Everything You Need to Know About Using Botox Treatment for Hair[ Complete Guide]

Botox treatment for hair
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Botox, also known as botulinum toxin, has grown in popularity in the beauty industry over the last decade. Social media influencers and celebrities have begun to open up about it, making the previously taboo skin treatment more acceptable, if not desirable. While botox for the skin is used to reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles, botox for the hair is quite different. For starters, Botox for hair does not contain the botulinum toxin compound and is not an injectable procedure. It simply borrows the name “Botox” for a deep-conditioning treatment applied topically that works in “reversing time” for your tresses. Confused? Let’s take a closer look at this trendy hair treatment, the best hair botox treatment, and its benefits and disadvantage.

What Is Botox Hair Treatment?

Hair botox, as opposed to cysteine and keratin treatments, is a non-chemical, formaldehyde-free deep conditioning treatment. To combat frizz and improve the appearance of dull, damaged hair, the procedure involves coating the surface of your hair with less damaging compounds. As a result, while hair botox can aid in straightening, it is not as effective as straightening treatments. It does, however, help to rebuild broken and thin areas in your hair fibers, giving them a voluminous and soft appearance and feel.

Best Hair Botox Treatment

Deep conditioning is the best hair botox treatment product. Look for deep conditioners and hair masks that penetrate the hair cuticles and are high in the following ingredients:

  • Proteins
  • Vitamins
  • Lipids
  • The amino acids
  • Keratin

NOTE: We’ve noticed that many products contain chemical ingredients that alter hair structure, whether by causing curls to fall out or providing instant volume reduction. In the following sequence, we will also discuss some of the best botox hair treatments.

#1. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 Repairing Treatment For All Hair Types

At the moment, the most expensive deep conditioning treatment is Olaplex. For those who frequently use heat, dye their hair, or use any type of chemical treatment. If your hair is weak, or dry, or you are preparing it for chemicals, we recommend Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Hair Botox. You may be wondering if you can use it on natural hair. Yes, because it restructures the hair fiber, which makes it stronger and regenerates it.

Simply apply Olaplex after shampooing once a week. After 10 minutes, rinse thoroughly. Olaplex is cruelty-free, vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, phosphate-free, PH balanced, and suitable for all hair types.

#2. Natural Keratin Treatment with Biotin and Collagen

The Biotin Collagen natural keratin treatment is for dry or damaged hair but works well on all hair types. This is one of the best botox hair treatments for treating dry, weak, dull, and frizzy hair by restoring and restoring elasticity from the first application. This deep hair treatment contains biotin, which protects and prevents hair loss, nourishes, and strengthens your hair. Collagen inhibits amino acids, which restructures hair follicles and makes them healthier.

Keratin smoothes is a deep conditioning treatment that will leave your hair looking shinier. Apply it once a week for 5 minutes and then thoroughly rinse with warm water. Because it is not a miracle treatment, results will improve gradually over time.

#3. BlondWood’s Biotin Keratin Collagen Treatment

It restores the hair fiber from the inside out if you have dry, damaged hair. It protects and prevents damage if your hair is normal. BlondWood’s Biotin Keratin Collagen Treatment for Dry & Damaged Hair is suitable for all hair types. Keratin, collagen, biotin, green tea, aloe vera, and vitamin B5 make up the natural repairing and moisturizing formula. Use after shampooing from head to toe. Allow 5 to 10 minutes. Following that, rinse with warm water.

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Hair Botox Treatment Disadvantage

You know what they say about too much of everything is bad. That also applies to hairbox treatment. This might be the only significant hair botox treatment disadvantage. Haircare professionals recommend that hair botox be done no more than three times per year. Using it at a higher frequency can damage your hair follicles and cause hair thinning. Furthermore, it can dehydrate your hair strands, leaving them dull and dry.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that botox will be effective for everyone. It has not always produced the desired results. As a result, it may be a complete waste of time and money. Prepare yourself mentally for this before investing your hard-earned money in the treatment.

How to Apply Hair Botox

There is no standard formula for how to apply hair botox. Proteins and peptides are two well-known compounds used for this treatment. Amino acids, vitamin B5, vitamins, collagen complex, and lipids are all present. They are combined with a variety of other conditioning agents to “rewind the clock” on your mane. The combination of ingredients and the procedure is used to act as a filler for thinning hair fibers.

Hence the name “botox.” A single session can give you silkier, shinier, and more youthful-looking hair (while causing less damage), making it one of the most popular hair treatments today. Here’s how you can apply hair botox

#1. Step 1

The hair is thoroughly washed to remove any dirt or product buildup that may be layering the scales and hair. This is done to get the hair ready for the procedure. In addition, no conditioner is used after the shampoo. This also helps to open the hair cuticles, allowing the treatment to penetrate deeper.

