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Eyelash extensions can make your eyes appear larger and your lashes appear thicker, leaving you with that attractive and shiny look. Who wouldn’t want to look like this after a long day at work? When it comes to eyelashes, the beauty industry has seen everything: mascaras, magical growth serums, heated curlers, etc. However, no trend is as popular as eyelash extensions. When eyelash extensions initially became popular, they appeared to be a quick and easy way to produce fluffy, jittery lashes without the stress of false eyelashes or mascara. Meanwhile, it is quite convenient and easy to do your eyelash extensions yourself at home, so let’s get to how it works.

If you’re thinking of trying out eyelash extensions for the first time, this article is for you. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about eyelash extensions and also how to do eyelash extensions yourself at home.

What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are thin fibers that look like natural eyelashes. These tiny fibers are glued to each natural eyelash with permanent glue, giving each lash a longer look. They appear to be fantastic. A professional lash artist applies the extensions with semi-permanent glue. Meanwhile, eyelash extensions are often applied to the upper lash line, and they are done in groups or separately. You could be concerned about artificial results or allergic reactions if you use lash extensions for the first time. In order to get your ideal look, you must evaluate all of the aspects of eyelash extensions before utilizing them.

How Do Eyelash Extensions Work?

Eyelash extensions are applied one at a time (usually 80–140 per eye) with a specially developed, semi-permanent adhesive that will neither irritate nor harm the natural lash. The lash is only attached to an existing lash; it is never applied to the skin. Hence, the actual procedure varies depending on the salon, here are the procedures on how eyelash extensions work:

  1. Select the best eyelash shape and size.
  2. Cleaning Around the Eyes
  3. Applying the eye gels and tape
  4. The Application
  5. Drying Stage
  6. Removing the Gels and Tape

#1. Select the best eyelash shape and size.

The first step in getting your lashes done is by selecting the appropriate eyelash size according to the shape of your eye and desired look. Your eyelash technician will guide you in doing this. Your lash technician would begin by asking you the type of look you want to achieve, whether it would be more glamorous or more natural. You’ll pick the optimum length and curl level for the extensions based on your desired look. Keep in mind that your artist may choose to use up to three distinct extension lengths, with longer extensions centered on the outer corners and lesser extensions placed on the inside corners. This is the first step on how to do eyelash extensions work.

#2. Cleaning Around the Eyes

This is another step in how to do eyelash extensions work. Your lash technician will ask you to lie down. He or she will also ensure that you are in a good position. After that, they’ll scrub the eye region to remove any makeup, oil, or bacteria. It would benefit your artist if you arrived at your appointment without any makeup on.

#3. Applying the Eye gels and Tape

 The eyes are closed for the rest of the procedure, It last from one to two hours depending on how many extensions your eyelash artist is applying. To prepare for the application, your lash artist will use an under-eye gel to keep your lower lashes out of the way and offer a juxtaposed background to work against because it’s easier to see your lashes against a clean white background. 

The eye gels will then be fixed on both sides of the eye using medical-grade tape. This tape will not contact your lashes and will not hurt when removed later.

#4. The Application

Your lash artist will take a single lash extension, apply glue, and put it one millimeter above the root of one of your natural lashes with precise tweezers. The procedure will only be altered slightly if you choose volume lashes for a more glamorous, open-eyed effect. Your lash specialist will first attach a few synthetic lashes together just to create a fan, rather than add just one extension to each lash. From here, the identical procedure as before will be followed.

Although the treatment is painless, you may be concerned about having tweezers so close to your closed eyes.

#5. Drying Stage

Although the lash adhesive dries very fast, your lash artist will most likely ask you to wait for 10 minutes after each of the extensions has been applied. However, some lash technicians prefer to use a tiny, portable fan to speed up the drying process, whereas others choose to let the glue dry naturally. Meanwhile, your eyes are still closed at this point.

#6. Removing the Gels and Tape

This is the last stage of how to do eyelash extensions work. The lash artist will have to remove the under-eye gels and tape once your lashes are totally dried. This doesn’t hurt, but let your lash technician know if you do have irritation in this region so they can take proper precautions. Your lash artist will use a spooly brush to brush through your lashes once they have been removed, and you’ll be advised to slowly blink your eyes open. So there you have it!

How to Do Eyelash Extensions Yourself at Home

Fixing eyelash extensions yourself can produce gorgeous results. Even though it takes time to work and patience to master, there are certain advantages to DIY, such as being able to do eyelash extensions yourself at home or anywhere in your leisure time without having to reach for a stylist.

