CARDI B HAIR TREATMENT: Benefits and Usage (DIY Hair Mask Recipe Included)

Cardi B Hair treatment
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Cardi B is a New York rapper whose personal hair routine is now one of the most searched hair care tips on the net. Just type in “Cardi Hair Treatment” and you’ll be shocked. She’s not a hair expert. She has resuscitated several women’s hair goals, and everyone who sticks to it gets results if you want to know more about Cardi B hair growth treatment and hair mask, along with its recipe list, ingredients, or benefits it offers to hair, this article is for you!

What Does Cardi B Do To Grow Her Hair?

Cardi B’s hair growth is what every hair lover wants to achieve. Her secret, however, lies in maintaining a healthy hair routine and lifestyle. From drinking alkaline water to keeping up with her hair mask regime, and onion water treatment. Trust me, this hair treatment takes time and effort to grow, and Cardi B is doing just that.

What’s Cardi B Hair Mask All About?

Recently, the natural, do-it-yourself moisturizing hair treatment known as Cardi B’s hair mask has gained popularity thanks to the success of the New York rap star. Anyway, the hair treatment, growth, and repair mask are rightly named “Cardi B” because it’s her personal routine. Moreover, Cardi B says this treatment results in the growth of her long, thick hair. 

Cardi B Hair Treatment

When you search the net for Cardi B’s treatment, you’ll see more of her mask than any other tips. However, the people who go to look for it are looking for her entire hair care routine rather than just the mask. Anyway, here’s the complete routine that Cardi B uses to maintain thicker, fuller hair. That ideal hair that everyone wants;

#1. Hair Mask

Cardi B’s hair mask moisturizes your hair, feeds your scalp, defines your curls, strengthens your hair, whether it’s dry, frizzy, or fragile, retains hair length, defines your hair curls, and helps your hair retain moisture. Sum this up. It allows your hair to breathe.

#2. Rice Water

Rice water is one of Asia’s secrets to long hair, little wonder Cardi B included it in her hair growth and treatment tips. She uses homemade. We all know the store must include chemicals. Cardi B soaks rice in water for 24 hours and leaves it out in the sun. 

 #3. Onion Juice

Onions contain sulfur, and this is an excellent protein that boosts hair growth. Cardi B simply blends the onions, sieves the blended onion juice, and then boils the juice. She allows this to cool and then applies the onion juice to her hair.  

#4. Avoid Blow Drying

Cardi B’s hair treatment and growth session will be incomplete without drying the hair, but she leaves a clear warning. Never blow dry your hair without rollers. According to her, the heat will simply damage the hair.

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Is Cardi B’s Hair Natural?

Good question. If you’ve ever seen her hair in deep curls, you’ll believe it’s the same straight one. Anyway, back to the question, yes, Cardi B’s hair is natural. She was afraid of losing her hair in her twenties after childbirth, and this fear birthed a healthy hair regime that is fast becoming part of every American woman’s hair goal.

Cardi B Hair Mask Ingredients

The Cardi B hair mask is a blend of a few ingredients that are easily available and are valuable to your health too. 

This includes avocado, eggs, mayonnaise, black castor oil, olive oil, and banana. 

How To Make Cardi B Hair Treatment Mask

  • Put the avocado’s flesh in a blender.
  • Add about a spoonful of argan oil to the avocado and mix well.
  • Put a quarter cup of mayonnaise in the mixer.
  • Crack 2 eggs 
  • Add 1 spoonful of honey
  • Add a half cup of black castor oil and a few drops of olive oil to a bowl.
  • Add two ripe banana
  • Blend

Getting the Best Out of Your Hair Mask

The following tips will help you get the best from your Cardi B hair treatment mask

#1. Use On Clean Damp Hair After Shampooing

Your homemade hair mask will work best if applied immediately following a shampooing. You shouldn’t condition before applying a hair mask since you want your freshly washed hair to absorb as many beneficial ingredients as possible.

