How to clean eyelash extensions
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There is nothing more irritating than a pair of dirty eyelash extensions. Lash extensions accumulate unattractive cosmetic residue, dead skin, and dirt over time. It is very important to learn how to clean your eyelash extensions. You can clean your eyelash extensions using micellar water. Hence, you can also clean your eyelash extensions yourself at home during your leisure time.

Have you been searching for ways to clean your eyelash extensions? This article is for you. Learn how to keep your eyelash extensions clean and in good condition.

Why Should I Clean My Eyelash Extensions?

 Bacterial accumulation on dirty lashes can cause blepharitis, an inflammation of the eyelids due to bacterial buildup. It can also attract insects. Cleaning your eyelash extensions guarantees that you can reuse them. It’s very important to keep bacteria and debris from your previous lash extensions out of your eyes. Thus, cleaning eyelash extensions carefully is very essential.

How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are quite time-saving and comfortable. Meanwhile, they aren’t always easy to clean. 

Most people believe that cleaning eyelash extensions would affect the glue. The reality is that when lashes are free from dirt and cosmetic residue, the eyelash bond lasts longer. Thus, below is the step-by-step guide on how to clean your eyelash extension:

  1.  Cure your lashes.
  2.  Remove your eye make-up.
  3.  Wet your Lashes
  4.  Apply Cleanser
  5. Rinse with warm water.
  6.  Dry
  7.  Brush the lashes

#1. Cure your lashes

Implementing the aftercare guidelines is very essential. It is advisable to avoid getting your eyelash extensions wet for about forty-eight hours before cleaning them. Your lashes need to become waterproof, therefore they need time to cure.

#2. Remove your eye make-up

Clean the makeup off your eyes and around your eyes using an oil-free makeup remover, avoiding your lashes. This is very important because most popular cleaners on the internet contain oil.

Oil-based removers can weaken the extensions, causing them to break and shed. Use a few pumps of the oil-free remover on a spoolie brush or a disposable mascara wand and brush through several times to help break down the mascara and remove any debris.

You can use a foaming cleanser to do this, including mascara and eye shadow make-up.

#3. Wet your Lashes

Wet your lashes with cool or lukewarm water. Splash it on with your hands, or you can soak a lash cleansing brush in water and gently dab it on your lashes.

#4. Apply Cleanser

Here, you can apply the lash cleanser to your brush in order to clean your lash extensions. Meanwhile, avoid oil-based cleansers as they break down the lash adhesive.

Brush the lash cleanser against the lashes and swirl the brush back and forth along the lash line.

#5. Rinse with warm water

Here, you can rinse your eyes off with lukewarm water in order to remove all of the cleanser, as well as any extra dirt or makeup, from your lashes. Hence, you can splash the water on with your hands or rinse the brush you used and dab it with water till all remnants of the product are gone.

#6. Dry

It’s much better if you let them air dry. However, if you’re rushing out the door to get to work, then you can give each eyelash a 10-second bit of cold air from your hair dryer once in a while, but don’t do it too often because it could affect the glue. A small portable fan can also do the job.

#7. Brush  the lashes

The lashes are now clean and dry, but they will need to be brushed back into shape, specifically if you have volume extensions, as the fans may shut slightly while washing. Comb them gently with a lash wand or spoolie brush in order to keep your eyelash extensions clean. Following the pattern of the curl and spreading them back out to their full and voluminous former beauty.

How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions With Micellar Water

Micellar water, which is also known as soft water, is a multifunctional cleansing liquid. It is made up of two key ingredients:

  •  purified water.
  •  mild surfactants ( which are cleaning compounds).

 They serve like magnets, attracting dirt and oil. When you use micellar water, even the most resistant makeup products dissolve and slip off. Micellar water is an effective cleaning solution regardless of the makeup you’re wearing because of the proportion of components in it.

However, it is advisable that you only use oil-free micellar water after carefully reviewing the ingredient list on the packaging.

Which Micellar Water Is Best for Eyelash Extensions?

There are two types of micellar water. These are the oil-based and water-based micellar waters. However, some cleansers include glycerine, so they can’t damage your eyelash extensions.

Here are some of the best micellar waters for eyelash extensions listed below:

  1. Garnier Micellar Water
  2. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water
  3. SVR Sebiaclear Micellar Water
  4. Ofra-Perfecting Elixir Micellar Water

#1. Garnier Micellar Water

Garnier oil-free micellar water (the pink one) is very effective for cleaning eyelash extensions. However, it is the gold standard of micellar waters. If you are putting on eyeliner or mascara, you can use it directly on your eyelash extensions.

