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double ear piercing

Double ear piercing is one of the most popular types of ear piercing among women and men who have their ears pierced. It’s critical to do your research before getting pierced so you know exactly what you want, where you want it, how much it’ll cost, and, most importantly, how much it’ll hurt.

But, before you go to the salon, or as they’re now known, an “earring bar,” to get your ears permanently pierced, we’ve got the lowdown on everything you need to know about getting a double ear piercing.

What Does Double Ear Piercing Mean?

A double ear piercing consists of two sequential single piercings on the lower part of the earlobe. Often, double ear piercings are done one at a time—that is, one ear piercing is done first, followed by the second much later. However, recent trends have made having two piercings at the same time very popular (and it saves time by not making you come in twice).

A double ear piercing works in the same way that a single one does, only multiplied by two. After cleaning the front and back of the area, the lobe is marked where the two piercings will be placed.

When it pertains to the actual ear piercing, your piercer may choose to use a clamp to pull the cartilage taut or to do it freehand, whichever is more comfortable for them. Whatever the case may be, the needle is inserted into the ear to create a hole, which is then sealed by inserting and securing the jewelry. You can read the ultimate guide to ear piercings to learn more about it.

Advantages of Double Ear Piercing

  • Double ear piercing can increase your self-confidence
  • You can wear earrings on the various ear lobe to complete a look
  • Double ear piercing can be used as a form of self-expression
  • Use earrings to make an outfit look fancier
  • They can be used to express cultural tradition

Should I get a second ear piercing?

Perhaps you already have several piercings and some fun jewelry and earrings to show off, but you want to try something new or show off a new style. You can basically do whatever you want with contemporary jewelry because it’s all about the fit and finish of what you’re wearing in relation to your personality and aesthetic.

Having two lobe piercings means double the fun and double the jewelry, which means you can show off even more cool pieces.

Furthermore, you don’t always have to use it if you don’t want to, but you have the option of displaying two separate pieces.

Does 2nd ear piercing hurt

Although all piercings are painful, the amount of pain you experience is entirely dependent on your pain tolerance, which is completely subjective. What one person perceives as a ten on the pain scale may be perceived as a two by another.

Furthermore, if you get the piercings at the same time, the second piercing is likely to hurt slightly more than the first, as your body is still attempting to recover.

The good news is that the lobes are one of the least painful places to get a piercing, so you shouldn’t experience any discomfort. If anything, it will be a brief pain that will fade in the hours—and sometimes minutes—that follow the piercing.

In terms of the healing process, the double piercings should heal in six to eight weeks. If you mess with the piercing or try to change the jewelry before the healing time is up, you may eventually wind up irritating the piercing, which could lead to infection.

Types of double ear piercing

If you’re considering getting a second ear piercing but aren’t sure which one to get, here are the various types of double ear piercing to consider.

  • Stacked Earlobes
  • Two-for-One
  • Forward Helix Piercing
  • Flat Helix Piercing
  • Conch Piercing
  • Tragus Piercing
  • Daith Piercing
  • Rook Piercing
  • Industrial Piercing

#1. Stacked Earlobes

A stacked lobe is when your lobes have multiple piercings at different heights. They may be vertically aligned at times, but they may also be designed in triangular or constellation positions.

#2. Two-for-One

The snakebite is a piercing style in which two piercings are stacked close together. They can also be placed anywhere on your earlobe, so your healing time will vary depending on how high or low you go. On that note, because you’re doubling the piercings and they’re so close together, expect more swelling.

#3. Forward Helix Piercing

A forward helix piercing is made by piercing the forward-facing surface directly above the tragus on the outer (usually upper) cartilage closest to your face.

This piercing is done in a very standard manner, so it’s not particularly exciting. After you and your piercer have decided on the jewelry and location, they will clean the area to ensure it is sterile.

Then they’ll make a small mark on the agreed-upon location, though you’ll usually get one last look to make sure it’s in the right place. Once the placement is determined, your piercer will insert a steel receiving tube behind the marked cartilage and insert a needle through to the opposite side.

#4. Flat Helix Piercing

The flat piercing, which is located in the flat area of cartilage below the upper rim of the ear (the helix) and the flap of cartilage where the rook is located, provides a large area for unique piercing placement. It looks great on its own or in combination with other cartilage piercings such as the forward helix or auricle.

