GREEN EYES: Choosing the Best Hair for Your Eye Color

Green eyes
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One of the best ways to make a statement is with the hair you wear. Whether it’s the style or the color, it is among the first things people notice about you.  It is necessary to choose a hair color that complements your looks, as it will enhance your appearance. Having green eyes already makes you an eye-catching beauty. Combine that with the right hair color and you will become the center of attention. Green eyes have been dubbed the rarest eye color in the world, but the best hair color for you is not so rare. Let’s dive in!

What Do Green Eyes Say About a Person?

People with green eyes have been attributed some characteristics: brilliance, passion, mystery, inventiveness, resentment, and excellent leadership. They are believed to be people who have an innate grasp of the Earth and humanity’s role within it. They are typically those who love the outdoors.

What Nationality Has Green Eyes?

About three-fourths of the population in Ireland, Scotland, and northern Europe have blue or green eyes, making them the nations with the highest proportion of people with green eyes. That is, 86 percent of people in Ireland and Scotland have blue or green eyes.

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes

You want to look amazing and find the perfect hair color match for your eye color, but how do you decide? There are three things you should consider to make the best choice!

#1.Eye Color

This should be considered as you do not want to pick a hair color that will clash with your eye color and give you an overall dull look. Certain hair colors do not go well with some eye colors and should be avoided when choosing a hair color.

#2. Skin Tone

Your skin tone is also important when choosing, even more than your eye color. Skin tone is not the color of your skin, but rather your undertones. There are three types of skin tone, which are: warm skin tone, cool skin tone, and neutral skin tone, which can be determined by what color your veins appear to be.

#3. Your Clothing

Your next hair color should match the colors of the clothes in your wardrobe. You should consider the color of your outfits before deciding which hair color to go with. If you look good in warm colors and you have more outfits in warm colors, you should also go for a warm color for your hair.

#4. Your Present Hair Color

Choosing a significantly lighter shade if you have dark hair may be difficult and result in bleach-related hair damage. Instead, opt for hues that are close to your actual hair color to prevent harm. The ideal choice is to use hues that are up to three shades lighter or darker.

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What Hair Color Would Work Best with Your Green Eyes?

To complement your blue/gray shades, a cool color would be a better choice, and if you want to highlight your eyes’ undertones, a warm color would be a better choice.

Are Green Eyes Sensitive to Light?

In comparison to eyes with darker pigment, those with lighter hues have less pigment that can shield them from UV rays and solar damage, inferring that those with green, hazel, or blue eyes are more sensitive to light and more vulnerable to UV deterioration.

Color Schemes for Green Eye Color and Different Skin Tones

#1. Green Eyes and Fair Skin

Browns with crimson undertones or deep, vivid reds Maroon tones look great on fair skin, especially if your skin tone is warm. Warm tones like rich chocolate and golden brown are popular, as are cold ashy blondes.

If you’ve been thinking about going blonde, light blondes, white blondes, and honey blondes are all good options. Also, if you have some color in your cheeks, black hair can look lovely on fair skin. If you are very pale, avoid the following hair colors: black hair, copper hair, and auburn hair. If your skin is so light that some call it “porcelain skin,” and you burn easily in the sun, you have fair skin. Your blue or purple wrist veins are also noticeable.

#2. Green Eyes and Cool Skin Tone

Blonde hues that appear best on a cool complexion include pale, strawberry, ash, white, and platinum. Ash and mild chestnut browns also look nice.

Colors with a blue or violet foundation look great as well. Purple-tinged reds and purple burgundy are two hues that can be used to draw attention to the green in your eyes. Avoid using the following hair colors: orange, black, or gold.

You have a cool skin tone if your complexion has a subtle blue hue, your wrist veins are pale blue instead of green, and you look great with silver jewelry.  You most likely have light skin, and your skin tone is primarily blue and pink.

#3. Green Eyes and Warm Skin Tone

Rich blondes like gold, honey, champagne, and platinum would look fantastic on you. Also, toffee, dark chocolate browns, and light caramel browns. Rich reds, especially burgundies with a red foundation, would elevate your look.

Avoid the following hair colors: brown, ash blonde, black, and blue tones. If your complexion has more yellow than pink undertones and your wrist veins appear practically green, you have a warm skin tone. Your eyes are hazel-green, and your skin tans quickly. Silver jewelry does not flatter you as well as gold jewelry.

#4. Green Eyes and Olive Skin

Rich golden blondes and Copper based colors work well with this skin tone as they highlight the golden flecks in your eyes. Chocolate browns, rich auburn, and rich golden browns are good choices.

Avoid the following colors: Platinum blonde, ashy, blue, violet, and green bases are not suitable for green eyes and an olive complexion tone. If your skin does not burn in the sun and you tan fast, you have an olive skin tone. Your wrist veins appear green, and you look great in almost any color of clothing.

#5. Green Eyes and Pale Skin

If you have pale skin, go for platinum, ash, sandy, and creamy blonde hair colors, Ashy brown and other cool brown shades are good choices if you want to experiment with deeper hair colors.

#6. Freckles and Green Eyes

Dark chestnut or crimson are the ideal colors for women who have freckles. Even when paired with pale skin, copper and ginger hues give off a natural appearance.

Green eyes are beautiful and deserve all the praise they get. Studies have revealed that they are the rarest type of eye color. Why is this beautiful eye color so rare?

Why Are Green Eyes So Rare?

Green-eyed people make up just 2% of the world’s population. Green eyes are produced by a genetic mutation that is caused by low levels of melanin. No green pigment is present. Instead, less melanin in the iris causes more light to scatter, giving the eyes a green appearance. Although they have less melanin than brown eyes, they have more melanin than blue eyes.


Lastly, with the right styling and hair color choice, you can elevate your looks and stand out. Be willing to try out new colors and styles you haven’t done before and see just how your green eyes will pop and look more beautiful. Remember to consider the tips above when choosing hair color, and you’ll create a memorable look!

Frequently Asked Questions About Green Eyes

How can I enhance my green eyes?

You can enhance them by choosing a hair color that will go well with your eye color and skin tone. Also, you can make your eyes pop by using some colors of eyeshadow like red undertones, copper, or bronze, purple shades, and silver tones. These eyeshadow colors will highlight your eye color and give you a refined look.

What does a green eye symbolize?

Some people believe that it symbolizes spirituality and wisdom. There is also a belief that green is the color of jealousy, so some individuals have equated having green eyes with being cunning. Green-eyed people are reputed to have very spiritual personalities.

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