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K-18 hair treatment
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A face mask is something you’ve most likely heard of or possibly even used. A hair mask functions similarly to a face mask in nourishing and hydrating your skin, improving the state and quality of your hair. Hair masks are also called deep conditioners. The mask’s contents are more concentrated than fast conditioners, and consumers leave it on for 20 minutes to several hours. But what is K-18 Hair Mask Treatment? How can one use it? What is the difference between K-18 hair treatment and Olaplex(K-18 treatment vs Olapex)? Worry no more! This article will explain all about k-18 hair treatment including its reviews, before and after effects.

What Is K-18 Hair Mask Treatment?

They established k18 in 2020, and as of right now, it only offers one item for purchase on its website: the Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask. (There are a few more accessible for experts.)

This leave-in mask is intended to add strength, softness, luster, and bounce while assisting in the restoration of damage brought on by bleach, color, or heat. It contains the exclusive K18Peptide, which the manufacturer claims penetrates the inner layers of hair more deeply than other products to help repair damage at the molecular level.

How Does K-18 Hair Loss Treatment Work?

We must first explore the field of peptide research in order to fully comprehend how the mask functions. According to Dr. Snehal Amin, clinical assistant professor of dermatology at Weill-Cornell Medical College and co-founder of MDCS Dermatology, “Peptides are basically tiny proteins that enter into the hair follicle and encourage hair development.” Peptides may also assist in hydrating the scalp and hairs, making them appear healthier when applied topically.

How To Use K-18 Hair Treatment

One prevalent complaint from experts, clients, and this writer is that hair-care procedures frequently take a lot of time and call for a brand-new shampoo to begin. Hence, following the application, you should wait 10 to 20 minutes for the therapy to take action before rinsing it off. If it’s something you use after taking a shower, you need to cover your entire head in the substance for it to work. If you need to untangle something first, add some more time.

Use a clarifying shampoo before using it. Shampoo your hair, but don’t condition it. Blow-dry your hair. Depending on the length and thickness, begin with one pump and add more than necessary. Work from the roots to the ends of the hair evenly. Wait for four minutes. Never rinse. If desired, add styling aids, then style as usual. use for four to six consecutive washes, followed by maintenance washes every three to four.

The application of K18’s hair mask is comparable to that of a leave-in conditioner. After shampooing your hair and skipping typical conditioner, apply K18 to towel-dried hair before style with one pump (or more, depending on hair length and density).

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K-18 Hair Treatment vs Olaplex

K-18 works at the molecular level to reconnect disulfide bonds, modify and repair damaged polypeptide chains, and restore polypeptide structure. It replicates each polypeptide chain component.

However, the Olaplex system repairs the damaged disulfide bonds in your hair that were destroyed by the chemical treatment. Olaplex gives you the chance to recover the strength, structure, and integrity of your hair, whether you’ve over-bleached it or had it highlighted for years—a “reset” for your locks if you will( K-18 hair treatment vs Olaplex).

The best scalp treatments and hair masks from ten years ago all concentrated on the outermost layers of the hair cuticle. Then, in 2014, Olaplex appeared as a cutting-edge bond-building therapy that strengthens and repairs damaged strands from the inside out(K-18 hair treatment vs Olaplex).

It quickly established itself as a standard at all major salons, with stylists, beauty journalists, and A-list celebrities all gushing about its transformative effects on manes. Since then, other cosmetic companies have attempted to imitate Olaplex’s unique technology, but none have been able to match the brand’s healing abilities until now( K-18 hair treatment vs Olaplex).

Differences Between k18 and Olaplex

  • Application: K18 is a leave-in solution and works best on freshly shampooed, towel-dried hair. The pre-shampoo treatment Olaplex No. 3 is meant to be applied for ten minutes before being removed.
  • Ingredients: The K18 peptide in K18 repairs damaged keratin chains, whereas Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate in Olaplex reconstructs broken disulfide links.
  • Time: K18 should be allowed to sit for four minutes before styling as usual, but Olaplex No. 3 should be kept on for ten minutes or longer.
  • Price: K18 costs $75/£55 for 50ml and Olaplex No. 3 retails for $28/£26 for 100ml. All hair types can benefit from both treatments.
  • Results: Both hair treatments have the ability to change hair, giving it a softer, younger-looking texture.

Is k-18 The Same as Olaplex?

No, they both assist in hair repair but still have some differences. Olaplex takes longer, but K18 takes less time. However, they both assist in hair repair.

Can I Use K-18 and Olaplex Together?

The good news is that we can use them in together, as one is a pre-wash and the other a post-wash and they each heal differently.

K- 18 Hair Treatment Reviews

The reparative leave-in treatment K-18, originally known as KhairPep and one of the most recent innovations in hair bonding technology, claims to undo heat, mechanical, and chemical damage to hair as well as lightening and chemical services to restore hair to its youthful state.

K18 comes in two lines, one intended for business use and the other for domestic use. The in-salon service consists of a mist that is used prior to color service and a mask that is used following service. The same mask is available for home use in a smaller size.


