HOW TO DRESS FOR YOUR BODY TYPE: For Females, Plus Size and Teenagers

How to dress according to your body shape
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Just as everyone is different, body structures vary individually. The shape of a person’s body is mostly set by their genes and bone structure, but it can be changed slightly with the right diet and exercise. As the saying goes, “Looking good is good business.” Knowing your body type and how to dress it is essential; you tend to look more classy and attractive. There is no best or worst body type. You just have to learn how to flatter your body type to look your best in outfits. The most prominent question right now is, “Do you know your body type?” So, in this article, I will discuss extensively how to dress for your body shape including for the plus size.

How Do I Determine My Body Type?

To get the most out of your closet, you need to figure out your body type so you know what suits you best. To determine your body type, you need a tape measure to measure your shoulder, bust, hip, and waist areas. Stand in front of a mirror wearing your underwear, then follow these processes to get accurate results.

#1. Shoulder 

Measure the circumference of your shoulder; start from one side to the other side, then round back to the start. You can also tell someone to assist you with this measurement.

#2. Bust

Pass the tape under your arm around your bust to get your bust measurement. Ensure the tape is perfectly wrapped around your bust, it shouldn’t be so tight or loose. 

#3. Waist

Your waist is between your ribcage and your hip bone. Wrap the tape measure around your waist, relax, and breathe. Mark the point at which the tape meets the tip, then record your measurement. Measuring your waist can help you track your weight gain. 

#4. Hip

Find the widest part of your hips, run your tape around it, and mark the point where the tape meets.  Repeat this process to get accurate measurements.

These body measurements can help you determine your body shape and how to dress for your body type. You can input your measurements in this body shape calculator.

Different Female Body Shapes and How to Dress For Body Shape

Have you ever bought an outfit that looked great on a mannequin but didn’t look good on you? That is simply because it is not the right clothing for you. You need to know your body shape so you can dress according to your body type and appear great in your outfits.

#1. Pear Body Shape

Women with this body type have wider hips and thighs, and narrower shoulders, waists, and busts compared to their hips. You tend to gain weight in the lower part of your body, especially around your lower stomach or upper thigh than in your upper part.  

If you are in this category of body type then your goal should be to add volume to your upper body and take away from the lower part of your body.

Tips for Highlighting your Upper Body

  • Put on bright colors and bold patterns on the upper part of your body.
  • Wear fitted tops to pronounce your waistline.
  • Focus on the structured shoulder for them to appear wide.
  • Invest in catchy prints and textures for your upper body.
  • Wear clothes with fuller sleeves.
  • Don’t wear box-like tops, they tend to hide the waist.

Tips for Downplaying the Lower Body

  • Put on darker colors on your lower body.
  • Stay away from tight bottoms that draw attention to your hips.
  • Avoid patterns for your lower body.

This is a common body type. To get the most out of this curvy body type, go for crop tops, and tops that end at the hipline. Fitted tops help emphasize the waist. This body shape is also known as the Triangle body shape.

#2. Rectangle Body Shape

This body shape is known for having slightly equal shoulder, bust, waist, and hip measurements. The rectangle body shape has an undefined waist, long legs, and is not so curvy. This category of body type gains weight all over their bodies, not in a particular area. Hence, this body shape has earned its name.

The goal of women in this category should be to break up the rectangle either by adding volume to the upper and lower parts of their bodies or by making their waist look narrower with the aid of color and some features.

We all want to look curvier and more attractive. This body shape might not be your dream body shape, but remember, there is no such thing as a bad body type. You just have to direct the spotlight on somebody’s features to make them look better. We are not working against your body, but with it to improve your look. If this is your body type, relax and embrace your body.

  • Avoid ill-fitting clothes and oversized clothes. 
  • Wear belts around your waist to pull it in. Dark colors should be worn around your waist as well.
  • Bright colors should be worn on the upper and lower part of your body but not on your waist.
  • Add volume to your upper and lower body with patterns and ruffles.
  • Wear nipped dresses.

This body type can wear a variety of necklines-V-neck, turtleneck, sweetheart, off-shoulder, bateau, scoop, and funnel necklines. Don’t wear straight or square necklines, they will make you appear more rectangular.

