Best Ways To Use Hair Wax To Avoid Hair Loss| 2022 Guide

use hair wax without hair loss
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Growing up, I saw my mum’s hair fall off because of consistent use of hair wax. I almost swore not become a victim by running away from hair wax. But, here I am today, rocking and teaching others how to rightly use wax without hair loss

In fact, in my salon, I encourage my customers to use it for a stronger hold.

This article will provide all the necessary information you need to use the hair wax and avoid hair loss.

What is Hair Wax?

Hair wax is a hair styling product that is used to hold the hair. Unlike hair gels that contain alcohol, hair wax has a less tendency to dry out.

Recently, hair wax has become increasingly popular under names such as pomades, glues, putty, whip, molding gum, or styling paste.

What are the common ingredients contained in Hair Wax Products?

  • Beeswax
  • Candelilla wax
  • Carnauba wax
  • Castor wax
  • Emulsifying wax
  • Japan wax
  • Lanolin
  • Ozokerite

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Should I apply wax to wet or dry hair?

Hair wax can be applied to both dry and wet hair.

Fortunately, there are even liquid hair waxes. They come in spray bottles that can be easily applied to the hair instead of scooping the gel-like substance.

Wax can be used on either damp hair just before drying it, or on dry hair for the finishing touches.

As a result, hair wax can be applied both to dry and wet hair.

This leads us to the next question, how can I use waxes.

How do I use hair wax?

Before we begin on how to use hair wax, it is important to note that wax works wonders to tresses and helps achieve desired hairstyles.

Considerably, you only need a small amount of this product, no matter how long your hair is—a little goes a long way.

Using Wax On damp hair

Warm the wax between the palms of your hands by rubbing them together, then spread the product evenly to the lengths of your hair.

Do not apply so much pressure when applying wax on the strands of your hair to avoid damaging the hair.

On dry hair

Warm the product as described earlier, then apply to the ends of your hair. Again, touch lightly with just your fingertips. Then, you can twist as needed for definition.

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Can I use hair wax daily?

It is not advised to use hair wax daily. Actually, washing your hair daily may make it dry out, resulting in dandruff and hair loss.

Again, your hair needs intermittent breaks from product to remain healthy and strong

If the hair needs a break from wax and other products, how often can I then use hair wax?

Generally, experts advise you get waxed every two to four weeks after the first waxing. This helps remove the hair that was growing underneath the skin.

After this, you can choose how regularly to get waxed depending on how noticeable growing hair becomes.

Does hair wax cause hair loss?

Yes, hair wax may lead to hair loss.

This is as a result of the high alcoholic constituent of hair wax which in turn dries the scalp and hair. And we know that dehydrated hair is breakage-prone.

Additionally, dense hair wax blocks the hair follicles making it difficult for them to breathe. Naturally, these hair follicles stop functioning properly and this leads to hair loss.

How do girls use hair wax?

This section will describe how wax is used by women for different hairstyles. You’ll basically learn how to make easy styles and nail looks.

Actually, during hairstyling for women, hair wax isn’t the first product that comes to mind. It is commonly used by men.  

Practically, it is a versatile product that works across hair types giving you the desired look.

This product plays with texture, boosts hair thickness and gets rid of hair frizz. It is also great for quick everyday hairstyles because you can easily get a perfect look without sweating it.

Now, my ladies, it is time to begin working with this magic product.

Below are our tips to get it to happen.

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What does hair wax do for different hair lengths?

Here are a few hairstyles that wax works wonders on

1. Textured pixie cut

With hair wax, you will no longer get a flat-looking pixie cut.

Action plan: Use your fingertips to twist some product through the ends of your hair for a tousled, textured look.

2. Quiff

Rock your quaff hairstyle with a wax.

Action plan: To create the hairstyle, apply hair wax on your palms, rub them together, and apply in the front part of your pixie cut.

Style the hair in an upward motion to make a quiff. This hair do is perfect for hip, street-style kind of looks.

3. Choppy bob

For this style, you’ll define your layers by applying wax.

Action plan: To add body and texture to the edge and layers of your hair, apply mid-lengths all the way to the ends. You can scrunch your hair afterward to add a bit of bounce. 

4. Layered lob

Add beautiful layers to your lob. A wax can enhance a perfectly blow-dried hair by helping retain its shape while also defining your layers.

5. Sleek and straight

With spray wax, you can easily apply this product on your long hair. Say goodbye to frizz!

Action plan: Apply this spray wax whenever you want to tame naughty frizz and achieve a polished sleek look.

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6. Dutch braid

Give your hair some grip by applying hair wax before braiding.

Action plan: Hair wax adds texture and can give hair more grip, when applied braiding becomes easier.  All you need do is just to spritz wax before braiding.

This is perfect for all braid types including Dutch braid, French braid, or even a nine strand braid.


There’s no reason for you to shy away from hair wax whether as a man or woman. Men have been enjoying this product since forever. Isn’t it about time you partook of its glitz and glamz.

Just be cautious in its use to avoid hair loss.

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