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Now that summer is here, it’s time to think about how to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Color Wow Dream Coat is a next-day hair treatment formula that is free of harsh chemicals and made with natural ingredients. It will help you color your hair, even in the heat and humidity. It’s been around for quite a while now, but it’s now starting to get the attention it deserves. In this blog, you will learn everything about the Dream Coat anti-humidity hair treatment, the color wow dream coat for curly hair, and why we think everyone should try it!


The Dream Coat anti-humidity hair treatment is a spray that works as an anti-humidity conditioner. It helps keep your hair protected from the elements and is also good for smoothing out frizz. You can use this product on wet or dry hair, but it’s recommended that you use it after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. You can do this at home or in the shower—it doesn’t matter! After applying a dream coat, wait until all of the air bubbles have disappeared before rinsing it completely. This is done so that any residue won’t stick around in your locks later on if you blow dry them afterward.

When I got the cream, I was hesitant because I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to anything that claims to do what so many other products say they can. I’ve tried so many products that I need help getting through them. And then there are the ones that did work but either didn’t last long enough or were too expensive for me to keep using regularly. But this dream coat is one of the best! The Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Hair Treatment is an amazing product that gives you the hair you’ve always wanted. 

What Does a Dream Coat Do?

Dream Coat contains natural ingredients intended to increase shine and prevent damage from occurring to your color-treated hair. This goes hand-in-hand with our goal of keeping your color bright and beautiful for years to come! Dream Coat also aids in the retention of moisture in the hair. It also prevents frizz. It protects against static, which can lead to flyaways and split ends.

How Often Can You Use a Dream Coat?

How often you should use the product depends on how frequently you want to see results. Use it daily if your hair is extremely dry and needs frequent treatment. If not, only use it once a week to keep your hair healthy and shiny. How much product you use will also depend on the length of your hair. If you have long hair, use more than someone with short hair.

How to Use Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-humidity Hair Treatment

You can use Dream Coat as part of your routine or as a standalone treatment. In either case, follow these steps:

  • Apply a dime-sized amount of Dream Coat to dry hair. The more you apply, the richer the color will be; for example, if you want a light blonde coloration but only want to cover half of your head with dye (for example), then apply one-quarter of the bottle’s contents.
  • Comb through your mane with an old toothbrush and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing out in lukewarm water. This gives time for any excess chemicals from shampooing/conditioning products like conditioner or styling gel [to] dissolve into your scalp rather than being tied up in clumps by individual strands overnight.”
  • Once you’ve rinsed out the dye, shampoo your hair and condition it normally. Letting the stain sit on your scalp gives it its color; if you use straight bleach without letting that sit on your locks for a while, they’ll turn white when exposed to oxygen in the air rather than having a noticeably different shade than before.

Does the Wow Dream Coat Have Formaldehyde?

The Wow Dream Coat is free from formaldehyde, parabens, and phthalates (commonly found in hair products). It also contains no mineral oil, petroleum, or sulfate.

It’s made with natural ingredients that nourish and strengthen your hair, including:

  • Olive oil to hydrate, soften and protect your locks
  • Avocado oil to condition, moisturize and add shine 
  • Coconut oil to strengthen and repair damaged hair

Is the Wow Dream Coat Good for Your Hair?

Yes. It’s safe for color and chemically treated hair. Unless you’re allergic, the product is safe for natural hair. Permed or straightened hair has been chemically processed, yet this product doesn’t contain any chemicals! Wow Dream Coat will repair damaged hair if used properly and often (once per week).

Is Color Wow Artificial?

The color Wow Color Security Shampoo is better than other shampoos because it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients like other shampoos do. This product contains ZERO lingering sulfates, ZERO silicones, ZERO parabens, ZERO natural or synthetic oils, ZERO thickening gums, ZERO conditioning agents, ZERO, and pearling agents.

Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair

Use Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair to give your curls some extra bounce. This treatment helps to smooth out the frizz, define curly hair and keep it shiny while adding volume and body.

Color Wow Dream Coat is applied in sections with a mousse-type applicator wand that gives you control over how much product you use on each section of your head. So there’s no need for an entire bottle! It’s also easy to apply because it comes in three different shades: fair or light brown (for those who want their curls to look more highlighted), medium brown (for those who want their curls to look darker), or dark brown.

If you’re looking to give your curls some definition and shine, then Color Wow Dream Coat is the product for you. It comes in three shades: fair or light brown (for those who want their curls to look more highlighted), medium brown (for those who want their hair curls to look darker), or dark brown (for those who want their hair curls saturated).

How to Use Color Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair

Color Wow Dream Coat is the perfect product for curly hair. It’s a lightweight moisturizer that will leave your curls feeling silky, smooth, and soft to the touch.

To use: apply a quarter-sized amount of product to damp hair just before styling as usual. Style as you normally would after applying heat or a straightening process. Then apply another coat for added hold! If you’d like more control over your curls, use dry hair for maximum definition—it’ll give them body without leaving them heavy or sticky feeling in any way!

This product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. It contains no animal byproducts or synthetic chemicals and is made from all-natural ingredients. Aloe vera, cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba oil are some of the most important ingredients. All of these have been shown to moisturize and nourish hair without making it feel heavy.

Are There Any Contaminants in Color Wow Products?

The Color Security Shampoo is suitable for chemically treated and color-treated hair, as well as curly or textured hair and hair that is prone to tangling. Every part of our new, sulfate-free, and completely clean recipe can be completely washed away with water. This ensures that you will always emerge with the cleanest, most revitalized, and healthiest hair and scalp conceivable.


I’m happy to say that I am a believer in the Color Wow Dream Coat. It has been such a great product for me, and my friends who have tried it have been equally impressed with how well it works. The best part about this hair treatment is that you only need to use it once every three months or so, which means you won’t have to worry about buying expensive bottles every time your hair starts looking dry.

Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-humidity Hair Treatment FAQs

If you have dry, frizzy hair, what Wow conditioner would you recommend?

If you have dry, frizzy hair, we suggest using the Moroccan Argan Oil WOW conditioner.

Is there a way to tell if the color Wow Dream Coat acts as a heat barrier?

As far as your hair is concerned, yes, it is safe. In reality, the polymer acts as a heat protector, preventing damage to the hair’s cuticle from even reaching the surface. Calendula extract, which has hydrating effects, makes Dream Coat perfect for dry hair, and chamomile extract, which protects color and enhances shine, is also included.

Does Color Wow include silicone in its ingredients?

No, they do not include any parabens, sulfates, silicones, natural oils, conditioning gums, pearling agents, or waxes in their formulations.


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