  • Isopropyl Alcohol, 
  • Tocopherol, 
  • Phenoxyethanol, 
  • Potassium Sorbate, 
  • Citric Acid, 
  • Water (Aqua) (Eau), 
  • Alcohol Denat., 
  • Propylene Glycol, 
  • Cetearyl Alcohol, 
  • Dicaprylyl Ether, 
  • Cetyl Esters, 
  • Behentrimonium Chloride, 
  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, 
  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Starch, 
  • Geraniol, Linalool, Hexyl Cinnam

The K-18 hair mask contains protein and behentrimonium chloride, which conditions and smoothens, but it’s not a protein or conditioning treatment. According to K-18’s website, K-18Peptide transports amino acids into hair.

Once inside the hair cortex, the amino-acid chain replaces missing amino acids in damaged disulfide bonds, repairing the link and restoring strength, resilience, and softness. Denatured, benzyl, and isopropyl alcohols allow deep hair penetration.

Reviews From Customers

Review 1

My hair had been breaking off into tiny pieces from the front hairline for approximately a month before I started using the K18 hair mask (when combing or even just fluffing it up). Similar to when I had blonde hair, the breakage from the back left me with almost a handful of thick strings of hair after finger combing conditioner (or using “prayer hands”) through the hair.

As a result, I would get anxious on wash day, and now my hair feels thinner and shorter at the ends when pulled back into a ponytail. Except for very small bits, brushing my hair before washing does not seem to cause hair loss; only conditioning does. I bought the K18 mask in the hopes that it would be the answer.

Additionally, I should clarify that it has been a little over two years since my last haircut and that I have not cut my hair since then.

 Review 2

My hair feels much smoother after using K18 than it did after using the Olaplex Intense Moisture Mask, which has a similar function of repairing, strengthening, and smoothing damaged hair (I’ve used the No. 3 and No. 8; not sure which would be more comparable). I should mention that when I went blonde, my hairstylist used Olaplex, and I used Olaplex No. 3 a while later in an attempt to heal some damage, but my hair was not able to be rescued (not to say Olaplex does not work of course).

Olaplex is better for bleached hair, but K-18 is helpful if you have heat damage. The Olaplex method creates fictitious bonding, and you can apply it so frequently that your hair eventually breaks because it gets too strong. Since Olaplex is a synthetic protein after you stop taking it, your hair is unable to hold on to it and it falls out, returning your hair to its original state. But with K18, I’ve seen on Instagram, hairstylists use it for coloring and lighting.

Review 3

I hardly ever use heat on my thin hair, which hasn’t been dyed or cut in the past two years. I utilized the K18 mask for six piles of washing in a row, starting with a wash with a clarifying shampoo. After towel-drying the hair, I sectioned it into two parts, applied one pump to each segment, and let it air dry as usual.

K-18 Hair Treatment Before and After

Here, we will give you a guideline procedure on what to do before and after k18 Treatment

Pre Procedure Guidelines for K-18 Hair Treatment

  • Always Apply K-18 To Clean Hair: As products can contain oils, silicones, and film formers that will act as a barrier and potentially change the efficacy of the product, we advise using K-18 on clean hair. For maximum results so that K-18 can enter the cortex in cases of extreme product accumulation, it may be required to use a clarifying or detoxifying shampoo.
  • Ensure your hair is damp before applying K-18: K-18 should only be used on damp, towel-dried hair.
  • Use a dry towel if the dampness is too much: When there is too much water present inside the cortex, K18Peptide cannot rebuild bonds. To aid in the product’s penetration into the hair, the hair must be just slightly damp.

Post Procedure Guidelines for K-18 Hair Treatment

  • Always keep the K18 Mask in K-18 works better when it’s kept in. Even without rinsing the hair, the composition leaves the hair feeling clean and light since it works on the interior of the hair.
  • K-18 is compatible with styling aids: After the K18 Mask has had 4 minutes to process, you can put styling items on top of it.
  • Before the time runs out, apply the product: Applying styling products before the 4-minute processing time will reduce K-18’s effectiveness.
  • Use judiciously: To maintain the healthiest hair possible, K18 is intended to be used every 3–4 washes during the first 6 consecutive washes.

Does k-18 Repair Hair Permanently?

Yes, this treatment reverses damage and returns hair to nearly virgin strength because it is permanent and the product isn’t washed out like it is with other treatments like an Olaplex. Scientific research demonstrates that the K18 peptide restores elasticity and resistance to damaged hair.


K-18 restores damaged curl patterns and reinforces the fundamental structure of hair, giving strands a fresh appearance and feel. Curly hair can be restored and returned to its former bouncy, healthy shape thanks to K-18’s ability to reconnect broken keratin chains and restore hair’s elasticity and strength.

My final conclusion is that K18 is the quicker, easier procedure with promised outcomes if your hair has been treated two years and years of heat, color, and styling and if you lead a fast-paced lifestyle.

K-18 Mask Hair Treatment FAQs

Can I utilize K-18 daily?

For the healthiest possible maintenance of your hair, K18 is intended to be used every 3–4 washes for the first 6 consecutive washes.

Does the K-18 hair mask aid in the growth of hair?

The K18 hair mask is not a “growth” treatment in the traditional sense; rather, it focuses more on healing hair damage than on a downward trajectory. However, damaged hair won’t grow well if it isn’t repaired.

How frequently should I use K-18 per week?:

Due to the high concentration of the K18 formula, a little goes a long way. To determine the right dosage for your hair type, we advise using our dosage chart. K18 needs to be applied six times in a row. Use it every three to four washes after that to maintain the integrity of your hair’s health.


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  • K18 Hair Mask Treatment
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