Try out different patterns of clothes and necklines to find what is suitable for you. Generally, don’t forget to emphasize your waist.

#3. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This body shape is characterized by broader shoulders, narrow hips and a not so defined waist. The focus of this body type is to define the bust and waist and also make the hip and shoulders of the same proportion thereby creating an impression of a balanced body.

To look better;

  • Avoid clothes with shoulder pads, you don’t need them.
  • Wear dark-colored tops, peplum tops, plain tops,
  • Go for V-neck, U-neck, or scoop necklines.
  • Wear boyfriend jeans, flared pants, wide-leg pants, palazzo or patterned pants.
  • Avoid skinny jeans.
  • Wear pleated, flared, patterned or brightly colored skirts.
  • Wear belted and nipped dresses.

#4. Apple Body Type

This body shape is characterized by shoulders that are broader than the hips and an undefined waistline. They are heavier on the upper part than on the lower part of their body. They tend to add weight to their midsection(tummy).

The focus for women belonging to this body type would be to de-emphasize the midsection of their body and emphasize the lower part. Add volume to the hips to create the impression of a balanced body.

Tips for dressing apple body type

  • Wear tops that end below the hipline.
  • Avoid tight-fitted tops, and crop tops as well.
  • Wear this with big prints or patterns and diagonal lines, they help conceal your tummy.
  • Wear dark colors around your waistline. Go for splits at your waist.
  • Go for flared and loose sleeves to create volume in your upper body.
  • Shoulder pads can be worn to highlight your shoulders.
  • Wear wide and low necklines, they draw attention away from the midsection area.
  • Wear bright colors on your lower body.
  • Avoid patterns, ruffles and excessive fabric at your waist.
  • Wear structured clothes as they add volume to the body.

Not all apple-body-shaped women are plus size some are slender.

For plus size apple body shape;

Go for wrap dresses, full circle skirts, V-neck dresses and tops, and nipped or belted dresses. Avoid clingy clothes with high necks. ,Whether you are plus size or not, you just have to find out what suits you and makes you comfortable.

#5. Hourglass Body Shape

This is every lady’s dream shape. We all want to have some real curves. This body shape is naturally balanced with a narrow waist. If this is your body shape, then you have slightly equal bust and hip measurement, fuller thighs, rounded bottom, and narrow waist. Weight is evenly distributed around the body. This is a balanced body shape, do not unbalance this silhouette while dressing it. 

  • Wear belted and nipped dresses.
  • Wear dark colors around your waist area to accentuate your waist.
  • Go for V-necks, sweetheart necks, scooped necks, off-shoulder and square necklines.
  • Don’t wear boxy clothes.
  • Don’t add unnecessary volume to your waist.
  • Go for pencil skirts, tapered skirts, and A-line skirts too.
  • Wear bootcut, flared, straight, wide-legged jeans.

Maintain the balanced natural silhouette you have to look stylish and classy with your curves.

Teenagers and Their Body Shape

Are you struggling with how to know what clothes fit? All these tips can apply to you as well. Know your body type. Then work towards accentuating your curves and balancing your silhouette. Wear what you are comfortable in, the most important thing is your confidence level. Confidence alleviates your clothes.


The white color neutralizes any cold color and shows off curves. When wearing a parking outfit, spice it up with white color. Just be mindful of where you add the white, for it can accentuate your curves. No matter the body type, invest in good undergarments. Wear the right accessories for each dress, to alleviate it.

Always remember that there is no good or bad body type, so cherish your body. Appreciate your body by taking out time to dress it well. 

How to Dress for Your Body Type FAQs

What is the most unusual body type?

The hourglass body shape is the most uncommon since it necessitates equal bust/shoulder and hip proportions with a significantly reduced waist size.

What body type is ideal in 2022?

In 2022, it’s all about the midriff. Thus, with low rise jeans and crop tops back in style, it’s no wonder that the midriff is the centre of body type trends. Low-cut trousers stretch the top half of the body, and this is the look that everyone is sporting this year.

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