#2. Step 2

The hair botox treatment is applied after drying the hair and is left on for at least 45 minutes. The treatment is applied from the roots to the ends and then removed with a sulfate-free hair cleanser.

#3. Step 3

Following the removal of the treatment, the hair is straightened with a heat tool to seal in the treatment. It is up to the salon whether the hair is straightened without being dried to allow for better penetration of the results. Some people may prefer to try the treatment at home, but an in-salon service guarantees better and more professional results. Even though it is a chemical-free treatment, heat straightening may cause hair damage. As a result, it’s critical to take care of your hair after treatment; here’s how:

Lastly, to avoid dryness, wash your hair with sulfate and paraben-free shampoo and use a conditioner. To infuse deep conditioning into your hair, apply a hydrating hair mask once a week or every 10 days to prevent dryness and repair any damage caused by environmental aggressors. Apply the mask from the roots to the tips of your hair.

Is Botox for Hair Better Than Keratin?

Hair botox is essentially a risk-free method of deep conditioning your hair. It nourishes your hair, adds volume, and gives it a bouncy appearance. Hair botox is safe for your hair unless you do it more than three to four times a year. It is an expensive but effective procedure.

A keratin hair treatment, also known as a Brazilian blowout, is a procedure that involves the use of a formaldehyde-containing product. Formaldehyde is a chemical that keeps your hair straight and provides long-lasting results. However, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, which raises some safety concerns. Keratin treatment, on the other hand, is less expensive. Both treatments have advantages and disadvantages. But, in terms of safety, hair botox has a better chance.

Hair Botox Benefits

The treatment is known as “botox for hair” because, like botox for skin, it relaxes hair fibers to make them smoother and reduce frizz. Your hair texture is also straightened during this process, adding texture and shine for a lustrous finish. 

The treatment will leave you with sleeker, fuller hair with fewer split ends. Because the treatment restores moisture to your hair, you may notice less frizz. The effects can last between two and four months.

Consider hair botox to be a regular conditioning treatment. Every hair can benefit from the regular addition of proteins and hydrating elements, which is essentially what this treatment offers. Ciambrone, on the other hand, recommends that the treatment be performed by a licensed cosmetologist or stylist for the best results.

Botox Treatment for Hair Price

A typical treatment will cost you between $100 and $300+, depending on where you have it done and any additional add-ons you select. People have decided to start administering the treatment at home, according to reports. Although the treatment is less expensive, you risk permanently damaging your hair and scalp.

Does Hair Botox Assist in Hair Loss?

It has long been assumed that the androgen hormone DHT is the primary cause of hair loss. In a recent study conducted by Canadian researchers in 2010, Botox was found to be a viable treatment for hair loss.

Professor Freund, the lead Canadian researcher, discovered that when he began injecting botox areas of hair on his scalp, it began to grow back. At the end of the study, it was determined that the hair count of the 40 participants increased by 18% over the course of 60 weeks. That is also true for the oral medication Finasteride, but without all of the medication’s side effects.

After this study, hair loss was reduced by an average of 39%, with an overall response rate of 75%. Hair Botox works similarly to skin Botulinum Toxin, but without the need for scalp injections. Hair Botox contains a variety of nourishing active ingredients, including Vitamins B5, E, Amino Acid, Glyoxylic Acid, Collagen Complex, BONT-L Peptide, and others. These ingredients in hair botox have been shown to help reduce hair loss in addition to the additional benefits to the hair.

How Long Does Hair Botox Therapy Last?

Hair botox is all the rage these days. The outcome of at-home hair botox varies from person to person, depending on the quality of the product used. The duration of the treatment is also determined by its quality. Many people got good results that lasted a long time, while others were disappointed.

As a result, it is recommended that you visit a reputable hairstylist who can provide you with a good hair botox product as well as excellent service. Hair botox should last at least 2 to 4 months if you use a quality product and follow the step-by-step procedure.


If you want to smooth your hair and make it appear fuller and lustrous, a Botox hair treatment can help. For the best results, be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars and visit a reputable salon.

Botox Treatment for Hair FAQs

Which hair types or conditions benefit the most from hair botox?

Again, because no harsh chemicals are used in hair botox, Ciambrone claims it is safe for all hair types, including natural, color-treated, and chemically-treated hair.

Is hair botox bad for your hair?

Topical Botox for hair injections are intended to strengthen and improve hair appearance. Most stylists recommend using them three to four times a year. This can cause hair breakage, thinning, and dullness.

Can I wash my hair after getting botox?

The instructions differ depending on the product. Although the instructions state that you can wash your hair the same day, we recommend waiting at least two days before washing your hair to maximize product absorption.


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