#2. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water

This is the classic micellar water. It’s an oil-free makeup remover that is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Sophie-Ellis, Victoria Beckham, and others love it. It’s a fragrance-free cleanser that doesn’t require any oil or rinsing.

#3. SVR Sebiaclear Micellar Water

This micellar water is good for acne-prone skin. It also doesn’t have any oil in it. If you are putting on eyelash extensions, this micellar water is ideal because it is free of alcohol, oil, and parabens. Hence, you clean your eyelash extensions with this micellar water.

#4. Ofra-Perfecting Elixir Micellar Water

This micellar water tones your skin, boosts tissue immunity, and activates your skin’s defensive function. It’s alcohol-free and helps maintain your skin by promoting skin hydration while decreasing irritation and inflammation.

This micellar water is good for eyelash extensions because it contains ingredients that keep the skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. 

Step-by-step guide on how to clean your lash extensions with Micellar Water

Once you have figured out the right micellar water suitable for your skin type, you can follow this step-by-step guide on how to clean your eyelash extensions with micellar water: They are:

  1. Perform a patch test
  2.  Gather the vital materials needed 
  3. Remove the facial makeup.
  4. Apply the Micellar Water
  5. Detangle the lashes

#1. Perform a Patch Test

Firstly, before you clean your eyelash extensions with micellar water, ensure you do a patch test on a less-obvious part of your body before using micellar water on a daily basis.

This is done in order to determine if you’re allergic to any of the chemicals or if you are reacting to the product.

#2. Gather the Vital Material

You will need the essential materials for cleaning the eyelash extensions, and they include the make-up remover brush and the spoolie brush ( which can be replaced with the mascara wand).

#3. Remove the Facial Makeup.

Use the micellar water to remove your face makeup around the eye region without touching them directly, before working on your false lashes.

#4. Apply the Micellar Water

Next, wet your brush with micellar water until it is fully covered. Apply them in a downward motion over your lash line and beneath.

 Avoid dragging and tugging them, and don’t scrape or massage your eyelashes too hard while cleaning them, as this might damage the lash adhesive and cause your eyelash extensions to come out prematurely.

#5. Detangle the Lashes

Use the spoolie brush to detangle the lashes. Gently, comb them upwards while holding the spoolie brush on the bottom of the lashes.

While detangling the lashes, use a handheld fan to speed up the drying process. To prevent releasing too much heat onto the eyelash band, you can use a blow dryer on the cool setting a few inches away from the lash line.

In conclusion, there’s no need to wash off the micellar water as it’s recommended for eyelash extensions and is also oil-free.

How to Clean Your Eyelash Extension at Home

There are also home remedies for cleaning your eyelash extensions. Here are the steps on how to clean your eyelash extensions at home. They are:

  1.  Clean your face with plain water.
  2.  Create your own cleaning solution.
  3.  Rinse off with water.
  4.  Allow them to dry.

#1. Clean Your Face With Plain Water

You can clean your eyelash extensions at home using tap water, which is the gentlest cleaning product you can get at home. It’s readily available, and you’re probably already using it on your face every morning.

Thus, you can clean your eyelash extensions at home by splashing your face with water alone doesn’t work; you have to use a spoolie brush to work on your lashes in order to clean your eyelash extensions properly.

#2. Create Your Own Cleaning Solution

You can make your own eyelash cleaning solution very easily. All you have to do is to get a bottle and 1 teaspoon of baking soda, then add the distilled water. To get the perfect mixture of everything, close the lid and shake it.

Baby shampoo is oil-free and mild, making it ideal to clean your eyelash extensions at home. Baking soda helps to keep germs off while also balancing the pH of your lashes, which aids in the longevity of eyelash extensions. Stir this solution with your spoolie brush and gently apply it to your lashes in an up and down motion. Brushing up and down will remove makeup from your extensions while brushing side to side will clean any eyeliner and other makeup from your eyelids.

#3. Rinse off with water.

Scoop some water into your palm and gently splash it into your eye. Water helps to rinse off the makeup products. You can repeat this step until the majority of the makeup has been cleansed.

Meanwhile, there’s every tendency to lose a few lash strands as a result of this technique. Hence, you’ll be able to clean your eyelash extensions at home without them falling out if you’re careful with this step.

