TATTOO IDEAS: Everything You Need to Know

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What does getting a tattoo mean to you? This should help you decide on the best tattoo ideas for your body. So many people find it overwhelming to decide on what they want their tattoos to look like. It is no secret that men love getting ink on their bodies. Meaningful tattoos will certainly help you through hard times and even breakups, but what is that perfect tattoo idea for you? First, you need to understand that every tattoo done on the face, hand, or any part of the body, no matter how simple or small, has a significant meaning. And that is why it is crucial to decide carefully, so you will not regret ever getting any tattoo or tattoo band. Hence, in this overview, we will provide more details on the best tattoo ideas and all you need to know about them.


We get tattoos with the hope they stay with us forever; you would not want to get a tattoo that you will regret looking at each time you wake up. And that is why you need to be sure of what you want for your body. While it may seem exciting and tempting to get ink on your body, you should also consider and do some of these things listed below:

#1. Decision

Deciding whether you want a tattoo should remain the first thing on your list. Do not get tattooed if you feel pressured to do it. Ensure it is what you truly want and desire. Most people get a tattoo because their friend or spouse wants them to, and they usually regret it because it is not what they want. So, you must decide for yourself.

#2. Determine Where You Want the Ink

Location of the tattoo matters when looking for tattoo ideas. You can avoid painful spots for tattoos and get them where they will hurt less. If you are looking forward to getting a private tattoo, avoid spots like the face, wrists, hands, or legs. 

#3. Use a Good Tattoo Artist

A good tattoo artist matters a lot when getting ink on your body. While most people have unique tattoo ideas, they may fall victim to an inexperienced tattoo artist. This can make them regret ever getting a tattoo. Consult a good tattoo artist.

#4. Get Special Tattoo Ideas

You do not have to go overboard with tattoo ideas. A simple but meaningful tattoo will go a long way. The deal is to get a tattoo you will find yourself happy about. This could be in a form of a symbol, character, date, and other significant quotes.

#5.Make Sure You Like the Idea

Do not let anyone patronize you with ideas that do not suit your personality. If you feel like a lion, get something lion-like, and do not allow anyone to change your goal.

#6. Be confident

Yes, you can do it! Even when some people do not like your idea, be confident enough to stand your ground. However, be open-minded. But always be confident and carry your tattoo with the utmost confidence.

#7. Trust Your Gut

Always trust your guts. If you are not comfortable with a tattoo design, do not go for it. If you are not cool with the tattoo artist, find another. Always trust your guts.

Where Can I Find Good Ideas?

Creativity comes from within, although coming up with good ideas for an original tattoo can be overwhelming. The good news is that you can get creative and good tattoo ideas online by visiting the top tattoo artists’ web pages. You can also check our listed tattoo ideas for men.

Do Tattoos Make You More Attractive?

Absolutely! Most people would disagree, due to their perspectives. However, if having too many tattoos on your skin can make you ugly and insecure, it can also make you attractive. Most tattoos are cute. They add to your features by making you more attractive.

Tattoo Simple 

Simple tattoo are unique designs that stand out without going overboard with designs. Most simple tattoo are usually in a certain shape or form that signifies something meaningful to the bearer. Regardless of which gender you belong to, you can get a simple tattoo in a hidden spot on your body or in an open spot. Here is a list of simple tattoo ideas for all:

#1. Classic Tattoo ideas

Simple tattoo ideas do not mean they cannot be classic while you rock your tattoo. Classic tattoos have been around longer than any modern tattoos. They do not go out of style. Instead, you can get more creative with them without messing with the original art. Most classic tattoo ideas include waves, stars, moon, roses, sword/daggers, portraits, boxes, etc.

#2. Rose Tattoo Idea

Rose tattoo ideas are not limited to the female gender only. A rose tattoo signifies many unique things as passion, new love, new beginning, positivity, trust, peace, hope, and many more. To make yours special, you can make it colorful by adding advanced shaded signs. You can also add the name of your loved ones; or your favorite quotes and wordings. 

#3. Self-Love Heart Tattoo

Self-love should come first before any other form of love. This tattoo does not represent being selfish or self-centered. Instead, it is a message that you can only give out what you have. 

This means to love others truthfully, you have to love yourself first. Self-love heart tattoos are simple tattoo ideas and they have deeper meanings.

#4. Small Tattoo

Do not disregard the power of small tattoos. They are usually cute and simple. If you are the type that likes little but attractive things, you can consider getting a small tattoo.

Also, if you find it difficult to decide on whether to get a tattoo, try small tattoos. They will make you appear as someone safe to get close to and also present you as a peaceful person. I like small tattoos because they are attractive and cute.

Tattoo Band

Tattoo band are designs that are mostly in a band shape. Most people prefer tattoo band designs on their wrists and all around their arms. They often symbolize power, strength, protection, hope, solidarity, and other powerful meanings. Check out our list of band tattoo ideas for all:

#1. Bandaid tattoos

This is one of the best ideas for a tattoo band. If you have ever encountered physical pain, or the need to feel from the sad realities of this world, consider getting the Bandaid tattoos. This tattoo has a message that through it all, the pains of the past, will be over, and the scars left behind will make us a better version of ourselves. 

#2. Flames band Tattoo

Flames band tattoos are one of the most classic tattoos for all. They are simple and meaningful. In between the flames, you can include small objects or symbols to add more designs to it. Flame band tattoos can be on your arms or legs. The misconception about flame tattoos is that they belong to men, but this is not true because you can have them as a design on your wrists or fingers.