The flat piercing, like other cartilage piercings, is not easy to obtain. Cartilage heals differently than fleshier tissues. Blood flow is essential for healing, and because cartilage is avascular, healing takes a long time.

Before getting a flat piercing, make sure you understand how cartilage heals and that you are willing to commit to the entire healing process.

#5. Conch Piercing

A conch piercing is located in the center of the ear—the area with the most room—and because of this, it’s one of the most customizable ear piercings available. When requesting this type of piercing, keep in mind that you can get an inner or outer conch piercing depending on the shape of your ear. When an inner conch piercing is performed, a hole is made right through the middle of the ear to accommodate a stud.

#6. Tragus Piercing

A tragus piercing is placed on a small piece of cartilage that partially covers your ear canal. The outer ear is made up of cartilage and skin in terms of anatomy. While the fleshy lobe is still the most popular choice among traditionalists looking to get pierced, areas of cartilage, such as the tragus, may entice those looking for something slightly different, or in addition to, their already pierced lobe.

#7. Daith Piercing

Daith piercings are located on the small cartilage flap on your inner ear, just above your ear canal. Aside from their fashionable appearance, they are widely thought to provide relief for those who suffer from migraines on a regular basis.

At the moment, all evidence for these claims is anecdotal, and scientists are waiting for studies to confirm these findings. Acupuncturists have long considered the daith area to be a vital pressure point that could help to support these personal success stories. Regardless, this piercing gives your ear party a cool, contemporary look.

#8. Rook Piercing

A rook piercing is a cartilage piercing in your inner ear’s uppermost ridge, above the tragus in the antihelix. The piercer inserts the jewelry after inserting a hollow needle through the cartilage of your rook. Rook piercings are safe if done by a professional using a sterile technique.

#9. Industrial Piercing

Any two holes connected by a barbell are considered industrial piercings. This placement, however, usually refers to a double piercing connected horizontally across the upper ear. It is typically made up of helix and forward helix holes. A vertical industrial placement with a helix and rook or conch piercing is another option. These piercings should always be performed with a needle rather than a gun.

Guys with double ear piercings

Earrings for men are becoming more popular as the times change. To complete their appearance, many guys opt for double ear piercing.

How to care for a double ear piercing

Depending on the location, the recovery process for an earlobe can range from 2-6 weeks to 6-12 months for a navel piercing. So here is the best way to care for a double ear piercing.

  • Do not pick or touch the piercing or jewelry. Germs are spread by dirty hands, and germs cause infection. Before touching your ears or earrings, thoroughly wash your hands.
  • When going about your daily activities, keep your newly pierced ears in mind. When changing clothes, putting on glasses, using the phone, or styling your hair, avoid bumping your ears.
  • Be mindful of your sleep. You might be unable to rest your head on the side of a new piercing.
  • On piercings, never use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. These products have the potential to irritate the healing
  • Antibiotic ointments, gels, or creams should not be used on piercings. They have the ability to trap dirt and prevent air from reaching

What do second ear piercings cost

The cost of a piercing is determined by several factors, including the location of the shop, the experience of your piercer, and the area of the piercing on the ear.

Each studio sets its own prices; always double-check with each studio and inquire whether jewelry is included.

What you can consider is that a double ear piercing will almost certainly necessitate a double payment—that is, one per piercing. A single ear piercing will range in price between $25 and $50, whereas a double ear piercing will cost between $50 and $100.

Some studios may even charge you extra for the jewelry; however, others include it in the piercing cost. so check with the shop ahead of time to get an accurate price estimate.


While all piercings are painful, the amount of pain you experience is entirely dependent on your pain tolerance, which is completely subjective. What one person perceives as a ten on the pain scale may be perceived as a two by another. Furthermore, if you get the piercings at the same time, the second piercing is likely to hurt slightly more than the first, as your body is still attempting to recover.

FAQs about double ear piercing

Is double ear piercing in style?

Yes, double ear piercings are a popular jewelry trend.

Are double ear piercings trashy?

Some people may think double piercings are trashy, but there are just as many who think they are awesome, stylish, and interesting.

Are double ear piercings unprofessional?

A double ear piercing is a fashion trend that is not unprofessional.

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