#4. Allow them to dry.

It is always advisable to allow them to dry naturally. Hence, you can as well speed up the drying process by using a hand-held fan. It’s best to use a hand-held fan because it’s mild enough not to damage your lashes. Simply place the fan beneath your eyelids while curling your extensions with a spoolie. This method allows your extensions to dry faster while also allowing them to stay curled for a longer period of time.

How to Keep Your Eyelash Extensions Clean

Below are the ways to keep your eyelash extension clean. They are:

  1. Clean your eyelash extensions regularly
  2. Avoid oil-based makeup.  
  3. Don’t share your eye products
  4. Be careful with makeup
  5. Ensure makeup is removed from around  lashes  daily

#1. Clean your eyelash extensions regularly

Maintaining the health of your lashes is very essential. This can be done quite effortlessly, and you may not even be aware that you are doing so! Cleaning your face twice a day (ideally in the morning and at night) helps to keep your eyelids and lashes clean. 

This is beneficial to your eyelashes since it removes any extra makeup, such as mascara or eyelash glue. If you don’t clean and brush(using the spoolie brush) your lashes regularly, it will result in germs and debris. As a result, your lashes will become unhealthy.

For instance, if you’re heading to the gym, when you’re sweating, your eyelashes prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. Thus, if it is not cleaned, regularly, it will result in sweat buildup. You can use a makeup remover like micellar cleansing water to keep your eyelash extensions clean. Also, applying a tiny bit of Vaseline or petroleum jelly to the lashes is another fantastic way to care for them. This will help them stay healthy by locking in moisture. This should be done every other week, and it just takes a few seconds but has a huge effect.

#2. Avoid oil-based makeup

According to a New Lounge expert, “Oil is the number one reason why eyelashes fall out quickly.”  In addition to applying oil-free makeup, you should also use oil-free makeup remover and follow an oil-free skincare routine. 

#3. Don’t share your eye products

We understand that it can be tempting when you forgot to apply your eyeliner that morning and a buddy offers to lend you theirs. It might be tempting, but DON’T! You can’t tell if they have an eye infection, and they might not even be aware that they do. It’s also highly unhealthy, as it’ll just transfer bacteria to your eyes.

 If you’re having your makeup done by a makeup artist, ensure they use disposable mascara brushes. Also, eye makeup brushes should be cleaned after each client in order to avoid any form of eye infection. 

#4. Be careful with makeup

In order to keep your eyelash extensions clean, you should avoid using mascara, especially if it claims to be “extension-safe.” Waterproof mascara, for example, can weaken the adhesive on your lash extensions. Applying mascara on top of eyelash extensions will most likely result in clumpy lashes. “Lashes come in a variety of curls, so when getting your lashes done, make sure the stylist knows which curl is closest to the natural lash so you don’t have to use mascara,” Richardson adds.

Furthermore, if you want to apply eyeliner, go for a water-based, non-waterproof formula, and remove your makeup gently at the end of the night.

Also, powdery eyeshadow is not a good option since it can get trapped in the adhesive and build up over time.

#5. Ensure makeup is removed from around lashes  daily

This is not a thorough eyelash cleaning, but if you use makeup on a daily basis, it’s critical that you clean your lash line every day. A cotton bud dipped in an eyelash cleanser or another water-based cleaner can be used to clean the lash line.

Meanwhile, avoid going to bed with foundation or makeup around your eyes still on.

The bottom line

Eyelash extensions are a simple technique to make your lashes seem fuller without putting in a lot of work. You don’t need to wear mascara every day, and unless you have naturally long, glossy lashes, your eye region can appear better than it has in the past.

Nevertheless, it is important to maintain the health of your eyelash extensions and clean them frequently. Not only will it make your lashes look nice, but it will also keep your eyes healthy by removing any bacteria.

How to clean Eyelash Extension FAQs

How long does eyelash extensions last?

They last for about six weeks when taken care of properly. This is because eyelash extensions are attached to the natural lash itself.

Why should I clean my eyelash extensions?

Cleaning your eyelash extensions frequently extends the life of the lash extensions. It also prevents you from contaminating germs and infections.

Do eyelash extensions damage the natural lashes?

The eyelash extensions cannot ruin your natural lashes. However, natural lashes can only get damaged as a result of improper application. Ensure to always meet a professional lash artist for proper application and care.

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