HAIR GLAZE TREATMENT VS HAIR GLOSS: Differences, 8 Best At-Home Treatments, and Review

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There is a lot of confusion between hair glaze and hair gloss in terms of treatments. You may think that both are the same, but there’s a huge difference between them(hair glaze treatment vs hair gloss). Many of us love to use hair glaze treatments on our hair. They’re great because you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair while they do their thing. But how do they compare to hair glosses?( hair glaze treatment vs hair gloss) Does one work better than another? What is the best hair glaze treatment at home? Is there any glaze hair treatment reviews? Read on to learn about the differences between these two types of products so you can make an informed decision about which one will suit your needs best.

What Is Hair Glaze Treatment?

Hair glaze treatment is a temporary hair color. It’s also known as semi-permanent or non-permanent, depending on what time frame you’re looking at. You can get it done at home. The treatment lasts anywhere from 6-12 weeks, however most people opt for the shorter version of this process(6 weeks) because they want their new hairstyle to be pretty low maintenance.

The best part about hair glaze treatments is they don’t involve any chemicals. There are only two things that go into your hair during these treatments: bleach and dye (or another product made specifically for coloring). The treatment process lasts between 5–8 hours depending on how much product you use; anything longer than five hours is considered “extended” styling time.

What Does A Glaze Do To Your Hair?

Glaze is a treatment for color-treated hair. It’s similar to a gloss, but it’s more intense and can be used on all hair types( hair glaze treatment vs hair gloss). Glazes add shine and luster to your hair without weighing it down with heavy oils or buildup products. They’re also ideal if you have naturally dry or damaged locks that need some TLC before they can handle an intense conditioner treatment as glosses do.

Does Hair Glaze Damage Hair?

Hair glaze, said simply, is safe and does not damage your hair. Glazes and glosses just coat the hair’s outside. Therefore they are less damaging than permanent dyes. They are unable to damage its framework or break through its cuticles.

How Much Is A Hair Glaze Treatment?

Hair glaze treatments are not cheap. The average price you’ll find them at is around $50, and that’s for a quality treatment like this one from L’Oréal Paris. If you want to save some money, there are plenty of other options, but your hair may not be as shiny or long-lasting after using them.

If your goal is to use at-home treatments instead of a salon for this service, there are plenty of options! Some people prefer DIY methods like baking clay masks or buying pre-made products from stores like Sally Beauty or Amazon (which offer discounts).

Best Hair Glaze Treatment At Home

There are several ways to do a hair glaze treatment. The simplest method is to apply hot oil to the hair. This will help add shine, reduce frizz and make your hair look healthier. Another popular method is using already made glazes for your hair glaze treatment at home. However, all of these best hair glaze treatment at home depend on what type of look you want:

#1. L’Oréal EverPure Glossing In Shower Acidic Glaze

After you have shampooed your hair, spray this hair glaze all over while it is still wet, then allow it to sit for up to three minutes before rinsing it out and applying conditioner. Your hair will look incredibly silky and lustrous because the treatment will help balance the pH levels of your hair. It’s one of the best hair glaze treatments you can use at home, and affordable too! 

#2. Kevin Murphy Crystal Angel Illuminating Treatment 

This best-at-home hair glaze treatment lasts between three and five minutes and features a mixture of grey pigments that deposit slate and cool tones between salon treatments. Additionally, it imparts a lot of lustrous shine. It works particularly well with hair that is platinum blonde, honey blonde, brown, or gray.

#3. John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine

This transparent glaze, which you can use with any shade of hair, accomplishes two things at once: it enhances shine and tames flyaways, resulting in a silky finish.

#4. Oribe Glaze for Beautiful Color oil 

This best-at-home hair glaze treatment is formulated with strengthening quinoa, conditioning brazil nuts, and light-reflecting particles. Use this hair glaze once a week in place of your regular conditioner to boost shine, and leave your hair feeling soft and silky. 

Even though it won’t alter the shade of your hair, the added reflection that it provides makes it well worth the investment.

#5. My Canvas Glow

My Canvas Glow serum will protect hair from the elements and heat styling without making it feel heavy or burdened down, add shine, and smooth the hair shaft’s cuticle. The vegan botanical caviar and prickly pear oil are responsible for these benefits. It’s one of the best hair glaze treatments we recommend. 

#6. Glaze for Beautiful Color

Glaze for Beautiful Color glazing treatment for the hair increases shine without leaving any color behind. 

#7. Shu Uemura Color Lustre Brilliant Glaze

The Shu Uemura Color Lustre treatment mask not only strengthens, but also nourishes and repairs your hair.  Moreover, it also coats your strands in a lightweight gloss (think of it as a topcoat) that makes your hair look shiny as hell and your hair color ultra-vibrant.

