Efficacy of Keratin Treatment on Black Hair

Efficacy of keratin treatment on black hair
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Keratin hair treatments are a popular method for achieving smooth, shiny hair. This treatment, also known as a Brazilian blowout, is a semi-permanent styling solution that can last up to 6 months. Although it can be costly, many people believe that the benefits outweigh the costs. Keratin hair treatments, according to proponents, make hair more manageable and frizz-free. However, these products may cause some side effects, such as scalp and eye irritation. In this article, we will look at keratin hair treatments in greater detail, including the Brazilian treatment for black hair and how to use them.

What Are Keratin Hair Treatments?

A keratin hair treatment is a method of straightening and smoothing frizzy or damaged hair. Keratin is a protein that the body naturally produces. It contributes to the structure and strength of the hair, skin, and nails.

Hair fibers are divided into three sections:

  • Medulla: Located in the core of the hair fiber, this is only visible in larger or thicker hair.
  • The cortex: This is the main component of hair. It is protein-rich and also provides mechanical support.
  • The cuticle: This is a thin protective layer made up of keratinized cells that overlap like scales.

Keratin forms a long helical chain within the cortex with the help of chemical bonds such as ionic bonding, disulfide bonding, and hydrogen bonding. Furthermore, weaker forces of attraction between molecules, known as van der Waals forces, can aid in the preservation of the a-helical keratin structure. Filaments, which make up the majority of the cortex, are formed by groups of these helical strands. Keratin hair treatments contain chemicals that target the keratin strands and alter their shape.

A keratin hair treatment involves a stylist applying a keratin-based product to the hair and then sealing it with a flat iron. The cross-linking of the keratin strands changes as the chemicals diffuse into the hair, depending on the thickness or length of the hair. The combination of chemicals, blow-drying, and flat ironing speeds up cross-linking and straightens curly or wavy hair.

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Keratin Treatment for Black Hair Before and After

What you do before the keratin treatment begins is just as important as the treatment itself. The pre-treatment will consist of shampooing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo and preparing the hair shaft for the treatment. When you finish your keratin treatment, avoid getting your hair wet or exposing yourself to direct sunlight. Even keratin treatments that claim you can wash your hair right away benefit from waiting at least 24 hours

Your hair will regain some of its natural curls depending on the treatment you receive. It is, however, a smoother version of your natural texture. So, here are a few details about how the keratin treatment works:

To begin with, keratin is a protein that accounts for approximately 88% of your hair. Keratin treatments use the same protein to smooth and straighten each strand while also protecting it. The number of disulfide bonds in your hair proteins determines the type of curl you have and how curly your afro is. The stronger the bonds, the tighter the curl. To straighten black curly hair, a process that breaks down the bonds is required, and this is where the keratin treatment excels over chemical relaxers and heat treatments.

Following this, you will need to condition your afro hair to provide it with the extra moisturizing care it requires to stay healthy.

Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatment

There are so many benefits of keratin hair treatment whether at home or in the salon:

  • The hair appears to be shinier: Keratin hair treatments smooth the cuticle of the hair, making it less frizzy. Furthermore, many people find that the treatment gives their hair a naturally smooth, shiny appearance.
  • The effects can last a long time: If a person properly cares for their hair, uses appropriate products, and does not wash it too frequently, the results of the treatment can last for several months.
  • Hair becomes easier to manage: People with frizzy or thick hair may benefit from a keratin hair treatment because it can reduce styling time and make their hair more manageable. Individuals may also notice that their hair dries faster after the treatment. This, in turn, can reduce heat exposure, improving hair health.
  • Hair does not break easily: Keratin is a structural protein, so it can strengthen and prevent hair breakage. Some people claim that treatments help their hair grow faster because the ends are shorter.

At-Home Keratin Treatment for Black Hair

Now, here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own at-home keratin hair treatment to give your hair a major facelift.

#1. Wash Your Hair

When shampooing your hair, gently massage your scalp with your finger for additional ingredient benefits. Wash your hair with a good keratin shampoo. Wash your hair twice if it is straight; if it is extremely curly, add at least one more wash.

Please keep in mind that you should NOT use a conditioner. Also, make certain that your hair is thoroughly rinsed.

#2. Apply the Treatment to Your Hair and Massage It In

Apply the keratin treatment to one section of your hair at a time. Towel dry hair gently but leave some moisture in it so the product can absorb easily. Coat your strands with the keratin treatment, beginning at the tips and working your way up. Stop one inch away from the scalp. Massage the product into your hair gently.

