Botox for Hooded Eyes

Different eye shapes and colors exist. Hooded eyes aren’t sad or embarrassing. Most people see hooded eyes as they grow due to heredity, trauma, sun exposure, and nerve damage. Hooded eyes don’t indicate illness until vision is impaired. Most people are born with hooded eyes, which may droop with age. Plastic surgery can assist temporarily, but Botox can treat hooded eyes without many adverse effects. This article will explain how Botox works for hooded eyes, including where to inject it and how many units are needed.


Botox for hooded eyes is a cosmetic treatment that is made up of botulinum toxin type A. In 1989, the Botox treatment was FDA-approved to treat muscle eye nerves. This treatment can help to correct hooded eyes and help reduce wrinkles from forming on your face. Hooded eyes age a person. That is to say, you’ll look youthful and wrinkle-free with Botox. Botox comprises a neurotoxin that, when administered, stops eyelid spasms. Botox is safe for hooded eyes and is also affordable. Looking young is now a priority. That’s why this cosmetic treatment is so popular.

Botox is not limited to a certain age group, especially when the hooded eyes are affecting the eyes. It could serve as an emergency cosmetic treatment. While you must correct your hooded eyes early. It is also crucial that you find the best specialist for this. The side effect of getting Botox treatment from the wrong doctor could result in more hooded eyes or serve as a threat to your eyesight.

A Botox injection treatment can correct a lower eyebrow and eyelid drooping. When Botox is injected into the outer side of your eyebrow, the affected eyelid will be lifted. Meanwhile, Botox treatments are not forever because they have a short life span. If your hooded eyes are a concern to your health, you must seek an advanced procedure that will help remove the excess eyelid skin causing the threat. 

The Causes of Hooded Eyes

#1. Ptosis

This is one common condition for hooded eyes. Ptosis occurs when the muscle keeping your eyelid becomes weak. This can be due to constant rubbing or pulling of the eyelid or cosmetic wear such as the continuous wearing of contact lenses. If you think you have Ptosis, you should know that you are not alone. With the help of the best Botox for hooded eyes your eyelid can be corrected.

#2. Genetics

Genetics is one of the most common causes of hooded eyes. Many people are born with hooded eyes. Although most people are not aware until they start getting older, it is very obvious to others. Hooded eyes are not conditions that cannot be treated. With the help of Botox for hooded eyes, your eyelid will be lifted.

#3. Fatty Tissue Under Eyelids

When there is excess fatty tissue under the eyelid, this can cause your eyes to look hooded or droopy. However, excises may not correct hooded eyes because natural fat in our eyes is important.

#4. Botox

This might come as a shock; but with the wrong Botox treatment, you can have more drooping eyelids. You must carefully make your research on the specialist before treatment. An unqualified specialist can cause you more harm than good.

Can Botox Lift Saggy Eyelids?

Yes, Botox can lift saggy eyelids. After the Botox injection has been administered, there will be a rapid reduction in the saggy eyelid. As the treatment will block some nerve signals of the muscle that causes the sagging.

Hooded eyes Botox before and after 

Genetics and old age are one of the major causes of hooded eyes. But what does a hooded eye looks like before the Botox treatment?

Before the Botox hooded eyes treatment

Many people feel uncomfortable with their hooded eyes because it can make them feel less confident about their looks. Before the Botox treatment for hooded eyelids, there will be some folded skin in the upper eyelid. This noticeable feature will most likely cover most of the eye, and the more you age, the more it gets bigger. 

While you notice this, you should opt for Botox treatment early. And when the excess skin covers most parts of your eyes and obstructs you from seeing clearly, you should opt for a surgical treatment.

After the Botox hooded eyes treatment

Botox treatment is one of the most effective procedures to help correct hooded eyes. Individuals that opt for Botox treatment usually feel comfortable with this procedure. After the Botox injection has been administered, there will be a rapid reduction to the hooded eyebrow. The treatment will block some nerve signals of the muscle that causes the sagging. 

Where to Inject Botox for Hooded Eyes

The Botox treatment for hooded eyes is a procedure where Botox will be injected into the outer ends of your eyebrows and your lower forehead. This cosmetic treatment is made up of botulinum toxin. Which will block the nerve-muscle that is causing the eyes to look hooded. 

It also helps lift your brows and makes you look elegant and sharp. Injecting Botox into the right spots will provide satisfying results. However, if Botox is not properly administered, it can cause you to have undesirable results and looks.

The spot to inject Botox for hooded eyes

The injection spot for this cosmetic treatment is usually within the orbicular and the procerus muscles. This spot is known as the glabella. It can also be injected into the outer sides of the areas within the brows. 

In other words, going through this procedure will freeze the depressor muscles that are causing the dropping brows for a while. The FDA has only approved some spots on the face for Botox injections. Botox injections should not be overused as they may cause serious side effects. While they help freeze the depressor muscles for a while, overdosing on the Botox injection can pull the brows down; causing them to look more hooded.

Why You Need a Certified Specialist?

Plastic surgeons, otolaryngologists, or dermatologists can advise you on Botox dosage. They’ll caution against too much Botox. However, a good specialist will administer injections correctly.

Do Botox for hooded eyes make you look older? 

No, Botox for hooded eyes does not make one look older. Instead, it will make you look smarter, and more active without making you look sleepy or dull. Botox for hooded eyes can only make you look older if there is an overdosing on the units of Botox.

How Many Units of Botox for Hooded Eyes

You would not want to go overboard with the Botox treatment for your hooded eyes because its side effects can be terrifying. First, you need to understand that if Botox for hooded eyes is too much, it can paralyze your face for a few months, which is why you need a certified specialist for your treatment.

Depending on how hooded your eyes are, the units of Botox may differ slightly in numbers. Hooded eyes differ in shape and severity. While some people may only need a few units of Botox for their hooded eyes, others may require more. Each injection consists of 4 Botox units, which means that you will need 10–30 Botox units.

For an eyebrow lift, you will need 4 to 5 Botox units. This will help keep the skin around your brow firm without sagging. Hooded eyes occur when the glabella muscles become weak with fatty tissue and when there is a contraction in the eyebrow. But with the help of 4 to 5 Botox units, your tissue in the brow will be blocked with the neurotoxin. And this will help lift your brow for a short time frame.

You should consider getting Botox for hooded eye treatment if you notice that your brows are saggy. Early treatments are better than waiting till it gets worse. Botox is not as expensive as other procedures. A Botox treatment can cost $300 to $700. Each unit of Botox costs from $10 to $20

How Long Does Botox Last for Hooded Eyelids?

The Botox for hooded eyes treatment only lasts for 3 to 5 months, depending on the units administered. After the Botox injection, it will only take a few days to start seeing changes. However, Botox is not a long-lasting solution. You should consult your specialist for another Botox injection.


Botox for hooded eyes is the most effective treatment for hooded and saggy eyelids. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, Botox is affordable and has satisfying results. All you need to do is to find the best specialist for the procedure, and you will find yourself looking younger and great. We hope this article is a great help to your search.

Frequently Asked Questions about Botox for Hooded Eyes

Does Botox for hooded eyes last long?

Yes. Botox treatment last for three to five months.

How long does it take to start seeing the effects of Botox?

It takes 4 to 7 days to start seeing the effect of Botox.

What happens if you inject Botox too close to the eye?

When this happens, your face will become frozen and expressionless.


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