#8. Color Depositing Mask

Color Depositing Mask hair glaze treatment is multitasking at its best: it can serve as a hair glaze and perform like a gloss at the same time. It deposits colors in hairs, however, the length of time that the color will stay true will be determined by several factors.

Glaze Hair Treatment Reviews

From the glaze hair treatment reviews we have seen so far, the glaze hair treatment is a good choice for people who have fine, thin, or curly hair. It will add volume and shine to your locks, but it’s important to note that it doesn’t leave any residue on the strands like some other styling products do. You can use this product straight out of the shower or after styling with a blow dryer if you want to add more volume right away.

According to a hair glaze user “The glaze is great for smoothing out frizz and flyaways, so I recommend this for people with curly hair who want to tame their locks.

This reviewer was Happy after using a hair glaze treatment, according to her,

 “About 18 months ago, I started experiencing gold hair. This not only brightened my gold highlights but also removed some of the muddy tones that had settled into my roots” 

“If you want your hair to sparkle like a diamond, you have to try this,” one reviewer raves. “You will not be let down, that much I can guarantee.” The reviewer said this after using luminous hair glaze treatment 

How Often Should You Glaze Your Hair?

How often you should glaze your hair depends on how frequently you wash it. If you wash your hair daily, then glazing once a week is recommended because the hair will be more likely to absorb the treatment and retain its shine. If you only wash your locks every other day, then glazing once a month will do the trick!

Will A Glaze Lighten My Hair?

A hair glaze is a cosmetic product that can be applied to the hair. It’s a quick fix for damaged and dry hair, with the added benefit of making it look shinier. While some people may think they will get their hair lighter after applying this treatment, nothing could be further from the truth!

Hair Glaze Treatment Before And After

To get the most out of your hair glaze treatment, you should always follow up with a deep conditioning treatment. You can also try using a mask or deep conditioning spray after applying your new color so that it absorbs into the strands more easily. 

Here is an extra Tip to ensure your hair looks just as stunning as before and after photos. 

  • You should make sure you’re applying your hair color correctly. If you have long hair, consider cutting it in layers so that it doesn’t weigh down your head too much. 
  • Also, if you’re going out at night, try wearing a hat or scarf over your hair so that it stays protected from the sun and harmful UV rays.

Hair Glaze Treatment Vs Gloss

In the world of hair products and treatments, the glaze can be considered to be in the same category as gloss. Although there are chemical treatments that add shine to hair, they have some unique traits (especially Glaze) that set them apart.  

  • The main difference between them is how long they last on your head( hair glaze treatment vs gloss). While glosses are designed for short-term use (up to two weeks), glazes are more advanced formulas that can last up to six months or longer with regular use.
  • Hair glaze provides moisture and shine to the hair by using silicones that are found in the product. They seal in moisture and protect against dryness and damage caused by the environment or styling products used. While glosses mostly add shine to your hair, this makes glaze a far better option. 
  • Hair Glaze is a permanent hair dye that goes on dark and stays even longer than regular henna dyes. It dries hard like a gel, so you can style your hair as normal when it has dried (although it may take a bit longer). Hair Glosses are temporary hair dyes that go on clear and dry quickly. They are easy to apply and have a long shelf life.
  • Hair glosses are temporary hair dyes that go on clear and dry quickly. They are easy to apply and have a long shelf life. 
  • Hair Glaze is resistant to washes while glosses come off after several washes. 

Lastly, with the same benefits as regular hair gloss, hair glaze is a more permanent solution to damaged hair.

Does a Hair Glaze Cover Gray?

Yes, it can. But not as well as a permanent dye. To achieve the best results, you should use a color-safe shampoo and test it on a strand of hair first before trying it out on yourself. If you are looking for something more permanent than semi-permanent, then try one of our favorite semi-permanent dyes instead!


We hope this article will give you some insights into the differences between glazes and glosses, as well as help you with your next hair treatment. Have fun experimenting with different products!

Hair Glaze Treatment vs Hair Gloss FAQs

Does colored hair glaze leave a stain?

Glazes are different from regular hair dyes because they do not require a developer or peroxide. They deposit a transient hue without permanently altering the cuticle of the hair.

Is there a correlation between hair glaze and shine?

According to Sparks, a hair glaze is a temporary hair color treatment that leaves hair looking shiny and smoother by taming frizz and flyaways.

Is a glaze the same as a toner?

No. A glaze is a treatment, and it’s often used to add shine and moisture, while toners are products that help get rid of oil build-up in your hair.


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