#2. Use a Shower Cap to Maximize Your Results

Wearing a plastic shower cap (or covering your hair with plastic wrap) is the best way to preserve the effects of the Cardi B treatment hair mask. This will leave your hair soft because it absorbs the ingredients.  Allow it to sit for around 20 minutes.

#3. Rinse Hair

This requires work because you don’t want to leave banana or avocado peels in your hair. Kindly use warm water and then close your hair follicles with cold water after washing off the mask. 

#4. Determine How Often To Mask 

You can apply this hair mask up to three times weekly if you have extremely dry, fragile, or damaged hair. You should apply it once or twice a week if your hair is only somewhat dry or damaged. This mask is best used once weekly but can be used every other week for maintenance.

How Long To Leave Cardi b Hair Mask On?

Cardi B leaves her hair mask on for about 20 minutes or more. However, do remember to cover your hair using a plastic shower cap (or use plastic wrap). To see the effect. 

Cardi B Hair Growth

There’s no doubt that Cardi B revived the hair goals of most women with her treatment and growth hair mask. It was initially a personal goal that became a routine, and now, it’s a must-have routine for anyone who desires healthy hair and growth. Although most people focus on the mask alone, what Cardi B has is a hair treatment routine that results in hair growth.

Cardi B Hair Growth and Treatment Secrets

Cardi B walks us through her haircare process step by step, explaining that you should always start by brushing and detangling your hair. Trust me, there’s more to this than just a mask, it’s a full hair care routine, by yours truly, Cardi B.

Cardi B walks us through her haircare process step by step, explaining that you should always start by brushing and detangling your hair. 

Cardi B Mask Recipe List

If you want a hair treatment that works, consider that of Cardi B, anyone can replicate her result with these simple ingredients;

  • Two avocados, 
  • Shea Moisture Argan Oil
  • Mayonnaise
  • Castor oil
  • Olive oil
  • Two eggs
  • Honey
  • Banana

Cardi B Hair Mask Benefits

Cardi B has natural hair that has been in the spotlight, but are there certain benefits that come with keeping up with this hair mask routine? Sure, there are. If there weren’t, Cardi B would have dumped the mask treatment recipe a long time ago. Wondering what these are? Relax! The following are some of the benefits you’ll get if you try out the hair mask treatment of Cardi B;

  • It moisturizes and strengthens your hair whether it’s dry, fritz, or fragile.
  • It leaves you with a healthy scalp
  • It boosts hair growth
  • It retains hair length
  • It defines your hair curls.
  • Helps retain moisture

How Often Does Cardi B Do Hair Masks?

About one to two a week. However, anyone who wants to replicate her hair result must first find out the kind of hair they have. If your hair is extremely damaged, fragile, or even dry, babe, you need to go beyond Cardi B’s routine and extend yours to about 3 times a week. Anyway, if you stick to the plan, you’ll get the result in no time. 

How Can I Restore My Hair Loss?

Restoring lost hair is easy, but it depends on the cause of the hair loss. If it’s a result of damage or breakage, creating a regime and using the following natural ingredients to create a hair mask will help restore your hair. 

  • Aloe vera
  • Onion Juice
  • Coconut oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Lemon
  • Geranium oil
  • Mayonnaise
  • Avocado
  • Egg

Others Include 

  • Massage
  • Get Viviscal supplements
  • Take omega-three acid
  • Increase your consumption of ginseng


After reviewing the details of Cardi B’s hair treatment and its advantages, you can make an informed decision. This article should prove helpful in pointing you in the right direction. Just try it out, there’s nothing to lose!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cardi B Hair Treatment

Does Cardi B Have a Weave?

Sure, Cardi B can get her hair weaved if she wants to. However, her main goal is maintaining healthy hair and she doesn’t joke about this. 

What Is The Cardi B Hair Mask Good For?

Cardi B’s hair mask is meant to moisturize the scalp, lock in moisture, and bring out the natural texture of the hair. Cardi used this treatment to tame the volume of her thick, undefined curls and give her hair more nourishment.

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