#3. Leave It on for 30 Minutes

Combing your hair aids in the even distribution of the keratin treatment. Comb your hair gently with a wide-tooth comb while the product is still on it. After that, let the treatment sit on your hair for 30 minutes.

#4. Iron and Blow Dry Your Hair

Brush your hair while blow-drying it. When the hair is completely dry, divide it into small sections and iron each section thoroughly to seal in the keratin. Iron your hair in small sections at a time to ensure even heat distribution.

#5. Wait

Simply leave your hair alone for 48 hours. Wait 48 hours before washing your hair. This allows the keratin treatment to penetrate your hair and work its magic. Make sure you don’t tuck or tie your hair behind your ears. Just keep it straight and down.

#6. Use Shampoo and Conditioner to Wash

Hair Conditioner is the best keratin conditioner. You can now wash your hair after 48 hours.

Best Keratin Treatment for Black Hair

Here’s a list of some of the best keratin treatment for black hair:

#1. Professional Gold Label Results Hair Brazilian Keratin Blowout

Nothing beats this item when it comes to the best Brazilian keratin treatment for African American hair. It works best on thick, naturally curly, or kinky hair.

Argan oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, and other essential oils are included in the product. They moisturize and protect your hair from damage and dryness. It also gives your hair a more healthy shine. Even with the product still in your hair, we can say that the Gold Label helps you achieve more manageable hair. It eliminates frizzy hair while repairing damaged hair strands.

Because the Gold Label makes your hair stronger and flatter, you may experience less shedding due to breakage. Are you ready to go from having dull, curly hair to having frizz-free, soft, and shiny hair? Try out this best keratin treatment for relaxed black hair.

#2. Keratin Hair Treatment by Peter Coppola

Peter Coppola Beauty’s keratin hair treatment may be the answer. The item is completely safe to use because it contains no formaldehyde or sulfate. It effectively reduces frizziness for up to 3 months. Repeated application of the treatment provides protein and amino acids to the hair, strengthening and nourishing the strands. Furthermore, the item can effectively soften curls. To achieve the best results, use the complete Peter Coppola keratin treatment kit, which includes a clarifying shampoo, repair shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.

How should the shampoo be used? Apply the product to your hair in sections and comb through with a fine-tooth comb. After the shampoo has been applied to the entire head, you set a timer for 20 minutes. Every 5 minutes or so, comb your hair from root to tip. When the timer goes off, you rinse it for 4 minutes with fresh water. Then completely dry and flat iron the hair. We guarantee that the best at-home keratin treatment for black hair will give you super straight hair that looks professional.

#3. Morrocan Keratin Smoothing System – INOAR PROFESSIONAL

The set is intended for people with curly or frizzy hair. These are the best keratin shampoo and conditioner for black hair because they contain white clay and cocoa oil, which soften and detangle your hair and eliminate frizz. Its distinct formula allows keratin to penetrate the hair cuticles, resulting in a shiny and smooth hair finish. Furthermore, the shampoo effectively hydrates your hair. To see clear results, iron your curls thoroughly. The conditioner will effectively moisturize and nourish the hair, making it ideal for natural black hair.

#4. GKhair Global Keratin The Best Professional Hair

Looking for a keratin treatment that will straighten and smooth your hair? All you need is the best keratin treatment for afro hair from the GK Hair brand. The GK keratin treatment not only relaxes your hair but also forms a protective layer around each strand of your curls. Massage is essential when using this treatment at home. The unit will permanently straighten your hair by breaking the sulfur bonds in your hair. As a result, the treatment has no chemical effect on your hair. Like the products mentioned above, the Global Keratin GKhair treatment is an excellent product for removing hair frizziness. It is gentle on your hair while leaving it silky smooth.

Straightening your curls with this item will take about 4 months. If you try this treatment at home, you will be very pleased with the results.

#5. Caviar Corrective Blowout Hair Treatment by BOTANIC HEARTH

The majority of keratin treatments are used to remove curls and kinks. And this item is no different. In a salon, you always use hair care treatments. However, with Botanic Hearth, you can easily do it at home. It is just as good as, if not better than, a professional salon! Simply apply it after washing your hair and straighten it for maximum effect. Your hair will be smooth, silky, and frizz-free if you do it correctly. Furthermore, the scent is adequate. It is not overpowering and has no chemical odor.