As much as it’s not easy to fix eyelash extensions on your own, it requires a steady hand, a lot of practice, and, most importantly, the proper tools and equipment. It takes time to get the hang of fixing your eyelash extensions. Having the correct equipment and materials, on the other hand, will make things a little simpler.

The following are some of the tools and equipment you’ll need in order to do your own eyelash extensions yourself at home:

  1. Eyelash Extensions
  2. An Applicator
  3. Eyelash Extension Glue
  4. Spooly Brush
  5. Magnifying Mirror with a light

#1. Eyelash Extensions

Here, you have to select the eyelash extension best for your lashes and the style you want to create. The good thing is that most eyelash extensions come as a set once you have decided on the thickness and curl you want. The lengths of the sets range from about 8mm to 15mm, so you may experiment with different lengths to get the appearance you want.

#2. An Applicator

An applicator such as angled tweezers or precision tweezers is needed in order to fix the eyelash extensions yourself. A precision tweezer is used to separate each lash, while an angled tweezer is used to attach each lash extension to the natural lash. However, they come in set for a little cost.

#3. Eyelash Extension Glue

Getting a good lash extension glue isn’t easy. Eyelash extension glue is used to attach the lash extension to your natural hair.

So, therefore, you have to discover the eyelash extension glue suitable for you.

#4. Spooly Brush

This brush is designed to quickly and conveniently pick up stray lashes. It works with any mascara product. Also, before you attach your eyelash extensions, use the spooly brush to brush your natural lash thoroughly.

You can also use this spooly brush when fixing your lash extensions to prevent them from sticking to each other during the process.

#5.Magnifying Mirror with a light 

To see your natural eyelashes up close, you will need a magnifying mirror. You will want to use a mirror with its own light so you can see your lashes properly while working on them.

So, therefore, if you’re going to perform your own eyelash extensions, you will need a magnifying mirror. 

Steps on How to Do Eyelash Extensions Yourself at Home

Below are the steps on how to fix your lash extensions yourself:

  1. Sanitize
  2. Prep your lashes.
  3. Prep the glue
  4. Gently attach the lash extensions
  5. Finishing touches

#1. Sanitize

To prevent infections, wash your hands with soap and water before touching your face, as well as any equipment you’re using, such as your tweezers and spooly brush.

#2. Prep your Lashes

You have to ensure your lashes are clean and dry before you begin. So, therefore, dampen a cotton pad with a moderate cleaning solution to remove any oils or leftover mascara and gently wipe along the lash line. Allow them to dry completely.

#3. Prep the Glue

Here, you can pick up the lash with your applicator and use a cotton swab or a little droplet of glue to apply a thin coating of glue to the base. Make sure you don’t over dip because it will result in a thicker adhesive buildup which will take a longer time to dry and be more visible when inserting the lash extension. Then wait for about 10-15 seconds or until the glue gets sticky, Meanwhile, you can fan the lashes to speed up the drying process.

#4. Gently attach the eyelash extensions.

When it comes to placement, you have to be careful. Start by staring in the mirror and placing your first lash in the center of your eyelids, contacting your lash line with your eye slightly open so you can see the top lash line. Brush your natural lashes towards one another with a spooly after you have inserted the first lash in order for them to blend together.

Next, apply the center lashes to the opposite eye, ensuring that both “central” lashes are in place. Hence, keep adding lashes until you have achieved the desired style. However, if you make a mistake (which is virtually certain, especially if it’s your first time), you may use makeup remover or a lash curler to fix it.

#5. Finishing Touches

It takes 10–15 minutes for the glue to completely dry up. To assist in mixing and secure placement, gently compress the lash extensions and natural lashes together with a tweezer, your fingertips, or a spooly.

Finally, you can add waterproof mascara to your new lashes and conceal any extra glue with black eyeliner if there’s any.


Eyelash extensions enable you to get classic, natural, dramatic, or longer lashes with ease. Also, it saves you time when it comes to applying eye makeup. It is easy to keep the extensions looking excellent for a long time without hurting your natural lashes if they are applied appropriately. Visit a trained lash professional and follow the eyelash extension care instructions.

How to do Eyelash Extensions FAQs

Can I do eyelash extension myself at home?

Yes, you can do your eyelash extensions at home though it takes practice, patience, and time to do it to provide amazing results.

Why does touching my eyelash extensions hurt?

This can occur as a result of poor application of inferior products used by the lash artist.

How long can I wear my eyelash extensions?

Eyelash Extensions can stay as long as the natural growth cycle, or approximately six weeks because they are attached to the lash itself.

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