Purple Eyeshadow Looks: (and How to Wear Them)

Purple Eyeshadow looks
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Purple eyeshadow looks aren’t traditionally the first color that comes to mind when thinking about creating everyday eyeshadow looks—or something special for a night out—but this hue in all of its magical variations deserves a chance. Eyeshadow trends come and go, but the desire to try new beauty looks lasts forever.

When it comes to colors, many people stick to their tried-and-true favorites that go with everything, but this can lead to a serious creative rut. Whereas everyday neutral colors have their place, there’s something to be said for a pop of color to kick things up a notch and enable us to be imaginative with our cosmetics in ways we hadn’t previously considered.

As a lover of good cosmetics, you must have seen purple eyeshadow looks all over the internet and on various occasions red carpet, leaving you wanting more but unsure how to achieve it.

Here in this article, we bring some of the most stunning and inspiring purple eyeshadow looks with the products required to create them.

What is Purple eyeshadow look like?

Purple eyeshadow looks are purely aesthetic purple eyeliners that are primarily applied to the eyelids to draw attention to the wearer’s eyes, making them stand out or appear more attractive. Eye shadow can also be used under the eyes, cheeks, and brow bones.

Purple is a highly adaptable color that can look very good in almost any situation. It looks fantastic on any eye color with any color combination. For a pop of color, use only one shade of purple. For a bold, statement look, use contrasting colors. Glitter can be used to add a touch of glam.

Eye shadow is worn by women all over the world, but it is also worn by men on occasion. Even when used by men, it is perceived as a feminine cosmetic in Western society. For example, in Gothic fashion, both sexes wear black or similarly dark-colored eye shadow and other types of eye makeup. It was commonly used by both sexes in ancient Egypt. Kohl, an ancient eye cosmetic, was important in many cultures and religious practices.

Furthermore, the use of eye shadow tries to mimic the natural eye shadow that some women exhibit due to the contrasting pigmentation of their eyelids.

How to put purple eyeshadow looks

Here are the best steps to follow when making up a purple eyeshadow look:

  • Color in lids
  • Shade crease
  • Color in corners
  • Line waterline

Color in lids

Begin by applying purple eyeliner color to the whole lid and blending it out evenly.

Shade crease

Apply a deep purple eyeshadow shade to your top edge and slightly above it.

Color in corners

Apply a lighter purple eyeshadow shade to the inner corners of your eyes to brighten and add dimension to the look.

Line waterline

To complete the look, line your waterlines with purple eyeliner and apply a lengthening mascara.

Purple eyeshadow looks

Here are ten purple eyeshadow looks that will have you looking like the queen you are wherever you go.

  • Abstract Violet Lines
  • Metallic Violet
  • A Touch of Violet
  • Purple Graphic Liner
  • Light Purple
  • Flip and Reverse
  • Minimal Mauve
  • Subtle Shimmer
  • Purple Smoke
  • Matte Purple

#1. Abstract Violet Lines

If you want to wear colorful makeup, Bella Hadid’s deep violet paired with punchy pink and liquid eyeliner is an excellent example of combining different tones to create a beautiful color contrast.

To achieve this shape, apply violet eyeliner above the crease before moving on to pink for an abstract effect.

#2. Metallic Violet

Let’s take a look at the metallic violet eyeshadow to see how it can pack a powerful punch without saying anything. This purple eyeshadow look will have everyone looking at you in the eyes this month, as it is a mesmerizing look that highlights your beautiful eyes.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about putting on a full face of makeup every day. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and let your eyes sparkle like diamonds. Dust some highlighter into the inner corner of your eye before applying your eyeshadow to add some shine to this look.

#3. A Touch of Violet

Sometimes all it takes to look good is a single swipe. With a swipe of violet on your eyelids, you can instantly transform your makeup.

This is ideal if you prefer a minimalist appearance. Make a statement with a little purple on your eyes, but not so much that you blind everyone. Experiment with applying the same shadow color along your lower lash line to add depth to your eyes. Choose a shimmery eyeshadow palette for some radiance.

For a full-on purple day out, we recommend incorporating the monochromatic look into your outfit selection.

#4. Purple Graphic Liner

When it comes to eyeshadow looks, we can’t say no to graphic liners. So, for color contrast, try Bella Hadid’s pink shadow and purple liquid eyeliner. One tip: apply the graphic liner just above your crease before doing anything else. For a flawless finish, use a waterproof, smooth, and long-lasting liner.

#5. Light Purple

This is all the justification for you to start wearing purple eyeshadow right away. Make a soft dewy look with a light purple shadow and accentuate your top and bottom lashes with eyeliner.

To achieve this look, use a highly pigmented eyeshadow; make things pop with white eyeliner on your waterline before finishing with jet black liquid liner and mascara.

#6. Flip and Reverse

If you loved the reverse winged eyeliner trend, you’ll adore this one-of-a-kind purple eyeshadow look. Apply a neutral shade, such as ITTS COSMETICS The Fulton Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette, and then a clear glitter. Then, on the bottom, right beneath the lash line, apply a purple eyeshadow stick, such as BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow Stick in Violet Plum. Finally, extend it outwards to make a stunning and one-of-a-kind wing.

#7. Minimal Mauve

Another easy but effective purple look requires only two items: a mauve shade and lush lashes. In a light purple color Apply the Eyeshadow Palette to the lids, up to the brow bone, and underneath the lash line.

#8. Subtle Shimmer

This all-over light purple eyeshadow looks is soft and subtle, yet completely eye-catching. Even better, if you’re just getting started with purple shadow, this style is ideal. Simply apply a light shimmery purple shade all over the lid.

Then, using your preferred liquid liner, create a quick cat-eye. Finish with a lengthening mascara and you’re done! This cool color will help to illuminate and draw attention to your eyes, whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin. Increase the brightness of your look by applying shadow to the inner corners of your eyes and along the lower lash line.

#9. Purple Smoke

Light purple eyeshadow looks do not have to be mutually exclusive. Purple Smoke is a rich, vibrant purple that looks stunning against the skin tone—but what really distinguishes this look is how shadows are blended with darker neutrals on top and along the lower lash line to create a smoky effect that’s equal parts sultry, dramatic, and stunning.

#10. Matte Purple

With this look, you can achieve soapy brows, light purple eyeshadow looks, and purple eyeshadow in a single look. To get the full effect, use a highly pigmented purple shadow and offset the powdery look with glossy lips; remember to blend generously for a professional finish.


Mixing purple with other colors will make your eye makeup look too young. It really does speak for itself! If you have green eyes, you’re in luck when it comes to purple eye shadow. Green and purple are complementary colors, which means they look great together. Don’t worry, you can wear purple eye shadow with any eye color—it just looks particularly stunning with green eyes! Warmer purple hues are best for brown eyes, while cooler purple hues are best for blue eyes.

FAQs About purple eyeshadow looks

Are purple eyes attractive?

Yes, purple eyes are very attractive for one to behold.

How to make purple eyeshadow look good?

Here are the best steps to follow when making up a purple eyeshadow look:
Color in lids
Shade crease
Color in corners
Line waterline

What makeup looks good with a purple dress?

Choose peach and coral blushes that will make your skin glow and will work with any skin tone. To balance out the dark tone of the dress and the slightly smokier eye, keep the lips light and soft.


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