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Best DIY keratin treatment for black hair

You can do your research to find the best homemade protein treatment. However, most DIY keratin treatments require patience to achieve the desired results. Please be patient! Follow our instructions to make your keratin hair treatment:

You’ll need a banana, an avocado, rose oil, and wheat germ oil. These common ingredients will provide additional protein to your hair follicles, resulting in strong and soft curls. Ripe bananas, in particular, contain an amino acid that restores ruined hair. Avocados contain vitamins C and E, which help to keep hair from becoming frizzy.

How do you make the treatment? You carefully mash a ripe banana and avocado before adding the remaining ingredients. The amount of oils you use is determined by the thickness of your hair. Make a smooth paste out of them. Brush the mixture through your hair to distribute it evenly. Wait 30 minutes before washing it off with a gentle shampoo. For the best results, repeat this treatment once a week.

Try one of the best items on the list above to achieve an admirable shiny hair look. Also, don’t forget to share your results.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment for Black Hair

To give you some great ideas for keratin treatment for black hair, we’ve put together a list of trendy hair care products with excellent quality that is ideal for keratin treatment for black hair.

#1. Keratin Mist Leave-in Strengthening Treatment

Your hair can be repaired with Keratin Mist Leave-in Conditioner. It is natural for people whose hair is dry to absorb this oil as quickly as possible. This hair care product is thought to be suitable for all hair types and levels of damage. You could also try combining it with hair growth serums.

#2. Gold Label Professional Results Brazilian Keratin Blowout Hair

If you have thin hair due to hair loss and want thick hair, this hair item may be a good option for you. This haircare product contains essential oils such as argan oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, and others. Gold Label can significantly hydrate and prevent damage and dryness for a more healthy and shiny appearance. Furthermore, it eliminates frizzy hair as well as broken hair textures, breaking professionally.

#3. Lan’za Keratin Healing Hair Oil

If you have thin hair due to hair loss and want thick hair, this hair item may be a good option for you. This haircare product contains essential oils such as argan oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, and others. This treatment can significantly hydrate and prevent damage and dryness for a more healthy and more shiny appearance. Furthermore, it eliminates frizzy hair, as well as broken hair textures, breaking professionally. People will be able to apply the professional formula to all types of hair types thanks to the lovely scent derived from mild and organic ingredients.

#4. Vitamins Keratin Deep Conditioner

When it comes to keratin treatment black hair safety products, vitamin keratin deep conditioner is a must-have item. The special feature of nourishing dry, thin, or curly hair is that it is paraben-and sulfate-free. Argan oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ, and vitamin E are among the ingredients.

Vitamin B plays an important role in the smoothness of split ends and hair cuticles, as well as the control of frizz and hair volume. People can evaluate their performance after several uses. Some of the benefits of vitamin keratin deep conditioner-Brazilian keratin treatment for black hair are attracting a lot of attention from users in the hair market.

This keratin product can be applied up to ten times. It is suitable for a wide range of hair types, including dry, thin, and curly hair. Ingredients that are natural and safe: According to international standards, it is free of parabens and sulfates.

#5. Lasio Keratin-infused Treatment One-day Formula

If you are looking for a haircare product for keratin treatment for black hair that is of salon quality, this is the option for you: This keratin treatment helps your hair become smooth, manageable, and frizz-free for an extended period. Furthermore, because the amber extract acts as a light conditioner, your hair will remain hydrated and moist during the treatment. Don’t be afraid to invest time and money in a must-try product, and take a look at the amazing results of this therapy with salon quality and a long duration of nearly a year.

The benefits of the treatment may make the hair appear to grow faster, but it is all about strengthening the hair. “By temporarily bonding the hair back together, keratin helps to add shine, reduce frizz, and reduce the appearance of split ends,” Taylor explains. All of these effects can make strands appear longer and stronger, but “they all grow at the same rate,” she says. In other words, reducing breakage gives the appearance of more hair growth. 


Keratin hair treatments smooth the hair and make it shiny and frizz-free. People say it makes their hair more manageable. Although these treatments are expensive, the results can last for several months.

Despite their popularity, however, keratin hair treatments are not without risks. Most contain formaldehyde or other ingredients that can cause formaldehyde to be released. Side effects of these chemicals include allergic reactions, coughing, and vomiting.


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