#3. Forearm Band Tattoo ideas

Forearm tattoo ideas can be in any form or shape around your arm. It can be small circles with designs or go as far as covering your arms completely. They can be cute when it is smaller in size and bolder when they cover the whole arm. Forearm tattoos are pretty common, and you can get more creative with designs. 

Tattoo On Hand 

You may wonder why most people tattoo their hands. It is because tattoos look best in spots where people can see them. It is even better when yours carries a special meaning.  Check our list of hand tattoo ideas:

#1. Zodiac Sign Tattoo

If you are into zodiac signs and their meanings, you should consider getting a zodiac sign tattoo. There are a variety of zodiac signs and symbols to select from. You can also choose your birth zodiac sign. Astrology keeps getting famous for the right reasons, and zodiac sign tattoos are usually small and simple tattoo ideas for all genders.

In other words, to make them look more attractive, keep them small and colorful.

#2. Roman Numbers Tattoo

Roman number tattoos are the best hand tattoo ideas. It is best for saving and remembering special dates that are important to you. Not so many people understand the roman numbers.

This will allow you to conceal such information without people getting to poke into your affairs. Roman numbers are not easy to understand. Instead, they are also elegant and meaningful.

#3. Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos are one of the coolest hand tattoo ideas for all genders. You can decide to get selective with a few fingers or cover all of your fingers with tattoos. Finger tattoos can be in bands or ring-like shapes of objects, signs, or even symbols. They are perfect for first-timers who are still indecisive about tattoos because they can be easily concealed.

Where Does a Tattoo Hurt Most?

You should know that all places hurt when the tattoo machine pierces through your skin with its needle. And the bigger and more complex the style, the more pain you will experience. However, you should avoid getting tattoos on these spots because they hurt more: groins, Stomach, Nipples, Breasts, head, Rib Cage, chest, Face, Ears, Lips, calves, and back.

What Is the Latest Tattoo Trend?

The snake Tattoo idea is one of the latest tattoo trends for men. They are classic and nice to look at. Also, they have better meanings. Depending on what you believe in, snake tattoos are pretty cool and suites men with the badass aura.

Tattoo for Men 

Here is a list of tattoo ideas for men:

#1. Compass Tattoo Idea

A compass tattoo is a simple tattoo idea suitable for all gender. If you are looking for something simple yet meaningful, consider getting a compass tattoo. Compass usually signifies the will to accomplish good fortune and reach one’s aim. 

Compass tattoos are classic and simple. A compass represents the journey of life, while you may have control over it today, tomorrow may not be certain. Hence, you have the compass to direct you in pursuit of your goals. They are not complicated to draw, and they have unique meanings.

#2. Leopard Tattoo

The leopard may seem like a fierce animal. But it can be gentle and peaceful. The gentility of this animal does not mean its stupidity. This tattoo signifies the strength within us. Leopard tattoos are also simple tattoo ideas for anyone who believes they have the inner power and knows how to control it. The greater strength lies in your understanding of how to control your inner demons.

#3. Bio-mechanical Tattoo

Are you in love with robotic aliens? Consider bio-mechanical tattoos. While bio-mechanical tattoos can be on any part of your body, they can be considered a tattoo band for your arms and legs. This unique robotic tattoo came into existence in 1979, and since then it has been fully accepted.

#4. Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are simple ideal tattoos. Similarly to compass tattoos, they hold significant meanings and are natural elements. Geometric tattoos have been around for centuries. 

They can hardly go out of style due to their natural elements. Regardless of where you tattoo a geometric, it looks bold and sharp and makes you stand out. They are one of the best and most simple tattoos for men.

#5. Black and Grey Tattoo

Black and grey tattoo ideas are suitable for boys. This tattoo will help you include various designs in black and gray. The black and grey colors are simply spectacular. You can create the coolest tattoos with these colors without ever regretting it.

#6. New School Tattoo Idea

While classic tattoos remain the oldest, new school tattoos are modern-day creativity. They are cartoon-like artworks with unique designs. Imagine getting comic designs on your skin. This new school tattoo idea is unique and full of different tattoo styles.

#7. Portrait Tattoo

Portrait tattoos are perfect for any gender. You can use the portraits of your loved ones . or the portrait of your favorite celebrity. Where you choose to have this portrait matters. Arm portrait tattoos are usually nice to look at. However, not all tattoo artists can draw a portrait. You have to make your research before engaging.

Where Do Tattoos Look Best on Guys?

It is no news, that tattoos look great on guys regardless of their color, shape, or size. However, the best spot for tattoos on guys includes arms, Triceps, elbows, forearms, left or right chest, thigh, upper back, full-hand, Bicep, finger, knuckle, wrist, and other spots you may like more.

Wrapping Up 

Tattoos have been around since the beginning of mankind. There is no doubt that new and creative ideas are coming in, but special tattoo designs for all genders are always available. Our body is similar to a blank board, and it is up to you to decide the type of artwork you need to beautify it. We hope our list of tattoo ideas is helpful to your search.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tattoo Ideas

What is the least painful spot for a tattoo?

The least painful spot is the outer shoulders. 

What should I avoid before getting a tattoo?

Avoid getting too expose to the sun and also limit your alcohol and caffeine intake.

Can I shower after a new tattoo?

Yes. Although you have to be gentle while washing because the tattoo spot will be sore.


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