly. Keratin treatments are effective, but you should proceed with caution due to the widespread myths around them. Remember to take care of yourself and your magnificent, all-natural hair.

Does Keratin Permanently Change Hair?

The answer is a resounding no. Keratin treatments for curly hair do not permanently change your hair. They’re just a temporary fix for frizzy hair that doesn’t require any permanent changes in texture, color, or curl pattern.

If you have curly or wavy hair with low porosity (the ability of the cuticle layer to absorb water), then keratin treatment will help strengthen the outer layer of your curls so they don’t break as easily when dry—which means less breakage overall!

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Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair Cost

Keratin treatments for curly hair are an excellent way to improve the texture of your curls. They are available at salons and spas, as well as online. The cost varies depending on where you go; between $82 and $400 is what most people spend on a keratin treatment for curly hair. 

Keratin treatments encompass a wide range of procedures, from the traditional Brazilian blowout to the cutting-edge Cezanne keratin line. Our internal research shows that the average cost of an appointment in New Hampshire is $400, making it the most expensive state in which to schedule one. At $82, Utah has the lowest average price. 

You may wonder why this is so expensive, but it’s cheaper than other treatments requiring multiple visits and longer waiting periods. The cost also includes an in-depth consultation with your stylist, which will help you determine what keratin treatment works best for your curly hair type and style.

Do Curls Come Back After Keratin Treatment?

After your keratin treatment, your curls may return in a few weeks or months. The good news is that they will eventually return to their original texture. It’s important to know that it can take at least three months for your hair to return to its original state after undergoing keratin treatment.

How Do I Get My Original Hair Back After Keratin Treatment?

Your hair will be more fragile and may need special care if you want to get your original hair back.  Try washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and applying a keratin-based conditioner. The conditioner helps to repair the damage caused by the chemical treatment. 

5 Best Keratin Treatments for Curly Hair

The best keratin treatments for curly hair have similar effects: increased strength, smoothness, and sleekness. Here are the five best keratin treatments for curly hair. 

#1. Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioner Packette

Keratin protein used in the formulation works swiftly to restore softness and bounce, and it also leaves hair with a gloss reminiscent of glass. Additionally, it functions as a deep conditioner for hair.

#2. CHI Keratin Silk Infusion

Your hair will be left feeling silky smooth and soft, living up to the product’s name, and it will quench even the most dehydrated hair. This is an absolute must if you have hair that is either extremely dry or extremely damaged. It’s one of the best keratin treatments for curly hair. 

#3. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin

This treatment contains a combination of hydrolyzed Keratin, keratin amino acids, and panthenol, a lightweight conditioning agent. It is an excellent option for ladies who have naturally curly hair.

#4. Keratin Complex Infusion

The Keratin Complex in-salon treatment is one of the most popular keratin treatments. It is perfect for minimizing frizz, boosting strength, and maintaining styling versatility simultaneously (i.e., not leaving your hair stuck straight).

Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair Side Effects

Keratin treatment for curly hair also has some side effects and they include:

  • Hair loss: Keratin treatments can cause hair loss, especially if done at too high of a heat level or frequency. Which is due to the keratin protein in your skin being broken down and stripped out, which can lead to thinning strands of hair over time.
  • Hair breakage: Suppose you’ve ever experienced this before with other methods of hair straightening or coloring. In that case, it might not surprise you that keratin treatment could be equally as damaging as those methods (but perhaps not quite so quickly). 
  • Dryness/Dry Scalp Syndrome (DSS): If you’re prone to dry scalp syndrome when using shampoos, chances are good that using keratin treatment will exacerbate existing issues. They can cause dryness and irritation of the scalp or skin around your head (a condition called seborrheic dermatitis)
  • Breakage of hair: Breakage of hair shafts is typically due to overexposure to heat or chemicals used in the process. The risks are minimal if you have virgin hair that has never been chemically processed. But if your hair has been dyed or permed in the past, your chances of experiencing damage increase.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of a Keratin Treatment?


  • They can give you longer-lasting curls.
  •  Keratin treatments work on reducing frizz, which helps keep your curls looking shiny and healthy for longer.
  • You’ll get more volume and bounce from Keratin treatments.


  • The process is time-consuming (especially if you have long hair). It takes about 45 minutes per application, depending on how much hair needs to be treated—so if you’re looking for something quick, this isn’t going to be ideal for you!
  • Keratin treatments are a great way to help your curly hair look beautiful, but they can also be quite expensive.

Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair Before And After

Before and after photos are great for showing how much time has passed since you had the treatment done. It’s important to remember that these pictures are usually taken weeks after your appointment, so you’ll still have some residual frizziness from the previous session left behind on your head (though this will mostly disappear within two weeks).

If there aren’t any before-and-after shots available online or in person at salons near where you live, try searching “keratin treatment” on Google Images or Pinterest. You may also want to ask friends who’ve had similar procedures done before asking around among yourselves if anyone knows someone who knows someone else who could take photos for us!

The main thing to look out for is whether or not the photos show a difference in your hair’s texture. If they do, that means the treatment worked! You’ll also want to check if any of the images are posted by real customers who’ve had keratin treatments done before. They can be a great resource for advice about what types to buy.

The Takeaway

With keratin treatment for curly hair, you can get the best of both worlds. Not only will it help to restore your curls and increase their volume, but it will also make them softer and more manageable. You’ll notice that becoming a curly-haired girl has never been easier! If you have any other questions about keratin treatment for curly hair, please leave them in the comments below, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Frequently Asked Questions About Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair 

How long does it last?

Depending on the hair’s thickness and length, a keratin treatment at the salon can take a few hours, but the effects can last for up to six months.

What do keratin treatments do for you?

Getting a professional keratin treatment can make your hair smooth and shiny.

When I get my hair treated with Keratin, will it flatten my curls?

It’s common practice to abuse curls by trying to straighten them or otherwise manipulate them. Permanent damage is caused by keratin smoothing and similar “treatments” for straightening. To achieve glossy, frizz-free curls, you need more than a flat iron and formaldehyde-releasing “treatments.”


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